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Bwrdd y Gol.




WELSH REVIVALISTS. To the Editor of CYMRO LLUNDAIN A'R CELT." SIR,-I beg that you will afford me a little of your valuable space to protest against the harsh words which appear in your issue of last week concerning "Welsh Revivalists." You say that these young people imitate the ways of Evan Roberts, but that hitherto their efforts have met with little success. It has been my privilege to be associated with a band of Welsh Revivalists, and I have not observed any attempt at imitating the ways of Evan Roberts amongst them. I have listened to Welsh Revivalists in different parts of the country, but have seen no imitators of Evan Roberts. I have heard Evan Roberts more than once, so can speak with personal knowledge. I believe him to be a man with a message from the Almighty, who, without the advan- tages of a university training or lessons in elocution, delivers his message in a manner that has won the admiration of many. To those who were moved and stirred in the great revival that passed over our land and the Welsh community in London, it brought a great desire to pass on the blessing to others. Mr. Seth Joshua was in the habit of taking some young people with him to his missions, and often testified to the blessing their help had been. Perhaps you are unaware, Mr. Editor, that a band of young Revivalists visited one of the South Coast towns not long ago. I hardly think you would have written those words had you been in the meetings. It is unusual for English people to remain in a service till 11 p.m., but they did in that town. We wish, Mr. Editor, you could have heard a young lady, who had never spoken in public before, giving her testimony to the blessings the Welsh Revivalists had been to her. We wish you could have heard a white-haired old gentleman praying in one of their meetings. This is not written in the spirit of bragging, but simply to bear testimony to the way Almighty God has blessed the efforts of his humble and unworthy servants. There is a town not 30 miles from London which was visited by Welsh Revivalists a short time ago. May I tell you, Mr. Editor, that since that visit many homes in that town have been made brighter by the presence of a Christian young woman who has gone about from house to house relieving the sick, helping the aged, and bringing brightness to hearts that have been sad and gloomy. There is also in that town many who have been saved from a drunkard s grave. Had you heard their testimony, sir, I do not think you could have written those words. May it not be that you have misunderstood these young people. There is a sermon in the words of the New Zealand poet, Thomas Bracher: Not understood. How many hearts are aching For lack of sympathy Ah day by day How many cheerless lonely hearts are breaking, How many noble spirits pass away- Not understood. 0 God that man would see a little clearer, Or judge less harshly where they cannot see, 0 God that man would draw a little nearer To one another, they'd be nearer to Thee- And understood. And we prefer to think, Mr. Editor, that your judg- ment on the Welsh Revivalists is the result of your having misunderstood their motives and their actions. —I remain, &c., REVIVALIST.