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THE (BEIT WESTER! Ml KTOQPOIIHI DAISIES, MmA, THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Wit to Dairymen. ,■?. For Terms and ^Particulars Apply- 9, HA, RROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON TELEPHONE: 229 PADDINGTON. SALES AND WANTS. All advertisements for this column should be ;accompanied by remittance in full, and must reach the office not later than by first post WEDNESDAY morning. Replies may be sent to Box at this office, to be called for, or will be re-addressed to advertisers, in which case a stamped reply envelope should be enclosed with advertisement. In the case of all accepted advertisements not accompanied with a remittance in full SIXPENCE per line per insertion will be charged. Postal orders to be made payable at 302, Gray's Inn Road. Half-penny stamps received for sums ,under one shilling. Telephone No. 11854 P.O. Central. Houses or Apartments to let or wanted Situations vacant or wanted Houses, Businesses, Articles, &c., for sale or wanted will be charged at the following cheap rates:— 12 words. Once 6d. Three times 1/- 20 „ ,,9d. „ „ 1/6 -28 M „ t/- 2/- 36 1/3 „ „ 2/6 Every additional 8 words „ 3d, M „ 8d CELT Offices: 302, GRAY'S INN ROAD, LONDON, W.C. SITUATIONS VACANT & WANTED WANTED, a respectable girl for house, and to H assist in shop. Good references. Apply Jones, 24, High Street, Plaistow, E. 176-9 YOUNG man wanted to share bedroom with JL another; W.O. district; board as desired; terms -very moderate; Welshman preferred. Apply, by letter, Box 51, Kelt Office, 302, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. 9 MILK.—Young man wanted for pram round. Experience. Apply 224, Bow Road, E. 179-9 fP\ OOD General wanted, age about 25. Apply box \J No. 54, CELT Office, 302, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. E185-22 ,C\ ENERAL Servant, good strong, for business \J house; must understand plain cooking good wages; no washing about 25 must have good reference.—Box 55, CELT Office, 302, Grays Inn Road, W.C. E183-23 DAIRY Situation.—Young lady, 20, little ex. perience, seeks situation; willing and obliging. Box E182, CELT Office, 302, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. E182-23 WANTED, arespectable young lady for house and U assist in shop; good references. Apply, by letter, Box E181, CELT Office, 302, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. E181-23 YOUNG lady, Welsh, house and assist in shop; good refs. Sharp trade. Apply 77, Jamaica Street, Stepney. E180-23 APARTMENTS. PARTMENTS to let, furnised; suitable for two A young men; board in or out; use of breakfast and dining R -lom.-108, Seymour Street, Easton. E184-9 MUSICAL. T TO ICE CULTURE.—Consult Professor Hancock, Y Davies's Music Warehouse, Newport. Consulta- tions daily. S. IDLE, Practical Piano Tuner and Repairer; T. Send Post-card, 12, Railway Street, Newport. LITERARY. NEWYDD allan o'r Wasg. "Gwentian Poems Dafydd Benwyn." "Llyfyr nodedig" (Wasg). Pris 2/8, oddiwrth J. Kyrle Fletcher, 82, High Street, Newport. EDUCATIONAL. PRIV ATE Tuition.—Coaching for examinations.— 1 Edgar Williams, M.A. B.D. (Edin.), 63, Somerset Road, Newport. MISCELLANEOUS. DRYCHWCH.-W. Charles Morris, Ladies' and Jj Gents' Tailor, Charles Street, Newport, solicits your patronage. Satisfaction assured. Gwaith da. TEAGUELIN HERBS —Wonderful medicine for all stomack, liver and kidney complaints, nervousness and weakness. Thousands of testi- monials. Unequalled for biliousness, constipation, backache, and piles. 1 packet, lOd.; 3 for 2s.— Teague, 23, Station Street, Newport, Mon. BwwmmwiMM S go Cl) I ul !o w CO Z IU :1:0 "'z "'z LL ul O. 0 LLI w A cc "I SDWARDSJRJNGER&C? < 2 1% MANUFACTURERS* Z. SO. REDCLIFF STREET, 0: 1 1 BRISTOL. > 7-W To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, Cigar Importer, KING'S CROSS. T. R. THOMAS i CO., Dairy Transfer Agents Experts and Valuers 143, STRAND, W.C. