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THERE lived in the time of King Charles II. a wonderful giant at Monmouthshire, by the name of William Evan, who is said to have been between seven and eight feet in height. He was sent for to London, to be a porter for the King. On one occasion, for the amusement of his Majesty he was com- manded to dance before the Court. When the dance was over the giant stood in front of the King and pulled out from one of his pockets little Jeoffrey, the King's dwarf, to the great delight of the company. "Jeoffrey bach," the dwarf, was Jeoffrey Hudson, a native of Rutland. At an entertainment for King Charles, Jeoffrey was placed in a large pie, and when the pie was cut he jumped out. WE congratulate Mr. Ellis Griffith, says the Westminster Gazette, on his appointment as Recorder of Birkenhead, even though it involves him in the necessity of a by-election. His position in the Anglesey Division is so strong that the Conservatives of the division have decided not to challenge a contest-a decision at once wise and courteous. Mr. Ellis Griffith has occupied an independent position in Welsh politics on several occa- sions. He was one of the supporters of the war in South Africa when most of his col- leagues from the Principality were more inclined to the views expressed by Mr. Lloyd George. He has been energetic in pressing the claims of Wales to a Disestablishment Bill. His new position will not leave him with fewer opportunities for the expression of his own views, while it is a recognition of his success in the profession to which he has given the best of his energies.


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