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Special Offer to T. !L THOMAS & M., Dairy Transfer Agents Experts and Valuers, ,'Keitf Readersw 147. STRAND, W.C, TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU NOTICE.—OWING TO THE PREMISES, 143 STRAND, COMING DOWN, WE BEL, TO NOTIFY OUR CLIENIS THAT W 1<; i' CAMHRIA" HAVE REMOVED TO 147, STRAND. ?M ??M NW NW t ?? MILK: Kensington-70 barns daily 4d.; 6 prams; t Mm tnMt ?? ?? N tt jB6?wk. in butter, fggs, cream, &c. ?62,200. TnO t M mM NW?N Nm t? B tH MILK W.C.—45 barns dy., 35 at 4d.. 10 at 3d.; .635 H!U M? N? N?N NN t N N ft wk. m goods and refreshments. ;S1,400 ?)? N Mt W M t? Btm M m MILK VauxhaU—40 barns 4d.; goods jE12 wk.; 3 prams rent ;S50. Part can remain. JE950. MILK ? Near Addison Rd.—38 barns dy. 4d.; goods F'?UNTAtN PEN -S!8wk.; prams; rent ?55. JE850. '????' ?-" MILK: N.—Good district. 28 barns dy. 4d.? goods jE16 wk. Fine corner shop at <6t4. jE700. ?? /?? MILK ?Bayswater, select—21barnsdy.4d.and.e30 E'f?D *t /?% FACW wk.hutter.eggs,cre?m,&c. ?650. r??'' ??/ t? t—r???' ])?ILK= Southwark—30 barns dy., 2 prams; shop ??? ?? jgl5; rentjE40; valuable lease. ?640. MILK= 8.W. Sub. Very select-21 barns dy.4d.; 2 y-r?p?A?T?K'n FD7.' TTJ/n VF?K"?_ prams; new estate; model dairy. B520. —G?4?4A?? ?C'?. ?t4/0' ????.— ?j?; Chelsea-Es'd. 50 years; 23 barns dy.; goods zC16 Avk.; splendid premises. ;B450. MILK' E.C.-17 bArns dy. 4d.; 1 pram; shop;B20 wk. Any trial offered. 2359. ?N)!Mj !??,M?!)M!—itmM—m——————————— MILK= N.W.—13 barns dy.4d.; 1 pram shop 610 MNN ?"? ??, subletting .640. ?'285. MM?? MILK Marylebone—8? barn? 4d.; shop jEl4 rent M?? A PERFECT Writing Implement ?6;let?t8. Price ?-220 a)l at. N? at last within the reach of all. ———————————————————————————— ) BIRGBRS ?j?? Superior to any offered at j-wm-3 I Half a Guinea, and suitable to ???N) all writers.. '+ b C!J It WE oc{ 0 I 00 w Large I4 Carat; Gold Nib, in ¡ f- lÚ to :l cJ) cr: all pointsi and degrees of flexi. ô w co bility. Cl) z .« Ö E ø 4 W ø! 0 Best V ulcanite holder, twin C Q t- W cn feed and British make through- SAC ? ci; _4 0 !mam out EDmRDSJMNGER&C? ? ? )nSH o??s?? A??NMc??M??. ? mJMm ?y?u????y??M?n ? jjN? Will prove a faithful corn- BRISTOL?_ ? ? ?NEM? panion for a lifetime with fair çç+()¡, wear and use. tN?j?m To be obtained at the'Shops of !!? ?. ???D ?? j? NETTEN, Every pen carefully tested and Ciga.r Importer, KING'S CROSS. ?NNB guaranteed for Two Years. ) )THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. ?? Send a steel nib and style of r?A\C'Q?Q REUEF FROM COUGH )N 5 B?t writing and we will nx vou UD M??F*\ w t L?.C? <? M)NUTES. ?? ?iiLii?, duu we wiu iiA yuu up t?-? ? w w ?=.?? -?? FOR COUGHS, FOR COLDS, N)M with a reliable pen—and not a FOR ASTHMA, FOR BMNCH)T)S, twF MR HOARSENESS. FOR fNFLUENZA. tMt ?y- ????t t??t a FOR COUGHS, FOR SORE ?!M fM! tf?t—t THROAT, MOSTSOOTH)N6. \Mf ????\j!n WARMS THE CHEST, \W ———?——?-?—————————— OSSOLVES THE PHLEGM. FOR FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. )\? t Xt? U R E ??y?? ?o & Money Returned if not satisfied, p?p?tw, nuGH DAv.Es. ??: ?Si? London Agents: Mr. Edwin Jones, Chemist and PKICE 3S. 6d. POST FREE. Optician, 232. Rilburn Lane, Queen's Park, 'W.C.; Mr. Thomas, Chemist, Upper Baker — 8treet,'W. Send tor One at Once and Save 7S. Wholesale: Barclays, 96, Farringdon Street. AGENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE. —— ============= MaLDOe DRVtES, a.R.e.M., To be had only at Teacher, L.C.M. Voice Production and Solo Singing. "??j-W- ?F'F'!?F' Telephone 8914 Ceatral. r\ DL. t ?? r r < ?? E- ? NOTE NEW ADDRESS :— 302,6Mimt)t)M.,U!!tM)),W.B. ?'??r??' DELicious COFFEE. RED WHITE & BLUE For Breakfast & after Dinner. I 302: C,REL,W:ER,& SON" 302 WELSH PRINTING 302, GRAY'S INN RO. H. WtLUMS & M., Recognised Agents & Valuers to the B(i!k Trade, 125. FLEET STREET, E.C. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. Highbury, N.—9 to 10 galls. daiiy at 4d, all over tuumer; butter, eggs, &c., s'p?rdid shop and house; iine chance tu -wt. rk up a rourd. Price on]y j676—iittings and Hxttms worth the money. B'aker Street. W -12 hmns daHy at 4d on Iram &20 week butter, eggs, K-freshments very sound and prontable trade; suit man with smaJl family Price only 2240-rai-e bargain. Bay?Wa-ter-—22 barns daily at 4d on two prams .S15 shop trade rent ?640 very compact rounds good paying customers good reason for seihng. Price .6495. Call for full details. &LM!ME'S HORSE REPOSITORY. Should you require to purchase a HORSE for buslneBs on THE MILK ROUND or for pleasure attend.- Messrs. ALDRIDGE'S Sales on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30 a.m., UPPER ST. MARTIN'S LANE. LONDON, W.C. aoraea of every class old by Auction each Wedneaday an Stttnrday. On view Mondays and Tharadaya. Catalogue8 forwarded. Printed and Puublished by THE LoNDON"WmMH PcBHBHiNa Co., LTD., at 302. Gray s Inn Road, London, W.C. Whoie.aie Ageuts-M. SouTHWELL, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, and Printed by GRELLIER & SON, 302, Gray's Inn Road, London, W,L.