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COLWYN BAY. FOR WEDDING STATIO,NERY.-Latest de- signs. Specimen Book sent to any address on -ipplication,R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News "I Office, Colwyn Bay. THE LATEST and up-to-date Specimens of Ball and Dance Programmes may be seen at R. E. Jones & Bros., Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. COLWYN BAY LITERARY SOCIETY.— The new session begins on Tuesday, October Igtlh, in The Cafe Royal, at 8 p.m. Syllabus may be had from the Hon. Secretary, Miss Ayles, Glen Home, Colwyn Bay. 1553 SHEEP WORRIED.—Penywain Farm, Flag- staff, occupied by Mr. John, Lloyd, has been the ,scene of the operations of some dogs which have worried a number of sheep to death. At an early hour on Thursday morning, Mr. Thomas Lloyd, the farmer's son, on going into the fields discovered that no fewer than eight sheep out of a flock of about forty had been killed during the night. Information has been given to the police. I.O.G.T., PIONEER LODGE.—The lodge had a very good meeting on Thursday evening, there being a considerable increase in the mem- bers present. The business was quickly disposed of and the evening given up to an excellent pro- gramme, consisting of solos, recitations, read- ings, and selections on the gramophone. The .C.T. (Pro,. Edward Jones) gave a short address upon the prospects and prospective work of the lodge, which are both bright and important, and only need the united efforts of the members to realise and maintain. Incidentally it was stated that a new branch of the Order will shortly be opened in the district. Fuller report upon this next week. The Templar Re-union—previously alluded to—is 'fixed to take place on the 21st inst., when everyone who has at any time been connected with the Order, those of our members who have been for some time absent, as well as those who are in sympathy with our movement are most earnestly requested) to be present, to rally round the standard on, that evening.- O.L.R. COLWYN BAY LITERARY SOCIET.-The Colwyn Bay Literary Society begins its new session on. Tuesday, October 19th, when the President, the Rev. J. Hunter Smith, M.A., will deliver the inaugural lecture. The subject will be Some expression of Optimism and Pessim- ism1 in Modern Literature." The new syllabus and all particulars may be obtained from the Hon, Secretary, Miss Ayles, Glen Home. DELIGHTFUL PICTURES.—At the Public Hall this week we are given a magnificent pic- torial representation of Charles Dickens' famous work, Oliver Twist," in which all the princi- pal incidents in the novel are pourtrayed. A very instructive, interesting, and attractive travel scene is the one of Calcutta and its en- virons. "The Call of the Heart" is a new dramatic play, well acted, in picturesque sur- roundings, the main incident in which is the saving by a wife of her husband. This is the means of reconciling the parents to. the marri- age, which had been looked upon, with disfavour. The Right of Seigneurr is a most thrilling drama with a very tragic ending. The views we get of beautiful fountains in The Park of Caserta" are truly magnificent and call forth expressions of dtelight. A very touching story is The blind man's daughter," which shows how a rejected suitor plots to deprive the blind father of his only joy, his, daughter. An abduction is attempted; in the struggle the old man rips away a piece of the villain's clothing, which provides the clue to a speedy recovery. There are other pictures, most diverting, which make up a splendid two hours' enjoyment. To-night fThursdiay) there will be a change of pictures. Next week's programme (which we are assured is an up-to-date one) will be found on. our front page. Look out for Lieutenant Shackleton's Dash to. the Pole." PRESENTATION.—At the close, of the deacon's meetinig at Engedi chapel last week, the Rev. Robert Roberts (pastor), on behalf of the deacons, presented Mr. Henry O. Jones, Freshfield, with a silver teapot and coffee pot on the occasion of his marriage. Congratulatory speeches were made by other deacons present, Messrs. Hugh Daivies, Pryce W|illiams, John Williams, and Edward Williams, who wished the recipient every happiness. Mr. Jones re- sponded in an appropriate manner. WELCOME HOME.—We are pleased toob- serve that Mr. Noble, the esteemed station- master, who returned from his holidays on. Mon, day night, looks well after his well-earned period of rest and change. A part of the time was spent at the meetings of the Baptist Union held at Reading, which Mr. Noble greatly en- joyed. NEW MANAGER OF THE PIER AND PAVILIO'N.—We are informed that Mr Renault Eldrid will be succeeded as Secretary and Man- ager of the Victoria Pier and Pavilion by Mr E. G. Bradshaw, who has for sixteen years been connected with the North Pier Company, Black- pool. Mr Bradshaw will commence his new duties immediately ENGEDI PREACHING MEETINGS.—On Tuesday evening the annua,I preaching- meetings in connection with Engedi C.M.. Chapel were commenced, and hev were continuedthrougihou.t yesterday (Wednesday), and were well attended. Remarkably eloquent and convincing sermons were preached by the Rev. John fery-n- siencyn, and the Rev. J. J. Howard, Cwmavon. THE REV. J. PULESTON JONES.—This gifted preacher and lecturer delivered a very in- teresting lecture on Thursday evening at the Bethlehem C.M. Chapel, before a large attend- ance. The reverend: gentleman took as his sub- ject, The Birds of Heaven and their nests." The lecture was one of the most enjoyable, and was presided over by Mr Pryce Williams, West End Stores. A congregational tea preceded the lecture in the, afternoon, v nd wag very largely attended. THE HOUSE OF LORDS.—A lantern lectme on this timely topic will be given at the Lecture Hall, Sea View Crescent, on Friday evening, under the auspices of the- Colwyn Bay Liberal Association, this being the first meeting of the winter session. Mr. John Jones, Victoria-park, is announced to take the chair at 7.45. The meeting will be open to the public. On Friday of next week the Association will hold their an- nual social gathering. C.M.S..SALE OF WORK.—A charming little sale of work in connection with the Church Mis- sionary Society was held yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, in the Church House There was a good attendance at the opening ceremony. The five stalls were presided over by the following ladies —Fancy stall: Miss: Southall and Miss Scott. Work stall. Mrs. and the Misses Prior, Miss Plews, and Miss Grundy. Birds stall: The Misses Prior. Cakle and sweet stall: Miss Buck- ley and Miss Vincent. Toy stall: Miss Dorothy and Master Charlie Prior. Refreshment stall: Mrs. Roberts, Misses Shepherd, and Mrs. Watts. The Vicar (Canon Roberts) said it was not neces- sary to formally introduce Mrs. Jesse Roberts, late of Walshaw, to a Colwyn Bay audience, and especially to those ladies present. Mrs. Roberts was IhOn. secretary of this Society for many years, and when she left Colwyni Bay he was greatly concerned as to her successor. How- ever, Mrs. Prior came forward and undertook the work with heart and soul, and that sale of work was due to her enterprise, assisted by many friends. They were very pleased to see Mrs. Jesse Roberts amongst them again. (Ap- plause.) Mrs. Jesse Roberts, who was cordially received, said she was glad to see so many old faces. lit: was very kind1 of Mrs. Prior to ask few things that she would not do for the C.M.S. It was like old times being amongst them again, her to open their sale of work for the Church was like old times being amongst them again, and it was a very! great pleasure for her to de- clare the sale open. (Applause.) Mr. David Gamble proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mrs., Roberts. The Rev. J. Pritchard, Colwyn Bay (formerly of Blackenhall Heath), seconded, and it was carried. Mrs. Roberts briefly re- sponded., During the afternoon Mrs. Schiele, Miss Jones (Plas Isa'), Miss Olive Brooke, and Miss Frances Mobley gave selections upon the pianoforte, which were much enjoyed.



















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