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I Nodion Llywarch Hen

Congl yr Awen.

Nonconformist Chapels.


Nonconformist Chapels. In the forthcoming issue of Y Geninien," the Welsh quartehy, edited by a Nonconformist minister, will appear a remarkable signed article from the pen of the Rey. W. Monrds, D.D., an ex-Preaidetnt of the Welsh Baptist Union, and owe of the foremost Free Church leaders, in the Principality. The: axtdcle is a jeremiad on what Mr. Morris declares to be the obvious fact that the edu- cated and oultered classes in Wales are turning their backs upon the Nonconformist chapels which secured for them their educational ad- vantages." Where men of culture remain identi- fied with the Free Church activities they are the exception the muile is that the college trained youith of Wialesi to-day forsake the, path of their Nonconformist parents, sever their connection with the chapel and its teaching, and dissociate themselves entirely from all religious obser- vances and activities. Dr. Morris says that he has lived for forty years in the midst of the d-einse industrial popu- lation of the Rhondda Valley, and is. intimately acquainted with the ccndtftionis obtaining in eNery denomination, and is driven to the conclu- sion that a college career and a liberal educa- tion), as a rule, lead to practical agnosticism on the part of those who before thev entered col- lege were among the most active workers, in the Free Churches. Tic-day," adds Dr. Morris, tO their ever- lasting credit, be it said, practically all our Free Church officers are working men; while the educated and cultured classes wash their hands of everything appertaining to Christian and philanthropic work."

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