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WELSH G.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. = THE 33rd » Annual Excursion ON BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1907, TO'- Hatfield Park. ▼ VTtfftTfTTTTTTTTTTTTf Frequent Trains from King's Cross (G.N.R.) between 8.45 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Return Fare: Adults, 2s.; Children (under 14), Sd. Tea, from 4 to 5.30 p.m., at The Salisbury Arms" Temperance Hotel. Adults, 9d. each Children, 6d. each. Quoits and other Games can be played in the Park. Hatfield House can be seen between 2 and 5 p.m. Tickets of School Secretaries, and at Stations (King's Cross and Finsbury Park) during the day. Further particulars of Hon. Sec., J. DAVIES, 20, Meadow Bow, S.E. Telephone Central 14153. EDWARDS# DAVIES, MODERN TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT ".I ".I m ".I Gentlemen desirous of Dressing well AT A MODERATE COST, and wishing to avoid Clothing with the appearance of Cheap Production, should visit 121, NEWGATE ST., E. C. We have every garment Well Cut, Well Made and Well Trimmed.

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