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Notes and News.


Notes and News. DENOMINATIONAL historians are busy these days preparing evidence for the Welsh Church Commission. IT is expected that Justice Vaughan Williams will finally decide whether Daniel Rowlands was turned out of the Church or not. SUMMER weather has begun in earnest, and there is a run on straw hats. BOMBASTIC ruffianism" was one choice expression used at the last Aberystwyth Town Council meeting. THE tower of Wrexham Parish Church is the finest example of a church tower in the perpedicular Gothic style to be found in the country, and is one of the wonders of Wales." AT the recent funeral of a Chinaman in Cardiff Cemetery, three Chinese mourners lighted firesticks, poured whiskey on the grass, and placed two crabs and a piece of pork at the foot of the grave. THE only celebration at Cardiff on Empire Day was the hanging out of three small flags from the bedroom windows of a grocer's shop. ELIHU YALE, the man who gave his name to Yale University, is buried in Wrexham Churchyard. This was one of the interesting facts elicited at the Church Commission sittings. SIR THOMAS DEWAR takes great interest in Welsh sport. His latest gift is a challenge cup for competition amongst members of the Welsh National Air-Rifle Association. THE Welsh language is now, sad to say, an extra like dancing," was the remark of the President of the Commission on the Church in Wales. We fail to see the point of that remark. THERE is a general opinion that the Rev. T. Shankland, Bangor, will be called to give evidence on behalf of the Church of Eng- land. Will the Baptists retaliate by asking the Rector of Gelligaer to speak on their behalf ? CARMARTHEN is working hard in order to make a case for the National Eisteddfod in 1909. Several London Welshmen have promised to support the claims of Merlins town. OWING to the death of Lord Penrhyn, the fafrious Penrhyn Castle is to be closed. It may be let to another family for a term of years, but the present large band of servants will be dismissed. THE Welsh banquet, in honour of the Senator William Hughes, last Friday, was noted mainly for the number of Irish bulls that were perpetrated after dinner was over. MR. HERBERT LEWIS, M.P., asserted that Mr. Hughes was born in Montgomeryshire, at the age of six. That is decidedly a record, and one that even puts Mr. Ellis Davies's record into the shade. MR. HUGHES, on the other hand, asserted gravely that Mr. Lewis had imbibed the Blarney Stone, which is rather a new method of gaining notoriety as an Irish humourist. BITTER complaints are being made in Cardiganshire in reference to the dust created by the motor cars. "It is spoiling my hay," remarked a man who lives between Aber- ystwyth and Llanon to our correspondent, "and is also ruining my garden. Sometimes I find dust on my fruit trees to the depth of two and three inches." WE had a fair example of the usual "Historical Evidence" in Mr. Llewelyn Williams's speech at this dinner, too. He gravely asserted that the Welsh Methodists sent out missionaries to the American Indians in the middle of the 18th century. What would Justice Vaughan Williams say to that, when other historians assert that it was in the beginning of the 19th century that this enwad was legally established. WALES IN CANADA.—The Winnepeg Free Press announces that a Welsh choral society is being formed in that city under the conductorship of Eddie Jenkins, formerly a musician in London, Eng. This will be a distinct acquisition to musical circles in Winnipeg. Welsh choirs have attained a world-wide reputation for vocal excellence. Welsh vocalists in the city are cordially invited to join the choir, the practices of which will be held at the Winnipeg Business college on Thursday and Saturday evenings.