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. MILK: N.E.—Genuine concern 105 gls. dy. 4d.; 3 pram rounds; extensive premises; low rent; 14 good cows; owner retiring £ 1500 MILK: Brompton-82 gls dy. 4d., little 3d.; 4 pram rounds; butter and eggs, 216 wk.; good inventory splendid shop steam plant £ 1100 MILK = Putney, nr.—66 gls. dy. 4d. on 3 rounds goods £ 16 wk; milk bought 1/3; nice shop, large hous?, yard, side gates, &c.; rent 950 £ 850 MILK: St. Peter's Park-Select concern. 42 gls. dy. 4d.; 230 wk. in butter, eggs, cream, &c.; 2 prams: convenient premises £ 650 MCLK: West-22 gls. 4d.; shop 236 wk. £ 320 MILK: Bow-17 gls. dy.; shop £20 wk.; r.£35 2150 MILK: Walworth—Indoors. Takings 935 wk. 2150 MILK: Paddington-14 gls. 4d.; shop flo wk. 2160 MILK' Harrow—30 gls. 4d.; pretty shop £ 220 MILK: Chelsea. Indoors. Takings £ 30 wk. 2100 MILK: Kilburn-19 gls. 4d.; shop 213 wk. 2270 MILK: Catford-20 gls. 4d.; pram jE210 MILK: S.W.-34 gls. 4d.; shop £ 17; 1 pram 2375 MILK: North West-good position; 64 gls. 4d.; butter, eggs, &c.; pram rounds; pretty shop zC850 MILK: Near in-60 gls. dy. 4d.; 2 prams; counter sales 245 wk.; 11 cows; low rent £ 750 MILK: South East-Profitable concern 60 gls. dy. 4d., little 3d.; 2 prams low rent 9650 WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Transfer Agent to Milk Trade, 160, HIGH HOLBORN (Drury Lane End). Milk, W.—110 gls. all 4d.; shop 280; Al busi- ness £ 2100 Kensington.—100 g-ls. all ia.; shop jB50 good 21800 S.E.-180 gls. daily; shop 225; excellent; call£1700 100 gls. all 4d. shop 225 30 cows a beauty 21500 Marble Arch.-120 gls. shop 226; profitable £1001) Piccadilly.-44 gls. all 4d.; shop 230; call £ 550 E.C.-40 gls. 4d.; shop ZCIO; good cheap rent 2400 W.—24 gls. 4d.; shop 210; pram; rent 235; call 2240 18 gls. 4d.; shop 910; rent 220; call quick 2110 Harlesden.-13 gls. all 4d.; shop; pram call.. £ 100 Oxford St.—22 gls. 4d.; shop 215; very cheap call Great number of others in hand to suit Farmers, Capitalists, Companies, and everybody from 2100 to 24,000. Also wonderful cheap and good Indoors to suit all Ladies, who cannot do better than to buy from Davies, the fair Agent. THE HONOURABLE SOCIETY OF CYMMRODORION. The Principal Meetings of the Society for the present Session are as follows Jan.-Paper on Vocal Tradition in Wales," by Dr. Alfred Daniell. Feb.-Paper on John Jones of Glanygors," by M. Pennant Jones, Esq. Mar.-Paper on The Book of Aneurin," by Professor Anwyl, M.A. Apr.—Paper on William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (first creation)," by Howell T. Evans, Esq., M.A. May.—Paper on Thomas Gouge," by the Rev. Thomas Shankland, B.A. June.—The Annual Conversazione. Full particulars of membership and list of the Society's Publications can be obtained from the Secretary, 64, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. MOTE.—Advertisements must reach the Office by Wednesday morning for insertion in the current week's number. Advertise- ments for insertion in THE LONDON WELSHMAN AND KELT will be trans- ated into Welsh free of charge. The Editor invites correspondence. All letters must be signed with the full name oj the writers and the address must also be given, not neces- sarily for publication, but as a guarantee of 'tood faith. WELSH PRINTING 302, GRAY'S INN RD. PUBLISHERS' NOTE. The Publishers of "The London Welsh- man and Kelt" will be pleased to hear from any Reader or Newsagent who ex- periences a difficulty in obtaining this paper. To avoid any delay a standing order should be given to a Newsagent, or at the Railway Bookstall, so that they can make the necessary arrangements to obtain a supply Wunctually each week.