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T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Transfer Agents Experts and Valuers 143, STRAND, W.C. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. MILK: N.E.-Genuine concern 105 gls. dy. 4d.; 3 pram rounds extensive premises low rent; 14 good cows; owner retiring £ 1500 MILK: Lee-Old estd. Same hands 30 years. 33 gls. dy. 4d.; good inventory nice shrp 7 rooms, yard, stabling, side gatts, &c. Rent £ 45. £375. MILK: Putney, nr.—66 gls. dy. 4d. on 3 rounds; goods £ 16 wk.; milk bought 1/3; nice shop, large house, yard, side gates, Ac rent £ 50 £ 850 MILK: St. Peter's Park-Select concern. 42 gls. dy. 4d.; 930 wk. in butter, eggs, cream, &c.; 2 prams: convenient premised 2650 MILK: West—22 gls. 4d.; shop 236 -wk. £ 320 MILK Bow—17 gls. dy.; shop JEZO wk.; r. Y,35 2150 MILK Walworth—Indoors. Takings 235 wk. 2150 MILK Paddington-14 gls. 4d shop 210 wk. 2160 MILK' Harrow—30 gls. 4d.; pretty shop F,220 MILK: Chelsea. Indoors. Takings £30 wk. E100 MILK: Kilburn—19 giS. 4d.; shop 213 wk. 2270 MILK: Catford-2t, Lis. 411.; pram £ 210 MILK: S.W.-34, gls. 4d.; shop 217; 1 pram £ 375 MILK: North WEst-good position; 6:J. gls, 4d.; butter, eggs, &c.; pram rounds pretty shop £t!50 MILK: Near in-60 gls. dy. 4d.; 2 prams; counter saies 945 wk.; 11 cows low rent P,750 MILK: South East-Profitable concern 60 gls. dy. 4d., little 3d.; 2 prams low rent 2650 YN Y WASG, AC YN BAROD YN FUAN, 50 o DONAU CYNULLEIDFAOL ar Emynau Adnabyddus a Chynefin GAN T. VINCENT DAVIES. PRIS: Hen Nodiant, 2s.; Sol-ffa, Is. 6d. Telerau Neilltuol i danysgrifwyr 0 6 copi ac uchod. Esiamplau o 12 o'r Tonau (Hen nodiant yn unig heb y geirian) i'w cael ar dderbyniad dau stamp Id. gan yr Awdwr, 31, LUCERNE ROAD, HIGHBURY, N. (1). I have perused with interest your Dfuildeg o Donau Cynulleidfaol," and am glad to find they are in reality strong congregational tunes, and not of the effeminate part song type. HARRY EVANS, F.R.C.O. (2). Your tunes are very well written. The airs are melodious and natural, and the harmonies musicianly and effective. D. EMLYN EVANS. (3). All these tunes before me are broad and stately, as hymn tunes should be. Not the stateliness of the old school, which was also lold. Yuu have succeeded in giving life to every fibre. J. T. REES, Mus.Bac. (4). I am sure they ou;ht to be attractive and useful, as they shew sound workmanship and a com- mendable avoidance of the crude harmonies too prevalent in many of our hymn tunes. DAVID THOMAS, M.A., Mus.Doc. (5). Two things struck me when looking through your book (i) th* originality of the melody (ii) the masterly flow of the harmony. I also notice that the tunes are quite solid in style. CARADOG ROBERTS, Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O. (6). I find that they are tuneful and artistic, and will prove useful to congregations who wish to have effective hymn tunes, without a single intricate passage. J. H. ROBERTS, Mus.Bac. (7). Yr wyf yn cael yn eu plith donau rhagorol, yn enwtdig 41 St. Deiniol," "Llanbedr," "Dewi Sant," Hirwaen," a "Diangfa." Y mae cynganeddion yr olaf mewn manau yn neillduol o rymus a chyfoethog. JOHN PRICE, Rhymn-y. (8). I am much interested in your book, a; d must congratulate you upon a series of tunes as meritorious in musicianship as they are devo- tional in character. T. WESTLAKE MORGAN. (9). I have examined the tunes carefully, and (an heartily recommend them, as they ar ail singable and devotional, several of them having much of the Welsh feeling and I feel sure the 91 hwyl" will manifest itself when they are sung. PETER EDWARDS (Pedr Alaw), Mus.Bac. "bW_ PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. BECHSTEIN HALL. Davies. Tfoeai Tieeital Thursday, June 16, 8.15.