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THE WELSH CLUB. The second annual general meeting of the members of the Welsh Club was held at the Club House, No. 2, Whitehall Court, on Monday last, when Sir John H. Puleston, chairman of the Executive Committee, pre- sided. Among the members present were Mr. Pritchard Jones, J.P., Mr. John Hinds, Dr. D. L. Thomas, Stepney; Mr. T. E. Morris, Ll.M., Mr. J. T. Lewis, Mr. T. Huws Da vies, B.Sc., Rev. D. Bryant, M.A., Proff. Brough, Mr. W. E. Da vies, and the secretary, Captain J. Jenkins. Reviewing the Club year, which will expire with the present month, the Chairman remarked that satisfactory progress had been made, the membership having already reached the respectable total of 796, which compared favourably with the roll of 558 with which the club was opened in the summer of 1905. The accounts, which had been audited by Mr. Howell Thomas, of the Local Government Board, and Mr. R. 0 Jones, amply confirmed the committee's confidence, that the Welsh Club would justify its existence by becoming a pleasant social meeting-place for Welshmen and other gentlemen who claimed a connection with Wales or the border counties of Wales, or with Welsh institutions and affairs. They had made an attractive place, in which the members met without any regard to dis- tinctions of party or sect, and he would remind his fellow-countrymen that the beginning of the new club year on the 1st of July next, afforded a most timely opportunity of joining, because the more members joined, the more attractive the club would prove. Lord Tredegar was unanimously re- elected President, as also were the five retiring members of the General Committee Dr. Emrys Jones, J.P. (Manchester), Dr. Walter Ll. Davies, Mr. William Evans (Board of Trade Inspector of Official Receivers), Mr. E. Vincent Evans, and Mr. J. Owain Evans. In order to assist the enterprising General Committee to develop the social side of the Institution, a strong sub-committee of 12 members (with power to add) was appointed as follows: Dr. D. L. Thomas, Dr. Duncan Fitzwilliams, Rev. Dan Bryant, M.A.,B.C.L., Mr. T. Huws Davies, B.Sc., Mr. T. E. Morris, Ll.M., Mr. M. Pennant Jones, Mr. Tom Davies, Mr. John Kelt Edwards, Mr. W. Melhuish Thomas, Mr. C. J. Howell Thomas, Mr. Ted Jones, and Mr. Fred. Morgan. The first annual balance sheet showed that the total receipts amounted to over Y,1,004, whilst the expenditure, including the cost of preliminary meetings totalled over YI,047, leaving a deficit on the first years' work of £ 43. The auditors, however, add that had all the promised subscriptions been received another ISO would have been added to the fund, thus giving a favourable balance of some t37. During the coming year it is hoped that a large increase will be found in the mem- bership roll, and that the social element of the club will be greatly improved. The club year commences on July 1st, and any intending members should at once com- municate with the secretary, Captain J. L. Jenkins, Welsh Club, 2, Whitehall Court, S.W.