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Sole Agent in the District for MESSRS. WORTHINGTON'S CELEBRA- TED BITTER & MILD ALES, In 9. 18, and 36 GALLON CASKS, Agent in the District for MESSRS. MURPHY AND MESSRS. JAMESON & PYM'S Superior IRISH PORTER THE WINE AND SPIRIT $TORES, FISHGUARD. ROBERT iBWIB, Wholesale & Retail Wine & Spirit Merchant, Maltster, &c. R.L. invites attention to his Choice Selection of old WINES AND SPIRITS GOOD SHERRY, pale or gold, from 158 to 30s per dozen; superior ditto, pale or gold, from 30s to 54s per do? an; AMONTILADO, pale or gold, 30s to 60s per dozen. PORT of various ages, from 15s to 54s per dozen; good CLARETS, from 15s to 30s per dozen. The ROYAL WELSIEE WHISKY at 43s. per dozen. INGHAM'S MARSALA, CHAMPA .XNES AND MOSELLES. BASSt AND WOarHINQTOlT'S ALES. AUD OUMFLWD'S' EXTRA STOUT IN BOVTW3S. ( WILL HAVE CHOICE SELECTIONS OF GRASSES, CLOVERS, &c. NEXT SEASON. Hennessey's Brandy IN WOOD AND BOTTLB. Nicholson's London Gin. OLD JAMAICA RUMS A JERSEY B TIMBER, MAHOGANY .= -I" AND yT S HARDWOOD. ? ——— TURNERY and S JOINERY. y/y JUlIOKiX rKLEPHOKB 306. — CANONS MARSH .iy BRISTOL /s Tbiegbaphic A.D»BBSS: HBAVEN, BRISTOL. CHEAPNESS AND QUALITY. It Is not often that these essentials go together, but they may be secured by dealing with *"< !!t w!' j) -<— '-w —.— A ,A. ■WTIilAM E5"V"3tT37 I Wholesale & Retail Ironmonger, Grocer, &o., TABERNACLE ROW, HAVERFORDWEST Household Ironmongery. Lamps at all prices. Fencing Wires, Ropes, Paints, Oils, Colors, High class and cheap. Spades, Shovels, Nails, Chains, and all Damp oils in all qualities. Cooking & Heating Stoves. Farm Requisites. TIH GOODS -AS- « GOODS DELIVERED IN ANY PART OF TOWN AND COUNTRY. ¡¡.tJ. HAVE YOU SEEN *t iF' i 9 Bisley H. Munt's NEW ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST,? -:0:- If not, be sure and get one, if unable to call and see his fine New Stock, before buying Watches, Clocks, Plate, Jewellery, Rings and Wedding Presents. 0:0 finest Stock for Quality, Quantity, or Value in Pembrokeshire. ■■■ j Catalogue post freo on application. IddhebseS:—-HAVERFORDWEST^ MILFORD, AND BUCKINGHAM. September, 1899. "t*0".J2 I! ŒA y ii -La BAKER, CONFECTIONER, See., ST DAVID'S, In consequence of the great demand for his pure bread and confection. ery has decided to extend the area of his free delivery, and will for the future take in the districts of. Abereithy, Porthgain, Trevine, Mesur- -dorthandCroesgoch, on Tuesdays and Fridays. t" Orders by letter promptly attended to. :\E" COLD MEDAL. HEAiTH EXHIBItlON, LONDON. Delicious, Nutiltive, azzd Digestible. BENGM3 FOOD is not Fftf> BIT ?nIy nutritious, but 1S most digested, and i INFANTS* issodeliciousthatit is enjoyed I INVALIDS, and the JLGJCD. by the youngest Infant or the Benger's Food ts^sold inTins by Chemists, &c., most delicate Invalid. tESTABLlSHED 1823. J* — THE CELEBRATED OLD IRISH WHISKY AND FOREIGN WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, FISHGUARD. %;Of George Bennett & So. ARE STILL SUPPLYING THEIR NOTED Old Irish Whiskey at 18s. per gallon, Or 36s. per Dozen Bottles, containing Two Gallons. Itiey also beg to call the attc .ion of their numerous customers and the public generally to the follow- ing CEBill ItA lrE OF ANALYSIS OF THEIR OLD IRISB WHISKEY: I hereby certify that I have submitted to careful chemical anal- ysis a sample ol Bennett's Old Irish Whiskey, as supplied by Messrs. Geo. Bennett & Co., Fishguard, and I find it to be a high-class product of admirable quality and character. A searching examination failed to detect the presence of all un- desirable matters or foreign admixture, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing it to be a wholesome and reliable stimulant, naturally