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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THE Nonconformist witnesses made a very poor show before the Welsh Church Com- mission last week. EXTREMELY cold weather was experienced throughout Wales during the Whitsuntide holidays. THE numerous Whitsuntide Eisteddfodau were well patronised this year again, and in many parts the gatherings proved eminently successful. LEAGUE John Hugh has been a fiasco in Wales as well as in London. The average Welshman takes politics too seriously to make it a humorous pastime. MR. MCKENNA'S treatment of the Educa- tion System of Wales is being generally criticised, but we expect nothing but cri- ticism on Welsh members these days. THE suffragettes had a lively reception in Cardiff. They had to encounter the combined effects of orange peel, flour, and comic songs. There were no eggs. THERE are great complaints in Wales in reference to motor cars. The car modur is transforming some of the prettiest country roads into miniature Saharas. THE Rev. Father Hayde, a venerable Cardiff Irish Roman Catholic priest, speaks excellent Welsh. MR. JOSEPH JONES, M.A., the newly ap- pointed Professor of Greek at Brecon Con- gregational College, worked, when a boy, as a collier in Cwmaman Collieries. THE Spanish Colony at Dowlais is increas- ing. One or two of the Spanish boys have learnt Welsh. A WEST Wales journal, in a leading article, states that one Irish M.P. is equal to five of the present Welsh M.P.'s. The writer's views will be widely endorsed in Wales. THE students of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist College at Aberystwyth play both cricket and football. Times and opinions change, evidently. MR. KENSIT has thousands of admirers in Wales. His spirited attack on the Arch- bishop of Canterbury's ill-concealed support of ritualism was keenly enjoyed. Miss MAY JOHN, R.A.M., Cardiff, has been charming big audiences at Pembroke and Fishguard lately with what a local journal describes as superb singing." THE Pot House Press "—as Mr. Winston Churchill describes the Jingo Press of to- day-has tried many dodges in order to get a footing in Wales. One of the latest was a Welsh contents bill. But the reading public did not bite. THE deathly silence of Llanfairfechan is to be broken by the strains of the "Blue Hungarian Band." SOME of the Sunday School children in Wales played football at their Whitsuntide treats. The weather was seasonable enough for it. Or May a poet recently sang :— The maiden seeks the morning dew The skylark twitters in the blue Gay lines of hedgeway charm the view- 'Tis merry May So far, however, the maiden has not sought the morning dew "—it was too cold to do so, and the skylark's twitter is missing also. THE Dolgelly Board of Gardians have decided that in future the meetings are to be carried on in Welsh, and that the standing orders and agendas are to be printed and written in Welsh. Well done Dolgelly. Yr ydym yn cefnogi'r symudiad hwn. Yr ydych yn dangos parch i'r hen iaith. MR. GEORGE R. SIMS, Dagonet," the famous London journalist and author, has been spending Whitsuntide in South Wales. The sequel will probably be a play entitled The Chinaman in Cardiff." A CORRESPONDENT in Wales has just sent us a Christmas card. What did he mean ? Was it a joke on the weather, or a case of absent-mindedness.