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Notes and News.


Notes and News. "PENCERDD GWALIA" has our sympathy. Another Mr. John Thomas got the title. "Pencerdd" had to be content with con- gratulations. SIR JOHN RHYS is one of the most popular of Welshmen, a dignified scholar and a genial personality that has not been spoilt by success. MR. J. D. REES, M.P., is developing as a Welsh member! Last Monday he was anxious that the members of the House of Commons should be fed on Welsh mutton instead of Canterbury lamb. DR. GOMER LEWIS states that collections after an English service were better than after a Welsh sermon. The Englishman readily admits his guilt! JULY commenced well in Wales. Some of the hill-tops were covered with snow after last Saturday's storm. THE Celtic people in the House of Com- mons are becoming very assertive. After Mr. J. D. Rees' questions on Monday it was decided to press the claims of the following home-made" meats during the coming session. Scotch beef, Welsh mutton, and Irish bacon. England will have to be con- tent with supplying Burton ale to quench the members' thirst. AT the Holywell, North Wales, Police Court, the other day, a one-legged brick- setter named Joseph Matthews, was charged with the theft of a watch. The magistrate sentenced the prisoner to a fortnight's hard labour. The Prisoner: Thank you, Sir. Give me the watch so that I can see the time in gaol (laughter). Lied dda, yn wir A COLUMN of jottings in a Welsh weekly journal is headed Welsh Broth." THERE is a good deal of sympathy between some Nonconformists and the Anglican Church after all. A Glamorganshire journal mentions that a lady Nonconformist who had not seen the dilapidated condition of 'the present iron church at Pontypridd until the other day, was so impressed with the need of better accommodation that she promised the curate in charge a donation of 15 asa" voluntary offering." IN these days of umbrellas and overcoats there is quite a pathos in the following advertisement which appears in a Welsh weekly:— During the sultry weather you should pay a visit to and re- fresh yourself with one of their delicious ices." Delicious ices! It makes us shiver involuntarily. THE Barmouth magistrates are evidently determined to show that there is no special law for the rich and another for the poor. The other day, for instance, they fined the Duchess of Westminster f.,5 and costs for driving a motor car at an excessive speed, and the Hon. Walter Vivian was fined, a similar sum for a similar offence. IF a man strove to conduct a business on strict Christian lines to-day he would soon find his way to the Bankruptcy Court." So remarked a Socialist speaker at Aberdare the other day. But," he added, that was not the fault of Christianity but the fault of the present economical condition. The maxim that prevailed to-day was not Love thy neighbour,' but Best thy neighbour, or he will best thee.' It was the terrible cut- throat competition system that made it so difficult for men to practise the principles of the Sermon on the Mount."