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Colwyn Bay National Eisteddfod.

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Abergele National Schools. RELIGIOUS EXAMINATION RESULTS. The Diocesan Inspector of Schools has just made. known the results of the religious exa- j mination recently held at the above schools, and the head teachers are to be congratulated on the successes scored by their pupils. In the boy's department (of which the head teacher is Mr. Bedford) all the divisions were marked excellent. The report says: The boys passed an excellent examination, as. usual." The following gained honOiUrs: JK):hrn Roberts, Norman Millward, Howell Millward, David Williams, Bernard Lewis, David Peacock. Group 1. (gold) Ernest Evans, J. Henry Wil- liams, Francis MciRae, Robert E. Davies, John Jones, Idwal Parry, Willie Tones, Howell Davies. Group II. (red) John Gilmore, Trevor Jones, Fred Jones, R. Edward Williams, Peter Davies, John: David Hughes, Albert Roberts, Robert: Dunweill, John L. M. Jones, Cecil Ches- ters, Thomas Owen. Owen James Williams, John Parry, AMan Edwards. Group III. (blue) Fred Tones, Benjamin Walker, Hartley Jones- Rees, Bertie Smith, David W. Davies, Howell Parry, Arthur N. Edwards, William Peacock, Harry Roberts, Edward Roberts, Thomas Mor- g,a,n, Robert W. Jones, William Blakeinore, John Williams (1), Howell Roberts, R. Edward Davies, Trevor Williams. Group IV. (black) Price Parry, Bertie Vaughan, Trevor Owen, Gerald Edwards, Joseph Dunwefll, Henry Stokes, Alfredt Williams, Fred Roberts. Of the girls' department (the head mistress being Miss Gittins), the Inspector states that the teaching guven the pupils is very thorough, and this school is also marked excellent. C-ertifi- caites were awarded the following —Honours.: Mary Chesters, Dora Williams, Myfanwy Davies, C'issie Williams, M. Norman, Ida Esling, Edith Davies. Group T. M. E. Williams, Jennie Owen, Gwyneth Griffith., Lily King, Eluned Williams, Enid Parrv. Dora Rowlands, Edith Alexandre, Annie Pickup. Group II. M. Stokes Winnie Lewis, Mary Roberts, Sarah. E. Parry! Group TIT. Gladys Hughes, E. A. Gilmore, Annie Davies, C. Ann Jones, Olwen T. Williams, Jane Roberts, Fanny C. Davies, A. Norman, Annie Davies, Cissie Jones, Evelyn Sutton, Gladys Jones, Maggie Harris. Group IV Nellie Roscoe, Annie Williams, Marv Rowlands, Nellie Owen, Louisa Owen, Lilian Howard, Myfanwy Davies. The report says as follows of the Infants' School (headmistress. Miss Jones):—"Religious knowledge,-excellent; repetition, excellent; dis- cipline and tone, excellent; education as a whole, excellent. This infant department con- tinues to do well." Greem certificates were awarded the following: -Edward Blakemore, Eric Williams, William Davies,, George Tweedie, Harry Jones-Rees, Idris Rowlands, Bessie Wil- liams, Lilian Norman, Gwyneth Jones, Annie Roberts, Kathleen Williams, Gertrude King, Cissie Jones, Bessie Pickup.