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Llandudno Police Court.I

Llandudno Minstrels' Ducking

County Cricket.

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Fire Brigade Demonstration.

A Prehistoric Camp at Penmaenmawr.


A Prehistoric Camp at Penmaenmawr. QUESTION IN PARLIAMENT. Mr. Llewelyn Williams has asked the Prime Minister 'whether he is aware that the great prehistoric camp callledi Pen, Dinas,, on the sum- mit of Penmaenmawr, is in course of destruc- tion by quarrying whether the Com -mission er s of Woods and Forests have leased, the mountain, inclufdting the site of the camp, to a firm of quarry workers without reservation, of the land occupied by the ancient camp or any conditions for its scientific exploration during its gradual destruction, and whether the Royal Commission now inquiring into. the ancient monuments of Wales are authorised to report upon this and all similar cases. Mr. Asquith replied The Commissioners in- form me that within the limits of the quarry area at Penmaenmawr 1eased! by them are what are considered! to. be the remains of a Roman camp. The site of these remains: is not reserved and there are no specific conditions in the lease provilding for its scientific exploration,, but the lessees db not propose to disturb the actual camp. I understand that part of an old road is being destroyed by the development of the quarry,, but as the undertaking gives employ- ment to 600 men I do. not think that the Com- missioners would: be warranted) in interfering on this point, even if they had the power to do so.

Museum Given to Bangor College.