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A- Garden Party and Sale of Work, In aid of St. fdary's Welsh Ghafch, Cambettwell New Road, will be held at THE PARSONAGE GROUNDS, On Thursday Next, July 7, 1910. MRS. D. J. THOMAS, The College, Wood Green, has kindly consented to conduct the Opening Ceremony, which will take place at 3 p.m. Tea will be served from 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. MUSIC, Instrumental and Vocal, during the evening. The following Artistes will take part: Miss EVANS (Moorfield College). Miss EVANS (Peckham). Mr. J. FFRANGCON HUGHES (City Boy). Mr. DAVID EDWARDS (The Vaudeville). Messrs. AUSTIN & MANSEL JENKINS (The well-known Aberystwyth Comedians). Accompanist Miss RODERICK. The Grounds will be artistically illuminated at dusk. ADMISSION, including Tea Is. f SUPBRFiro S o T .06 i LO 7, CJ) 0: W 1 Q) ø Z 0 č w LL w 0 x t- 11 IDW^ < I <$MANUFACTURERS, > NF 60. REDCUFF STREET, a: 1 BRISTOL. G C4 To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, Cigar Importer, KING'S CROSS. D. GOOKSEY & SON, Inexpensive and Modern Funerals. Cremation. Country Burials, &c. (Price:List on application.) 866, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PEHTOKVILLE Carriage Department 97, CHAPEL STREET Telephone Nos. 30 and 601. NORTH. DELICIOUS COFFEE. RED WHITE 1 & BLUE For Breakfast & after Dinner. "i -oIt.WJ.¡/II!.Y.aI!&:tØ,t.ajj'Ut)- Wood Green Welsh Baptist Mission, SHAFTESBURY HALL, BRAEMAR AVENUE. Cynhelir Gwasanaeth ar bob Saboth- BOREU, 11.0. HWYR, 6.30. YSGOL am dri y prydnawn. Qroesai0 a ZerByriacz PUBLISHERS' NOTE. The Publishers of "The London Welsh- man and Kelt" will be pleased to hear from any Reader or Newsagent who ex- periences a difficulty in obtaining this paper. To avoid any delay a standing order should be given to a Newsagent, or at the Railway Bookstall, so that they can make the necessary arrangements to obtain a supply punctually each week. LLYFRAU, Dan o]ygiaeth, ac ar werth gan, Y PARCH. T. ELI EVANS, Aneddfa, Cellan, Lampeter, South Wales. Hanes Cymanfaoedd Anibynwyr Lerpwl- Prisiau Is. a Is. 6d. Blodeuglwm i Goffa y Farch. Jonah Evans, Llansawel. Prisiau is. a Is. 6d. Habbakuk Crabb (Chwedl). Gan Clwydwenfro, Pris Is. Llyfryddiaeth yr Anibynwyr o ddyddiau John Penry hyd yn bresennol. Y hhan laf yn barod. Pris 3c. y Rhan. (100 copi yn unig.) The Wild Flora of Cardiganshire, in the Press. Price 3d. Part I. ready. Id. Telerau Blaendal. Y cludiad yn rhad. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. rvAWI p O'Q RELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 <J FOR COUGHS, FOR COLDS, FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, FOR HOARSENESS, FOR INFLUENZA. I 1 | | FOR COUGHS, FOR SORE CMCII lln rl THROAT, MOST SOOTHING. WVV/UN WARMS THE CHEST, DISSOLVES THE PHLEGM. FOR SINGERS, FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. MIXTLJ R E 1 W 1 2s 9D. Postage, 3D. Proprietor, HUGH DAVIES. Chemist, Machynlleth. London Agents: Mr. Edwin Jones, Cbemist and Optician, 232, Kilburn Lane, Queen's Park, W.C.; Mr. Thomas, Chemist, Upper JJaker Street, W. Wholesale: Barclays, 96, Farringdon Street. ..LII", London Welsh Rugby Football Club. A Garden Party and Sports Will be held, under the auspices of the Heathfield Club and the London Welsh Rugby Football Club, On the CLUB GROUND, Wandsworth Common, Noxt Thursday, July 7th. y Ground will open at 4 p.m. AN EFFICIENT BAND WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. The following Sports will be held :— 100 Yards Handicap (Gents). t Children's Races. Throwing the Cricket Ball (Gents). V) Egg and Spoon Race (Ladies). Throwing at the Wicket (Gents). (J\ Cigarette Race (Gents). Slow Bicycle Race (Ladies). Veterans' Race, etc. TUG-OF-WAR BETWEEN HEATHFIELD AND LONDON WELSH. HOWLS AND TENNIS MATCHES WILL ALSO BE PLAYED. In the evening, a GRAND CONCERT will be held, and several I well- known Artistes have promised to attend, as well as a party from the LondonfWelsb Glee Society. The Evening will conclude with Dancing on the Lawn. ADMISSION: Is. each; Children, 6d. each. Printed and Puublisbed by THE LONDON WELSH PUBLISHING Co., LTD., at 302 Gray s Inn Road, London, W.C. Wholesale Agents-M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, and Printed by GRELLIER & SON, 302, Gray's Inn Road, London, W,C.