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THE BREAT WESTERN AND METROPOLITAN DAISIES, LIMITED.. f THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. For Terms and Particulars Apply- 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON,, s=0?»TELEPHONE: 229 PADDINGTON. %lr w, m I H. ilLLINGS & CO., Dairy Business Agents and Valuers, 125, FLEET STREET, E.e. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. MILK: Battersea-5 barns daily at 4d.; 28 in shop rent low all at 280; bargain. ETIK: S.W.-21 barns at 4d. on 2 prams 9-10 to 912 shop; rent 235; milk Is. 4d.; any trial; price £ 550. Poultry Farm—40 miles, Sussex; comfortable house, 8 rooms, 11-acres meadow, kitchen garden growing crops rent 932 10s pens, coops, runs, houses, breeders. &c., &c. Everything in thorough repair. Over 500 pure bred Buff Orpingtons, Leghorns, &c., &c. Price all at 2150. MILK: near in S.E.—16 barns at 4d., less 2 at 3d.; shop £ 6 2 prams very few book debt; same hands 8 years rent zC48, let off 16s.; price £ 320. MILK Fulham—Takings 930 week in shop; j milk 61 barns daily at 4d. on pram; rent zC50, let 2 226 price £ 175. MILK: Islington-81 to 9 barns at 4d.; 914 in shop low rent; 9180. Another—7 barns at 4d.; £ 8 shop; 1 pram rent £ 36 lease good position 9120. MILK: King's Cross—17 barn (9 at 4d.); 1 pram; suit beginner rent 21 week price j3160. MILK: near in-42 barns at 4d.; 4 rounds; £ 20 E shop; price £ 1,500. Further particulars Willings. MILK: W.W.-Good position; nice premises; 33 J barns daily nearly all 4d.; 3 rounds; 216 slop; lease; price £ 750; J3500 down and balance by instalments—Willings. Full details of H. Willings & Co., as above. MR. HENRY MORGAN, SURGEON DENTIST, 10, TAVISTOCK PLACE. W.C. Single Teeth from 5/- Complete Sets, Upper and Lower from J64. Repairs executed at Moderate Charges. Old Cases Remodelled. Teeth Extracted, Stopped and Scaled. Siaredir Cymraeg os yn fwy dymanol. -<r T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Hgents and Valuers, 143, STRAND, W.C. KENT-74 gls. daily 4d.; cart and pram nice shop and house, yard, stabling, &c.; rent £40; milk bought, 1/2 and 1/7; £5.90. 2 NEW CROSS-40 gls. 4d.; shop £18 weekly; 2 prams; nice shop and house good yard, &c.; rent £ 40 any trial offered 2500. W.—64 gis. 4d.; goods j620 3 prams zeiooo S.W.-56 gls. 4d.; prams; shop 214 £850 SURREY—68 gls. 4d.; prams; new estate 2750 WEST END-25 barns 4d.; goods £ 20 2 prams 2700 CAMBERWELL-50 gls. 4d.; shop £ 16; 2 1prams £650 N.-56 gls. 4d.; main road; splendid shop £4:75 S-W-—32 gls. 4d.; 1 pram goods £ 11. £ 360 EARLSFIELD-36 gls. 4d-; 2 prams; rentE45 £300 N.-20 gls. 4d.; shop 220; 1 pram £ 250 S.E.-20 gls. 4d.; shop £ 15 rent zC40 ze 160 HACKNEY-II gls. 4d.; shop jE8 low rent £90 MILK: Fulham-52 gls. 4d.; shop 220; 3 prams; good inventory splendid premises 2650. MILK: Kilburn-NTost genuine. 20 gls. 4d.; shop £20 weekly good position paying business; Y,330 TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy & Life Insurance Agent, 160, HIGH HOLBORN. Milk—52 gls. 4d.; shop 210 3 cows; shed for 20; 2 rounds part purchase can remain 9650 24 gls. all 4d. shop 212; 6 cows low rent £ 300 56 gls. all 4d.; shop F,13 cart round; only E500 N.W.—20 gJs. all 4d.; shop E10 any offers 30 gls. all 4d.; shop 212; splendid shop 2450 46 gls, 4d.; shop 210; great bargain £375 Chelsea Round- 32 gls. 4d. any offers Oxford St.—50 gls.; shop 212; profitable.. zC500 14 gls. 4d.; shop 29 pram must sell £ 120 W.—24 gls. 4d,; shop £12; good opening zC450 N.—12 gis. 4d.; shop 215; instant sale 2120 14 gls. all 4d.; shop 230; illness. 9180 40 gls. all 4d.; shop E12; cart round £ 400 Indoors-Takings £ 20 closed Sundays zCI15 Takings 229; milk 50 gls. 4d.; weekly. zCl35 Takings 925; milk 36 gls. 4d. weekly Clio Takings £ 40 illness; instant sale 9150 Sellers please send in your businesses to DAVIES for QUICK SALE.—Buyers come to DAVIES and be suited instantly with good business. SUBSCRIPTION ORDER, TO THE PUBLISHERS OF THE LONDON WELSHMAN & KELT," 211, GRAY'S INN ROAD, LONDON, W.C. Please send to me at the following address. copies weekly of the LONDON WELSHMANI& KELT. Name Address PREPAID TERMS.—1 Copy, Post Free: One Quarter, 1/8; Six months, 3/3; One Year, 6/- ii Mal t:: M M OOCCC EH&U&N, \| HOW MM itrrUefM X SECURES M SWIFT CYCLE CO.LTD. "THE H COVENTRY wonlosH Ircr famij, e& IBES-T oal UIE/RI FOND BUI CYC LE 6c"t jo.IO.O.% vev,-Io OR ON PAY *6o qe/y- | Aft YOUBIOS^^ j,/ T RIEf GOER'S SUPERFINE I • 00 U) .1 t o t-j w 10 CCII < :Ii", Lo Z -a; S7 "'z LL LLI øë 0 ..I- BAC s £ II EDWARDSJUNGER&C? < 2j MANUFACTURERS* ° P. 60.REI)C"FFSTRMT, § CC BRISTOL. If §! „ To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, Cigar Importer, KING'S CROSS. DELICIOUS COFFEE. | oft RED WHITE H H H I BLUE For Breakfast & after Dinner. I .lO.:lWLCf:í.1,:æ¡!!l!Wi'" D. C00KSEY & SON, Inexpensive and Modern Funerals. (Price List on application.) 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department 97, CHAPEL STREET. Telephone Nos. 30 and 601, NORTH. Printed and Published by THE LONDON WELSH PUBLISHING Co., LTD., at 211, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C. Wholesale City Agents:—M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy Lane Paternoster Row, E.C. and GBELLIEE & SON, 211, Gray's Inn HoHd Agents for the ColoniesBOET. A. THOMPSON & Co., LTD., Melbourne (Victoria). Sydney (N.S.W ) Adelaide Brisbane.. (Queensland), Cape Town (S.A.), Johannesburg and Buluwayo; GORLON & GOTCH, Cape Touvn, Duiban (S.A.J, Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland) i ydLcy Perth (W.A.), Wellington and Christchurch (N. Z.). J J