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The Welsh Summer School, 1907.


The Welsh Summer School, 1907. It may be interesting to CELT readers, and especially to intending students, to know some of the arrangements and conditions connected with the fifth Annual Welsh Summer School. Already some of the Welsh Education Authorities are offering exhibitions to their teachers to enable them to avail themselves of the advantages of the course. I am informed that the Glamorgan Education Authority grant 20 Exhibitions of Y,3 each; the Monmouthshire Education Authority grant 10 the Aberdare Education Authority 6. Other authorities are likely to follow these splendid examples in the course of a month. At least two important results must follow these concessions. Seeing that considerable expense is being incurred in re-instating Welsh in the schools of the Principality, the unwavering determination of authorities to secure for the language fair play is evident. It is now too late to revert to the old system of excluding Welsh from the day schools. And there is not the least tendency in this direction. Then their methods of securing the friendly co-operation of the teachers must commend themselves to the latter. AT ABERYSTWYTH The School was established, and those who attended in 1902 have not yet forgotten the inspiration which they found in the lecture rooms of the University College, nor the charms of Devil's Bridge, Strata Florida, and the Clarach Valley. We started with only 40 students since then over 400 have attended. With such a brilliant record, and such inspiring pro- spects, we are confident that the success of our second visit to Aberystwyth will eclipse that of any previous year. In addition to Professors Anwyl, J. Morris Jones, J. E. Lloyd, and Mr. S. J. Evans, the services of Mr. W. J. Gruffydd, of Cardiff, have been secured. Arrangements will be made to hold a thoroughly Welsh Eisteddfod before the end of the course. Now, may I emphasize the following points to which I have previously called the attention of your readers ? 1. Applicants for Exhibitions from Educa- tion Authorities should understand that the Welsh Language Society have nothing what- ever to do with the disposal of those exhibi- tions, or the selection of teachers. That matter rests with the Education Authorities. 2. The Summer School is not confined to holders of Exhibitions under Education Authorities. It is open to students of any race or nationality. 3. Applicants for these Exhibitions should make themselves acquainted with the con- ditions of the Summer School as set forth in the prospectus. The mere desire to spend a holiday at Aberystwith is not a sufficient reason for making an application for the Authorities' Exhibition. By accepting an exhibition without consulting the prospectus, his subsequent refusal may deprive a worthy student of an opportunity to attend the course. 4. Teachers and students who wish to attend the advanced course should familiarize themselves with Ancient Welsh Literature. Without previous preparation, one would be wasting his sweetness on the desert air." 5. In justice to Education Authorities, and also to the Welsh Language Society, punctual and regular attendance will be insisted on. 6. As it is possible the school will thiff year be inspected by the Board of Education, applicants are kindly requested to send the fee in advance to the Secretary, so as to avoid unnecessary work on the day of opening. D. JAMES (Defynnog). Secretary of the Welsh Language Society. Treherbert.

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