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TIIE ti,E,T ",ESTER" Af°.HETR0P0LIT"1 MIBIES' THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS! IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply off Pure Milk to Dairymen. For Terms and Particulars Apply- 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON,, TELEPHCNE' "OTON. 229 W. H. WllLINGS & CO., Recognised Agents & Valuers to the fttilk Trade, 125, FLEET STREET, E.e. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. Iff 0 —14 to 15 barns daily at 4d. on one pram shop ElOweekly; rent low; same hands 7 years price £390. Victoria-71 barns daily 4d.; goods 214 weekly one pram rent all let; no debts price 9200; all at; offer Near in-Old established; 14 to 15 barns daily at 4d. on cart. No debts rent very low; shop £5 weekly; price 2360 Hackney-9 barns daily at 4d.; shop 210 to zCl2 weekly; one pram; lease; rent low; price Y,230 City near-Over counter; trade ql8 to 220 wk., including 4 to 5 barns daily at 4d.; price 9120 S.E.-Trade 230 weekly all cash C200 Bear in-Trade 9-35 weekly shop cost 9,100 to fit 2200 Peckham-Trade 245 £300 W.C.-600 eggs 5 barns a day all at 945 Selection. West End-8 barns 4d.; shop £ 12 pram 2200 W.C«—8 £ barns 4d.; shopjgl6 pram. £230 gjg.—34 barns 4d.; shop £ 22; 3 rounds 9850 Near in-26 barns 4d.; shop £ 12 12 cows £ 7E0 S.W.-23 barns 4d. shop 220; 3 prams 9590 Claloham-191 barns 4d.; shop £ 12 2 prams 2430 West End-14 barns 4d.; shop £ 14 pram 2400 Worth-1521 barns 4d.; shop 212 2 prams £ 350 West-20 barns 4d.; shop jE34 2 rounds £650 City-20 barns 4d.; shop 220 pram £ 570 S.W.-19 barns 4d. shop JE18 2 prams zC525 Wandsworth-10 barns 4d.; shop 210; pram ze250 City—26 barns; shopEl2; 2 prams £ 500 Fulham-7 barns 4d.; shop £ 30; pram £ 175 Full details of H. Willings & Co. as above. "Oes y Byd i'r Iaith Gymraeg." THE L C C. WELSH EVENING CLASSES are now being held at the HUGH MYDDELTON SSHOOL, Corporation Row, Clerkenwell (3 minutes from. Farringdon St. District Railway Station) Elementary Monday Evenings, 7.0 to 9.30 Advanced: Friday „ „ Fee for Session, 2s. Oct. Teacher: GORONWY OWEN, 1\1.4. Correspondence to FF. ITHEL MORGAN, Whitehall House, Charing Cross, S.W. A C AN NEWYDD SOPRANO NEU DENOR. 4 DM El Kiy GAN ELSIE ROBERTS. GEIRIAU GAN EIFION WYN. CYFIEITHIAD I'R SAESNEG GAN E. ANWYL, M.A. PRTS s W T T r-u Copiau i'w cael gan David Jenkins, Mus. Bac. (Cantab), Aberystwyth. T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Hgents & Valuers, 143, STB AND, W.C. South East-Good class neighbourhood. 25 barns daily 4d.; shop trade q30 weekly nice shop and house, with yard, stabling, &c rent jg45 £ 700. Shepherd's Bush (nar)-2 barns daily 4d.; little at 3d.; zC14 weekly in butter, eggs, &c.; pram rounds; fine premises; main road; £700. North West-Genuine concern. 15-16 barns dy. 4d.; goods 217 wk.; one compact pram round pretty shop; good hous-e rent 950;, zC550 or offer. Shoreditch-Old estd. 8 barns 4d.; takings JB22 wk. (5 barns sold over counter); nice shop and house rent 91 wk. clear; let 5/6; £ 235. Kenniington-18 barns dy. 4d.; all worked on one pram £30 wk. indoors; good premises rent .