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(Continued from page 4). COAST SENIOR LEAGUE. CARNARVON v. VARSITY. A KEEN GAME. THE VICAR INTERVENES. (BY OVALITE.") The above match took place at the Oval, Car- narvon, cm Saturday last, in a downpour of rain. The following were the teams:- Carnarvon United G. H. Jones, goal; Evan Hughes and Albert Griffiths, backs; Johnny Griffith, Mick Herbert, and Jack Williams, halves; R. H. Roberts, R. T. Roberts, Hugh Jones, H'ughie Roberts, and Johnny Jones, for- wards. N. W. 'Varsity College: John Daniels, goal; A. N. Owen and Brock, backs; W. J. Jones, Don Rowlands, and Frank Wright, halves; Arthur Williams, J. E. Matthews, C. E. Thomas, Smedley, and Claude Davies, forwards. It will be seen that Carnarvon were minus two of their best payers, Walter Jones and Tom Roberts. Walter had a damaged knee. Bangor, who won, the toss, and decided to play with the wind towards the town goal, were the first tio move but they sent the ball behind'. Give and take play followed, Carnarvon, if any. thing, having the best of matters. As a matter of fact, the local forwards played better against the wind than they did with the wind in their favour. Owing to the continuous rain, it was almost impossible to report the match. Only one goal was scored during the first half, and ,it was the result of a combined movement by the home forwards, Hugh Jones beating the visiting custodian with a good shot at close quarters. This reverse aroused the visitors, and they engaged in a concerted movement on the home goal. Matthews te.ste.di Jones with a good shot. Jones fisted out. The ball came to Claude Davies, who essayed a shot at goal. Jones came out with the intention of clearing, but missed the ball. The ball was apparently going into the net, when Albert Griffiths rushed goalwards and cleared all danger. The referee, however, pointed to the centre. The players warmly pro- tested against the referee's ruling, and the Vicar of Carnarvon. (Rev. J. W. Wynne Jones, M.A.) entered the arena, and took a vigorous part in the discussion. Eventually, the referee altered his decision, and took the ball near the goal- line, and there -he threw it up. All danger was cleared. Half-time arrived with Carnarvon lead- ing by one goal to nil. It was thought that during the second moiety the homesters would pile on goals. But it proved otherwise. The home defence was all right, but the forwards lacked dash and' co- hesion..Matthews, initiated a run, and passed to Claude Davies, who scored with a lovely shot. 'Play ruled ver yevem now. Matthews and Johnny Griffiths came into collision, Matthews having the worse of the impact. Hugh Roberts misised a good chance when he had only the 'goalkeeper to beat. The referee blew his whistle for the cessation of hostilities, but the next moment he ordered the players to renew the game, as six minutes more time had to be played. Carnarvon made strenuous efforts to score, but were unsuccess- ful. During (this short space the 'Varsity backs iirsted the ball inside the penalty area, but the referee did ,not notice the fhfringement. The game soon terminated with the score reading: Carnarvon, i Varsity, i.

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