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CURRENT TOPICS. A Veteran Public Man. MR. J. ALLANSON PICTON, J.P. who is hon- oared throughout North Wales for his broad and progressive views and his long and distinguished public career, has decided to, resign his position as a co-opted member of tihe Carnarvonshire Education Authority. Tfate step regretted .and all the more so because the rea- sX for it is the state of Mr. Picton's health. z VSN A r&csX saw 'rendered 6great service to the nation as writer on historical and other subjects he Ws made invaluable contributions lure, his work on Oliver Cromwell being a ma, c^rnp voars piaisisiecL since, on terip-i-ece. borne yearb ra.mip to re £ c reliremcnt55 from public life, J side at has interesting house at A)wygviy!cin a. TJL threw himself with I into the service of his Welsh nai^hbou w MR. PICTON, like other distinguished English- men^who iSve come to our midst, soon became passionately attached to North Wales, with its wealth of historical and legendary associations S hL has proved his love by labouring hard th^ people of the district at a time m his career when he might well be excused for bv ng rSet and reposeful life. As a member of the Cotrwav Board of Guardians and of the Pen- SSwr District Council he • vice, which has only been e^M by ^^vork a member of the Carnarvonshire Education Authority and Chairman of the Governors of Hhte County School. lette.«.MrE R Davies, in which he announces his resagna Son is typical of the man, and we must all of us feel touched by his magnificent tribute to the Welsh scheme of secondary education Amateur Opera. COIWYN BAY has come into line with some of the leading towns of the Kingdom by forming an Amiteur Operatic Society, to Whose eff.arts we wSh every success. The town and district pos- sesses a rich vein of amateur talent which can aS should be worked, and from whatever poom of view regarded: the new movement has excel- lent possibilities before it. If conducted on the toes now contemplated, the Society will be pro- ductive of much good in at least three impo ant directions. It will foster local will augment the heavily-taxed funds of the; local charities • and it will do, good work in a much- needed direction by providing entertain,menite at & time of year when they are so greatly required. For these and many other reasons we welcome the new Society and wish it a prosperous career. Welcome Light. i AT A TIME when the prospects in industrial circles throughout the country are none too bright a welcome light has, come to relieve the icrioom in North Wales. As will be seen from an article in another column, there is e^ry reason to believe that operations will soon be re^u™ in connection with the aluminium works at Do- giarrog, in- the Vale of Conway. If, as lsanto rpated, this happy consummation about, employment will, be provided for a siderable number of men, and the money tihu.s putl into circulation will have a most beneficial effect upon trade in the district. In addition there is the good news about the formation of tlhe Bettws Ganmon Iron Ore and Smelting Company, who propose to work the minerals on the Ystrad Estate, near Carnarvon, and that « another company has secured the option over a number of rich veins of coal recently' covered on both sides of the Menai Straits. Perhaps a too rosy picture has been drawn of the industrial millenium which is about to dawn in North Wales. At the same time, there can be no doubt but that a brighter era its abouit to commence. » A Warning. BOARD:NG-HOUSE proprietors in North Wales will read with interest our account of a case heard by the Llandudno Bendh on Monday, wherein hea-ry fines were inflicted for the sale of intoxicants to a visitor at an unlicensed apart- ment-htouse. We hope that the warning will produce the intended effect.



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