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BRITISH WIDOWS ASSURANCE COMPANY. SOUTH WALES DIVISION'S DINNER AND CONCERT. Our South Wales correspondent writes :— There was no mistaking the great enthusi- asm at the annual dinner and concert of the South Wales Division of the British Widows Assurance Company, held at the Whitehall Rooms, Park Hotel, Cardiff, on Thursday night. There were some 100 agents and lady friends present from all parts of South Wales at the gathering, over which Mr. R. Sewell, C.A.,F.F.A., general manager, London, presided, supported by Mr. F. Beresford, chief inspector Mr. David Da vies, Cardiff, South Wales Manager; and Mr. Evan Owen, J.P. The dinner was of ex- cellent quality, and served up in first-class style, and, needless to state, was done full justice to. The post prandial proceedings were most interesting and thoroughly enjoyed. The toast of "the King" was drunk with much enthusiam, and Mr. Sewell, in responding to the toast of the British Widows Assurance Company," gave some striking facts and figures relative to the growth of the company. The company had an annual income of £ 45,000, and had paid Y,40,000 in claims. The finances showed that the assets were largely in excess of the liabilities, and the company was in a very strong position. (Applause). Mr. F. Beres- ford, in submitting the toast of "the South Wales Division congratulated the Division on the excellent progress made, there being an annual income of £ 6,000 from the Divi- sion, and a staff of 150, although the district was only opened up some fifteen months ago. (Applause.) Mr. David Da vies suitably acknowledged the toast, and was accorded a very hearty reception. He claimed that the company was one of the very best, and worthy of support. Mr. W. Owen, Bryn- mawr, gave the toast of the Artistes," and Mr. W. Morgan the Guests." Excellent vocal music was provided during the even- ing by the Ladies' Choir, Madame Coslett Leyshon, Madame Morgan, Madame Williams- Penn, R.A.M., Miss Lily Edwards, Madame Mayfield, Mr. T. J. Daniel, and Mr. J. Rosser, the accompanist being Madame Evan-John. The entire proceedings were a very great success.


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Y U Geninen" am Orphennaf.


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