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Notes and News.


WHEN a man was sent to gaol at Newport, Monmouth, for neglecting his seven children, he was stated to be a teetotaler and a non- smoker, and to spend all his time in the free library or on the canal bank fishing. As the result of personal investigations into the alleged marvellous cures of cancer wrought by two humble herbalists named Evans at Penybanc, Cardigan, to whom sufferers have been flocking from all parts of the world, an illustrated article from the pen of Dr. Walter, H. R. Hadwen appears in a leading British weekly. DR. HADWEN claims to have succeeded in unravelling the mystery." There has been much public curiosity manifested, both in the lay and medical press, as to the composi- tion of the Evans' recipe, and despite Dr. Hadwen's assertion, we doubt whether he has really unravelled the mystery." THE strike of grocers' assistants at Neath has collapsed. The point at issue was the living-in system." Alderman Llewellyn, the owner of a big grocery shop in the town, was prepared to let his assistants live out, but as he would not pay more than 10s. per week in the assistants' wages, as an equiva- lent, they refused to return to work, con- tending that they ought to get 12s. But despite mass meetings, processions, &c., by the Assistants' Union, Alderman Llewellyn was not to be bullied into submission, and the strikers confessed on Saturday to being defeated. Ap RHEIDOL" writes If a Welsh- man with a fine voice wants to succeed as a singer, he must go away to the continent, adopt a name commencing with Herr, and wear his hair thick. He will then be acclaimed by all the English musical critics (?) as aremarkably clever singer, &c." NOTE THIS PARTICULARLY.—The recognised establishment in Wales for surgical appli- ances and trusses is that of Allen Pearce, 23, Charles Street, Cardiff. All interested apply for illustrated catalogue, post free.