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THE (REIT WESTERN MHIETROPOUTil DAIRIES, THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, I jTfatOlt Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. t, For Terms and Particulars Apply— 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON V TELEPHONE: 329 PADDINGTON. "W" C- RINGERS iUBBrrai (}' +t» It fJ -( r C/) f- u.i cao Z 0 J: (/) LL. LLI 0 ul to o -( c( LII iim^^ t- <1 MANUFACTURERS, T. » N? 6€.REDCLIFF STREET, a: ? BRISTOL. 2 I L _1.. T. i U| To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, Cigar Importer, KING'S CROSS. DELICIOUS COFFEE. RED WHITE For Breakfast & & BLUEafter Dinner. H. fILLINGS & CO., Recognised Agents & Valuers to the tyilk Trade 125, FLEET STREET, E.e. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. Manchester Sq., W.-(iuaranteed 13 barns daily at 4d. on one compact pram round also 220 wk very profitable shop trade, including refreshments, glasses of milk, &c. Would suit man and wife with small family. Price only £ 240. Call H. Willings & Co. for full particulars. Maida Vale-Absolutely genuine little concern, doing 7! barns all 4d. on pram also £10 wk. in shop easy round; all good payers; book debts only 24; pretty shop good house, &c.; rent 255, let off £48. A real good living, and can save money. Price £ 150. PUBLISHERS' NOTE. The Publishers of "The London Welsh- man and Kelt" will be pleased to hear from any Reader or Newsagent who ex- periences a difficulty in obtaining this paper. To avoid any delay a standing order should be given to a Newsagent, or at the Railway Bookstall, so that they can make the necessary arrangements to obtain a supply punctually each week. LLYFRAU, Dan olygiaeth, ac ar werth gan, Y PARCH. T. ELI EVANS, Aneddfa, Cellan, Lampeter, South Wales. Hanes Cymanfaoedd Anibynwyr Lerpwl. Prisiau Is. a Is. 6d. Blodeuglwm i Goffa y Farah. Jonah Evans, Llansawel. Prisiau Is. a Is. 6d. Habbakuk Crabb (Chwedl). Gan Clwydwenfro. Pris Is. Llyfryddiaeth yr Anibynwyr o d(lyddiau John Penry hyd yn bresennol. Y Rhan laf yn barod. Pris 3c. y Rhan. (100 copi yn unig.) The Wild Flora of Cardiganshire, In the Press. Price 3d. Part I. ready. Id. Telerau Blaendal. Y cludiad yn rhad. THE GREAT WELSII REMEDY. HAX/IF Q* Q BELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 LJr\ i U.U KJ F0R goygng F0R C0LDS FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, FOR HOARSENESS, FOR INFLUENZA. FOR C0U8HS, FOR SORE ■ 1111 11^1—I THROAT, MOST SOOTHING. VVWU n WARMS THE CHEST, DISSOLVES THE PHLEGM. FOR SINGERS, FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. ill x/nr i i n r° By chemists l\/l I J\ I I J K I"" everywhere 1S. iJD. & IV I l/\ I W I «. 2S. 9D. Postage, 3D Proprietor, HUGH DAVIES. Chemist, Machynlleth. S London Agents: Mr. Edwm Jones, Chemist and J Optician, 232, Kilburn Lane, Queen's Park, W.C. Mr. Thomas, Chemist, Upper Baker Street, W. Wholesale: Barclays, 96, Farringdon Street. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, Aberystwyth (ONE OF THE CONSTITUENT COLLEGES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WALES). President-THE RIGHT HON. LORD RENDEL., Principal-T. F. ROBERTS, M.A. (OXON.), LL.D. (VICT.). STUDENTS are prepared tor Degrees in Arts,. U Science (including the applied Science of Agricul- ture), Law, and Music. Sessional Composition Fee, £10, with additional Laboratory Fees foi Science Students. Registration Fee, 91. Men students reside in registered lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel—Warden: Professor J. W. Marshall, Women students reside in the Alexandra. Hall of Residence for Women—Warden Miss E. A. Fewings. For full particulars respecting the General Arts and Science Departments, the Law" Agriculture and Day Training Departments, the Department for the Training of Secondary Teachers., and the Hostels, apply to J. H. DAVIES, M.A., Registrar. ALDRIDBE'S HORSE REPOSITORY. Should you require to purchase a HORSE for business on THE MILK ROUND or for pleasure attend Messrs. ALDRIDGE'S Sales on Wednesdays ane Saturdays at 10.30 a.m., UPPER ST. MARTIN'S LANE. LONDON W.C. Horses of every class sold by Auction each Wednesday a no Saturday. On view Mondays and Thursdays. Catalogues forwarded. Bydd yn hyfrydwch gan y Golygydd dderbyn Gohebiaethau ac erthyglau i'w hystyried, ond nis gellir ymrwymo i ddychwelyd ysgtifaa gwrthodedig. WELSH PRINTING 302, GRAY'S INN RD. Subscription Order. -v-rM'.1lit .I!:o !lEnnhun OOtrlsbman « lirlt 302, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C. Please forwards Copies "London Welshman, & Kelt P to following address until further orders Name Address 1 enclose P, O. Value £ Terms -Gne Quarter, t/3 post free. Printed and Puublished by THE LONDON WELBH PUBLISHING Co., LTD., at 302, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C. Wholesale Agents-M. SOUTHWELL,, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, and Printed by GRELLIER & SON, 302, Gray's Inn Road, London, W,C.