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Y DYFODOL. Boed i Ysgrifenyddion y gwahanol Gymdeithasau anfon ar fyrder restr o'u cyjarfodydd arbennig, i'w gosod yn y Golojn hon. iffggs" Gosodir y Cyfarfodydd, die., a hysbysebir yn y CELT, yn rhad yng ngholofn Y Dyfodol," ond codir ta,t 0 is. yr un am y rhai na hysbysebir. Mehefin. 15—Falmouth Road. Cyfarfod Ymadawol y Parch. S E. Prytherch. 16—Bechstein Hall. Recital. Mr. Gwynne Davies. Gorphenaf. 7-Camberwel1. St. Mary's Church Garden Party. 7-Wandsworth. London Welsh F.C. Garden Party. Hydref. 6—Wilton Square. Te a Chyngerdd Blynyddol. 20-Shirland Road. Annual Concert. Taehwedd. 17—Eisteddfod Fawreddog Capel Stratford. 24-Eisteddfod Flynyddol Jewin. Rhagfyr. 1—Cyngerdd Blynyddol Cymdeithas y Tabernacl. Chwefror. I S-Eisteddfod Flynyddol Cymdeithas y Tabernacl Cymreig, King's Cross. All Communications to the Editor or to the Publisher should in future be addressed to KELT OFFICE, 302 GRAY'S INN RD., LOND ON, W.C. The Editor invites correspondence. All letters must be signed with the full name oj the writers and the address must also be given, not neces- sarily for publication, but as a guarantee of ood faith. WELSHMAN & KELT OFFICES, THE LONDON WELSHMAN AND KELT is a high-class Family Paper, and counts among its contributors the most prominent Welsh Scholars and Writers. YNYSLAS. near Borth, Cardiganshire. On Cardigan Bay and the South Bank of the Dovey Estuary adjoining the Borth Golf Links; the notable Freehold, Agricultural and Marine Property known as "THE YNYSLAS ESTATE," comprising Five excellent Dairy and Mixed Farms, distinguished as ABERLERRY, TYGWYN, TY- CANOL, YYMAWR, and BRICKYARD (otherwise Ynyslas), embracing fertile grass and arable land provided with comfortable Homesteads also 1 he very useful Accommodation Holding called MLNY- DON FIELDS. Several well-built detached and semi-detached VILLA RESIDENCES, with srat-dens and premises attached; PICTURESQUE BUNGA- LOWS, built of timber in the pretty black-and- white style, and others built of concrete together with a number of CHOICE BUILDING SITES, with wide road frontages, close to beach and com- manding fine marine views, which are to be sold free of all building restrictions. The above-mentioned Property, extending to an area of about 633 acres, will be offered FOR SALE BY AUCTION, in 25 Lots, by ESSRS. GILLA-RD & SONS, at the CAMBRIAN HOTEL. BORTH. On WEDNESDAY, 22nd JUNE, 1910, at 2.30 oVlock in the afternoon. Particulars, Plans and Conditions of Sale may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Machynlleth; or Messrs. SMITH, DAVIES & EVANS, Solicitors, Aberystwyth. T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Transfer Agents Experts and Valuers, 143, STRAND, W.C. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. I MILK-Prosperous district, S.W.—Quite an excep- tional bargain, owner retiring, retailing 43 barns daily at 4d. per quart, less 3 barns 3td. and 3d. goods 918 weekly splendid shop, with every con- venience rent zC55 pric':J 2900. t'art can remain. MILK-Old established cowkeeper's business busy I part; retailing 30 barns daily 4d., little at 3d. shop 250 weekly 2 pram rounds 12 cows good premises at 245; long lease. 2750. DAIRIES—S .W.: 6 gls. dy. 4d.; all over counter I takings 230 wk.; clear profit 23 per week; any trial offered. Price 290. No deposit required.— Boro': 9 gls. dy. at 4d.; all over counter; takings 216 wk.; rent E50, subletting 233. Will accept £ 95. MILK —W.: 16 barns dy. 4d., little 3d.; 1 pram I round, and taking 290 wk. over counter rent 250, part let off; net profit 2400 per annum. Will accept. Selling through illness. XILK-Bayswater: Highly recommended; 21 bns. dy. 4d.; 2 prtryis; shop trade £ 30 wk. 2650. XILK-Chiswick: 12 barns, dy. 4d.; 1 pram; shop I trade 234 wk. Asking £ 320.—Paddington: 20 barns dy. 4d, les little at 3d.; rent 215. Only £ 860.—Kmgtusbridge Indoor trade, very select. Takings P,20 weekly; big profits. £150. THE LONDON, WELSHMAN AND KELT (CELT LLUNDAIN). A WELSH WEEKLY NEWSPAPER. Established 1895. The Official Organ of the London Welsh Community. TRADE ADVERTISEMENTS. Displayed. Per insertion :— Per Inch, in Column Half Column I3(- I Column 1/8/0 I Page 4/0/0 I Reduction for a series oj I3 or more insertions SpeciallPosition by Arrangement.