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IkT Notes and News.


Ik T Notes and News. THERE is a rumour to the effect that the Cardiff Socialists intend running the Rev. R. J. Campbell as their candidate at the next election. MR. J. D. REES, M.P. represents both Montgomeryshire and India in the present Parliament. There is evidence that the hon. member intends extending the boundaries of his" constituency." He desires, so it seems, that Mr. Winston Churchill shall visit West Africa during the Parliamentary recess. MR. SAM EVANS, M.P., delivered a very strong speech in the House of Commons last Friday, when the fate of the Government Bills was under discussion. He accused his fellow-members of a great deal of irrelevant talk, and of unbusinesslike methods gene- rally. Some Parliamentary friends of the hon. member, whispered something about the fate of the Women Suffrage Resolution coming home to roost, etc., we presume. THE British Association meets at Leicester next Wednesday. A number of Welshmen are likely to figure rather prominently at its meetings. SIR W. H. PREECE is to read a paper on Telephonic Communication at one of the meetings of the Physical Section, and Dr. H. 0. Jones will read a paper on Carbonyl Compounds at a meeting of the Chemical Section. Sir John Evans is also expected to take part in one of the discussions of the Anthropological Section, the subject of which will be The Iron Age." It is likely to be a very interesting discussion. ONE of the enthusiasts in favour of the 1909 Eisteddfod for London was declaiming rather eloquently the other day on the respective merits of London, Aberystwyth, and Llandrindod as Eisteddfodic centres. "Aberystwyth and Llandrindod Wells simply want to advertise their hotels and boarding houses," he exclaimed. And we, Londoners, want to advertise ourselves," quietly uttered his candid friend. It is said that the candid friend is taking a long holiday at present. WE heartily congratulate Mr. S. R. John, of the Tribune, on his appointment as general secretary of the Celtic Association and as general editor of Cellia. Mr. John is a keen patriot, and a literatteur of very fine taste. We look forward to the appearance of his first number of Cellia with high expectations. THE Examiner, in one of the Welsh Sunday School examinations for this year, seems to have had a very fair share of amusement. The following are a few specimens of the answers which he received Joshua was the husband, of a nun. Elkanah proved his worth by marrying two wives. Samuel was the longest prophet that ever lived. Eli broke his backbone. Eli sat on the fence. We hope that all this is no evidence of the spread of the Higher Criticism and the New Theology. MR. ELLIS JONES GRIFFITH is taking a very decided stand on the question of Welsh Disestablishment. The sad part of it is that he seems to be standing all alone. At the time of the election the Government ap- peared to be endowed with a great store of enthusiasm. Judging, however, by recent events, they are now better off for a very effective narcotic, at least they have sent all the Welsh members off into a deep slumber. This may have been in Mr. Lloyd-George's mind when at Pontypridd he compared the Government to a hospital- staff. Long may Mr. Griffith keep awake WHETHER we like it or not, the Labour Party is making very great strides in South Wales. The average collier is intellectually and politically very much awake, and it is not likely that he will be taken in by the Paul Cinquevalli of modern politics, and that is the fairest estimate of the ordinary Liberal of the beginning of the 19th century. THE Labour Party is, at least, in dead earnest, and even the Englishman welcomes earnestness occasionally. It is very likely that a great number of Welsh seats will be contested by the Labour Party at the next General Election, and if we may be allowed to prophecy, with very great success. IT is not the dissatisfaction of Welsh Liberals" that Welsh Liberal M.P.'s will have to worry about in future, but the forthcoming "Socialistic deluge." Even Mr. Vaughan Davies, who thinks he is a permanent fixture for Ceredigion, will have a surprise by and bye. By the way the I.L.P. will not be unknown at Cardigan and 0 Aberystwyth in another year's time.