£42 20 years' lease; strictly genuine.; free trial. Brixton—23 barns 4d.; goods £12; valuable lease; same hands 20 years; any trial; 2575. West—20 barns all 4d; shop 230 wk; any trial; 9630. North—15 barns 4d.; shop £12; rent £ 40; 2330. Hackney-9 barns 4d.; shop 214; rent £ 38 £ 230. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY LTD- The Largest, Wealthiest and Best Company to assure in. Prospectus sent on application. Energetic men wanted for Agencies, good round to start on, salary and commission. ♦ ►<»4« APPLY SUPERINTENDENT OF AGENTS TO MR. G. H. HEAP. 1, ARGYLE SQ., KING'S CROSS. MR. HENRY MORGAN, SURGEON DENTIST, 10, TAVISTOCK PLACE. W.C. Single Teeth from 5/- Complete Sets, Upper and Lower from £ 4. Repairs executed at Moderate Charges. Old Cases Remodelled. Teeth Extracted, Stopped and Scaled. Siaredir Cymraeg os yn fwy dymunol. ALDRIDGE'S HORSE REPOSITORY. Should you require to purchase a HORSE for business on THE MILK ROUND or for pleasure attend Messrs. ALDRIDGE'S Sales on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30 a.m., UPPER ST. MARTIN'S LANE, LONDON W.C. Horses of every class sold by Auction each Wednesday and Saturday. On view Mondays and Thursdays, Catalogues forwarded PRELIMINARY NOTICE. NEW JEWIN WELSH eHHPEL THE ANNUAL ,&Via Grand Concert WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY, JAN. 16TH, 1908. ggg" Full particulars later. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. t" RELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 DAV I ES' S RELIEf FROM COUGH IN 5 ..1 MI.UTES. FOR COUGHS, FOR COLDS, FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, FOR HOARSENESS, FOR INFLUENZA. — — FOR COUGHS, FOR SORE On I If-ifr—fl THROAT, MOST SOOTHING, WW \J VS 1 I WARMS THE CHEST, DISSOLVES THE PHLEGM, FOR SINGERS, FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. < t )) < By Chemists & M I XT U R E Bv Chemists !V! t.t—— 25 9D. Postage, 3D. Proprietor, HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, Machynlleth, .London Agents: Mr. Morgan, Chemist, Tavistock Place, W.C.; Mr. Thomas, Chemist. Upper Baker Street, W. Wholesale: Barclays, 95, Farringdon Street. TRUSCOTT & WILLIAMS, Dairy Agents and Valuers, 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK, E.G. Telephone No. 12359 Central. Those wishing to buy or sell should call or write to the above address. PROFESSIONAL COLUMN. PEDR HLRW, Mus. Bac. Bcirniad ac Atweinydd Cymanfaoh Cufeiriad Newydd- "FAIR VIEW," VICTORIA ROAD5 ROMFORD, ESSEX. MISS GWUOYS ROBERTS, CONTRALTO, 8, Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale, W. Note New Address. MADOE DAVIES, A.R.P,.M. Teacher, L.C.M. Voice Production and Solo Singing. Telephone 8914 Central. NOTE NEW ADDRESS:— 495, OXFORD STREET, W. (Near Marble Arch). WELSH PRINTING of every description in the most up-to-date styles. WELSHMAN & KELT OFFICES, 211, GRAY'S INN RDn- NOTE.-Advertisenients must reach the Office by Wednesday morning for insertion in the current week's number. Advertise- ments for insertion in THE LONDON WELSHMAN AND KELT will be trans- lated into Welsh free of charge. Printed uid Published by The Ixmtm Vfux ngumaCO.. •»*» '*Co'iIt?'.6 (iSX 'i./SSIWW go»So»- GoJtH, To™. D..b» <8.4.1. Melbouroe (Victoria) BmH*. (,, Syauey Perth (W.A ), Wellington aBd Christchurch (N.Z.).