and thoroughly matured." GRANVILLE H. SHARPE, F.C,S., &c., Analyst, Late Principal of the Liverpool College of Chenistry. Fishguard, Jan. 17, 1889. CORN, BETTER, SEED, AMD MANURE, <: ':I>; I. JJYNOLDS BEGS to inform the Publfcr that he has taken over the business carried on successfully by Mr Joseph Thomas at Swan Square, Haverfordwest, for nearly half a century, and will continue the CORN, BIBCTER, SEED, AND MANURE TRADE j^- as heretofore. ALSO G&OOERY AND SACK HIRING. I. A Large Stock of perfectly new Sacks always kept. Usual Charges ADDRESS: Swan are, Haverfordwest. Mbr motel, Solva. 'v. J. Mrs. PROPERIE, Proprietress. .1'& WINES AND SPIRITS OF OHOIOE QUALITY; ALE AND STOUTS ON DRAUGHT OR BOTTLED. Jt CIGARS AND. TOBACCO. f' -')- GOOD a.O«|toMMOD^T,IOW FOa. QTJES3TS. ffORSE AND TRAP ON HIRE. 1 £ A. JoNEB~(late Weslmnay), Glass, China, ^arthenware, and Fancy Goods Warehouse, HIGH STREET & MARKET STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. A large variety cfVi he most exquisite Designs in Dinner, Tea and De^l^rt Services at prices to suit all. Brown and Blttjek Wares for Dairy, Garden, and Domestic Use. PA'Ndfcr GOODS OF EVTSBY DESCRIPTION. IWEDDING AND fllRTHDAY PRESENTS IN GJJEAT VARIETY.. -0:- Please Note the A Street and Market Strest, Haverfordwest. _=_c, —■ A GUINEA A BOX. *ECH FOR ALL BILIOUS & KERYOOS DISORDERS, | ffonstipation, Wind, | ;• r -■'sazx.'n, i-ipaJreil -Siggstlon, fJuar k Female Aliments. i Bkecham, St. Helens, Lancashire, In < 70 1 <i A "v Oil. c mh, with full dkeetions. Sold everywhere ¡ i -n CLASS & A SHOPS STOCKED AND PEN ED IN A WEEK. Great Advantage to New Shops Opening. No Waiting for Goods to be Made. Write for listf; of Standard Crates, SUITABLE FOR China Dealers, General Dealei Grocers, Ironmongers, Furniture Dealei Ml Leading Manufacturers represen J. Over 30 Years' Experience. -?/ J. B.: ROGERS, 9, WOOD STREET, CARDIF "GLEN is WHISKY. W JL I Sggjl The Absolutely Perfection pi) re of and Scotch thoroughly WHISKY* matured. 20s. iftSSp 42s. L whis^M Per Qal. Per Doz- PaOPHISTOBS Geo. Palmer & Son, WHISKEY MSE CHANTS, Haverfordwest. ig FOR THE V-IIOC-E3 IS THE LIFE." J) t'M *'W"? !WBW!j ?M For Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, Skin and Blood Diseases, Pimples and Sores of all kinds, and for cleansing and clearing the Blood from all impurities, it cannot be too highly recommended. It is the only real speeiflo for Gout and ELenmatie Pains, for it removes the II i cause from the Blood and Bones. I As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and 'WarraajLted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constivaiion of either sex from infancy to old age, the proprietors solicit Batterers to give it a trial to test its value. i I THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS. We have seen hosts of letters from people who have received sjreat benefit from the use of j < Olarke's Bl.);il Iu i;d I t'cannot be to-j highly s estimated, fv-r it oi'v.x.<o' and clears the blood j f from all impurities/' Tiiis is a. good tesiiaionial i ftotu the Fa.nily Docio)-, which goos on further | to cay: "It is the finest Blood Punuer that i science and skill have brought to light, and we I' can with the utmost confidence recommend i* to subscribers and the public geUGTally." I Said ia bottles 2s. get, each, and in cases oon- taiiii'jg times the quantity, lis— suSficieat | to effect a ponrunent cure in the great majority I of lv>3xg-etandi H 1111 Chemists and | Patent Medicin rs throughout tha World, or ecnt to any oj1 receipt of 33 or 133 I stamps by the iters, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Ding Company, Lincoln. Ask for and do not be persuaded to take an imitation I OLARKE';B BLOOD MIXTURig or