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Notes and News.


Notes and News. ABOUT half a dozen members of a Cardigan- shire District Council are named Davies. THE King is expected to visit Wales on July 9 to lay the foundation stone of the new University building at Bangor. CARDIFF is getting remarkably sober. Three public houses are shortly to be closed there by order of the local Licensing Com- mittee. BOTH Mr. Keir Hardie and Mr. W. Brace play golf. The Right. Hon. D. Lloyd- George is, of course, an old hand at the game. THE Channel Fleet is expected off the coast of Cardiganshire during August, and great preparations are already in progress to give it a welcome at Aberystwyth. CARDIFF is gradually making a bid to be the capital of Wales. Its main weakness is absence of Welsh in its streets. One can hear more Welsh spoken on the streets of London than at Cardiff. JUDGE Moss has caused much indignation in North Wales owing to his appointing an Englishman with no knowledge of Welsh to an important North Wales office. 'Twas ever thus. MR. GEORGE R. SIMS, Dagonet," who is visiting South Wales, has been telling the readers of the Referee that he recently witnessed a Somali wedding in the Arab quarter of Cardiff." Many years ago," writes a correspondent, "there was a preacher who always used to preach most dull sermons, so a local Metho- dist humorist christened him pregethwr diflas' And pregethwr diflas' he was ultimately known as, byth a hefyd." THE Merionethshire Standing Joint Com- mittee have shown their common sense in appointing a Welsh speaking native of Wales to the post of chief constable. This is Mr. T. Jones, who has acted as deputy chief- constable for several years past. WHEN the King visits Cardiff a Welsh address will be presented to him by the Cymmrodorion Society of the city, and it is also intended that the massed school children shall sing Duw gadwo'r Brenin" and "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau when the Royal Procession passes through Cathays Park. COMMISSIONER SHEE at Carmarthen Assizes paid a high tribute to the cleanliness of the people and the cottages in the county. He was much impressed with the happy demeanour and apparent comfort of the people. Of course," adds our South Wales correspondent," it would be too much to expect the London papers to give publicity to the Commissioner's eulogy of the Welsh people. As a matter of fact they never mentioned it. Wales is most unfairly dealt with by the London papers." THE South Wales shop assistants," writes a correspondent, are up in arms against the living-in system. At a recent meeting of the Cardiff Shop Assistants' Union, a resolution was passed denouncing the living- in system, and those of the members present, who are now employed under that system, signed a document desiring the Union to open negotiations with the Cardiff employers, with a view to securing its abolition." THE Secretary of the Swansea Cymric Society recently issued 350 invitations to people in that town to become members, and he received only 24 replies! This is a severe reflection upon the patriotism of Aber- tawe. What a contrast to the Cardiff Cym- mrodorion Society, with its membership of over 1,000. THE Welsh Automobile Race at Llangen- nech was a great success. Wales is thoroughly up-to-date, whether in motoring, golf, rifle societies, or any other form of modern sport. THE biggest Calvinistic Methodist Cause in Wales-the one with the largest number of members-is that in Neath. Our corres- pondent, who happened to be in that town on a recent Sunday, says that the evening service was an inspiration. The question is often asked What became of the Religious Revival in Wales ? One effective answer, at any rate, is to be found in this big Calvinistic Methodist Church at Neath. THE Rev. Dr. Campbell Morgan, of Lon- don, preached to a crowded congregation at Merthyr the other day. In the course of a powerful discourse, Dr. Morgan mentioned the interesting fact that his published lecture, "Christ and the Pulpit/ had sold to the amount of 100,000 copies. Dr. Morgan reiterated his sincere conviction that the Bible was inspired. CARDIGANSHIRE has hitherto been cele- brated for parsons and pigs," but, accord- ing to the master of one of the Welsh County Schools, teachers will have to be added to the list. It appears that more Cardis are entering the teaching profession at present than from any other county in Wales. MR. S. L. HUGHES, the Liberal candidate in the Jarrow bye-election, is, of course, a Welshman, although born in England. His father was a minister and a native of Car- marthenshire. Mr. Hughes is one of the smartest journalists of the day, and his daily column in the Morning Leader is looked for regularly by thousands of people in all parts of the country. As a humourist, Sub Rosa "-as Mr. Hughes is popularly termed-is well known. Describing his nationality at a Welsh gathering, on one occasion, he explained that he was a Welshman by parentage, an Englishman by birth, an Irishman in sym- pathy, and had he not been a teetotaler he would have been a Scotsman by absorption! Dagonet," of the Referee, appears to have been very pleased with his recent visit to Louth Wales, judging from his remarks in that well-known column, "Mustard and Cress." He particularly emphasises the good wholesome cooking at the Welsh hotels. This is only supplementing the remarks of a motor correspondent of the London Times, who stated that the best cooked dinner he had tasted whilst on tour through England and Wales was at an hotel in Carmarthen- shire. THERE are enterprising business men in South Wales," writes our local correspondent. The other day a Rhondda house furnisher offered to give a handsome mail cart to the parents of the first baby born on a certain day. The contest evoked keen interest, and the lucky winner was heartily congratulated, and the firm eulogised in its enterprise." IT may not be known to many KELT readers that the Rev. D. Saunders, who com- posed those impressive and familiar lines- Pa Dduw yn mhlith y duwiau Sydd debyg i'n Duw ni; Mae'n hoffi maddeu beiau, Mae'n hoffi gwrando'n cri. lies buried at Zion Welsh Baptist graveyard, Merthyr. The Rev. D. Saunders was a native of Lampeter. He was born in the year 1769, and died in the year 1840; aged 72 years.