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Is Socialism Godless?


Is Socialism Godless? To 1HE EDITOR OF THE Weekly News. Sir,—In. a recent issue appeared a summar- ised report of the speech made by the Rev. Peter Jones, of Colwyn Bay, at the Baptist Union at freorohy. It is greatly to my sorrow that I find it necessary to poinit out a very, grave in.accuracy in the said speech, which is all the more un- fortunate; because of the high local standing of the speaker. I refer to. the statement; that Socialism is a religion without God." The appalling contrast between senseless luxury and grinding poverty, betivee-ki the waste of wealth in inordinate display and the waste of human (bodies: and souls through uttermost destitution, are known to all. The misery, de. gradation, and death involved by our present competitivei system have driven mankind to find some kind of a remedy for our social ills. Accordingly, we have at the present moment Conservatism with and without, Tariff Reform, Liberalism of the older type and of a newer type, of which Mr. Lloyd George isj the spokes- man, and Socialism, stated to be without God." The economics of Socialism certainly do not mention religious matters, neither do the econ- omics of Liberalism or Tariff Reform. On economic grounds, -therefore, all, systems alike leave out God," and if this is the ground they are to be judiged upon, it would be well for the Rev. Peter Jones to make no invidious distin- tions, for such a missile thrown at a Socialist glass-house will not fail on, its speedy return to demolish his own. If, however, it was on moral and religious grounds that the statement was based, then the speaker was wrong, and was very far indeed from the truth. Giving due precedence to facts before theories, therefore, I state that there is a very considerable literature in existeniQe affirm- ing the closest relationship between Socialism and Christianity, and that the former is the economic setting in which alone the latter nationally can thrive. I am prepared to name a few of the books and their authors. Again, there are a great and increasing number of ministers of all denominations boldly avowing themselves Socialists, and: if MT. Jones requires a few names, I shall be pleased to supply them. A recent manifesto, which declared that the signatories believed that Socialism was required of them by their Christian faith, was signed by over one hundred ministers, including several who are a power in the land Mr. Jones' asser- tion, in the light of this, has but a pale and sickly countenance; Landlordism, usury, exploitation of the poor, and oppression of the weak find in Socialism the only political creed which is intent upon their destruction. Against them the Old Testament prophets thundered their sternest denunciation, and the author of the fifteenth Psalm excluded such evil-doers from the holy hill of God. All the Mammon-worship of the present day was for- bidden by the Master Himself, who spent His short career upon earth in unceasing warfare against disease, destitution, and premature death. Who more than the Socialists carry on that warfare now, and who have the only pos- sible basis of international brotherhood if they have it not? I carry the appeal to the most inspiring and heart-searching passage to be found in the Scriptures, that descriptive of the final judg- ment to be pronounced upon the actual deeds of men, given in -the 25th chapter of Mat,thew. The Judge makes no enquirv into theological beliefs, if any, but into the part each individual has taken in the strife with hunger, nakedness, des- titution, sickness, and all other human miseries. Happy and blessed are they who wrought, to de- liver mankind from these evils, for although they knew it not, they served their God in their fellow-men. 'Socialism is a national campaign, against all preventible human suffering and misery, and there is ino other. Mr., Jones- puts forward the Church of God as more capable of abolishing social evils than Socialism, and I respectfully request him to explain a point of the very 're greatest importance, namely, in whaL respects will the economic proposals differ from those of Socialism, which are that the ownership and administration of all the means of life shall be vested in the nation, and applied to .satisfy national needs and to promote the welfare of all?—Yrours, &c., E. DOWNS.

--.---Buried Alive,