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T. H. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Transfer Agents Experts and Valuers, 147, STRAMD, W.C. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. DAIRY SHOW WEEK. Electric Oars run frequently from Show to the Strand. NORTH WEST. MILK—Old established; splendid position; 100 gallons daily 4d and taking t50 weekly in butter, eggs, cream, &c.; 4 good rounds; splendid shop and house, with every convenience. 21500. SOUTH EAST. MILK-Retailing upwards of 100 gallons daily 4d., less 20 to large consumers 3 Jd. and 3d.; butter and eggs P,14 week; good inventory; large premises; rent 250; valuable lease. 21400. OXFORD STREET. INEILK-Profitable concern; 98 gallons daily, 70 at 4d. and 28 at 3d; three pram rounds; counter trade 230 weekly, including 16 gallons milk daily. rent and expemes low. 21150. MAIDA VALE. MILK—60 gallons daily 4d.; 2! boxes fresh butter, 50 dozen eggs, 140 qtns. breld weekly; compact pram rounds pretty shop modern house low rent; long lease. E775. Any trial. WALWORTH. MILK—Genuine concern; 60 gallons daily 4d., little 3d.; worked on two pram rounds; counter trade 215 wt-ekly good premises, with outbuild- ings rent 940; valuable lease. 2575. Recom- mended. LE WISHAM. MILK—Strictly genuine; 36 gallons daily 4d.; 112 ib. butter, 1200 eggs, 23 qtns. bread weekly 2 prams splendid inventory; pretty shop, 6 rooms, bath room, paved yard, dairy, &c.; rent E50. E525. MILK: South East-60 gallons daily on 2 prams shop trade £ 30 weekly; splendid corner premises; rent £ 60, let £ 17 long lease. £ 700. MILK: W.C.-42 gallons daily 4d., little 3d.; counter trade £ 25 weekly 2 prams elaborately fitted shop, large house, net rent 255; lease. E650 MILK Paddington, select-40 gls. dy. 4d., and E30 wk. in butter, eggs, cream, &c.; 2 pram rounds; splendid shop and house good position. 9595. MILK: North East-36 gls. dy. 4d.; shop trade 227 wk.; 1 round; good premises rent E42, let 235 3 years agreement. E475. MILK: Edgware Road-40 gls. dy. 4d., less few large customers 3d.; 2 pram rounds, nice shop; rent and expenses low. £ 36 "t. MILK: Clapham-26 gls. dy. all 4d.; shop trade zC22 i&k.; one good pram round pretty shop good position. £ 250. Genuine. MILK: Wimbledon-22 gls. dy. 4d.; goods E9 wk.; pram round marble and tiled shop good house, with bdth room, &c.; rent 235; long lease. E220. MILK: London Bridge-12 gls. dy. 4d,; total tak- ings E32 wk.; pram, churn, &c.; nice premises, rent nearly all let off. E175, MILK: North West-56 gls. dy. 4d. on 3 prams butter, eggs, &c.; rent £ 45; long lease. 2650. MILK: Chiswick-40 gls. dy. 4d.; counter trade £ 30 wk.; 2 prams; pretty shop. 2500. MILK: Touting—44 gls. dy. 4d.; shop £10 wk.; 2 prams nice corner premises rent 245. 2450. MILK: Clapton-32 gls. dy. 4d.; shop P,20 wk.; rexit C38. 2450. MILK: S.W. Suburb—36 gls. dy. 4d.; 72 lb. butter, 600 eggs wk.; wages 9s. wk rent £ 45. £ 300. 11 MILK: Balham—27 gls. dy. 4d.; 1 pram goods 216 wk.; pretty shop rent 215. E285. MILK Marylebone-26 gls. 4d.; one pram goods £14 wk.; nice sliop. 2190. MILK: West End-Round only; 20 gls. dy. 4d.; pram, churn, hand can and all utensils. E180. SELECTION. MILK: Holland Park-90 gls. dy. 4d. E900 MILK Bow-54 gls. 4d.; 1 round shop 217 6650 MILK Victoria-36 gls. 4d.; sbnp z260 wk. £ 645 IN[ILK: W.-Good district. 36 gls. 4d. E490 MILK: City Road-25 gls. 4d.; shop E17 2350 MILK: N.—36 gls. 4d 1 round; rent E40 2310 MILK: Kilburn-28 gls. 4d.; pram; shop E14 2275 MILK W.C.-Indoors. Takings 240 wk. 2200 MILK F,.C.-Indoors. 14 gls. dy.; tak. £ 36 wk. iC195 MILK: N.W.-Indoors-10 gls. 4d.; taks. 215 P,150 MILK Fulham—20 gls. 4d.; pram; rent 236 2150 MILK: Boro'-Indoors. 9 gls. 4d.; taks. £ 16 £100 MILK S. Lambeth—14 gls. 4d.; shop £ 8 wk. 295 MILK: N.-Indoors. Takings £14 wk. B50 I MUSICAL. MHDHM HUGHES THOMAS'S Royal Welsh Ladies ehoir. For vacant days, &c., apply- 3, WINDSOR PLACE, CARDIFF. MADAME S. M. LEWIS, Medalist R.A.M., Soprano. For Concerts, Oratorios, At Homes &c. For terms apply 206, Newport Road, Cardiff. Pupil of Madame Marchessi, Paris. Address: 42, Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead, London, or 24, St. Mary St., Cardiff. 0,4 Available for Oratorio, Concerts, At Homes, &c. Book cf Press Notices sent on application. Miss eEINWEN PRICE (Medallist R.A.M.), RECITER. At Homes, Concerts, Banquets, etc. For Terms and Vacant Dates apply- 93, CAMBRIDGE GARDENS, N. KENSINGTON, W. Phone.-1798 Paddington. JVlF. GWYflNE DAVIES (TENOR) A.R.C.M., Teacher Voice Production and Solo Singing at the London College of Music, GIVES LESSONS IN Voice Production, Interpretation of Songs, Oratorio and Opera, at his Studio— 54, Ot. Marlborough St., Oxford Circus, W. For Terms, &c., apply- 1, PORTLAND ROAD, FINSBURY PARK, N.


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