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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THERE are snakes about. Two were killed in a field at Cockett the other day, and an- other was killed in St. John's Churchyard, Cardiff. BONIFACE is terribly alarmed. Sir Mar- chant Williams, stipendiary magistrate, has decreed that all the Aberdare and Merthyr H jug and bottle departments" must be abolished before next licensing day. Of- nadwy iawn! THERE are 1,800 men employed at present on Swansea's new dock. WE are daily expecting to see Mr. Keir Hardie's letter of sympathy with the Lahore Hindoos. One of our correspondents visited a Chinese laundry at Cardiff the other day. Boss Chin Chin was most polite. The KELT man noticed that all the invoices, bills, &c., were written in Chinese letters. HAVE you a copy of the Welsh Moon- shine asked a man of a Carmarthen newsagent. "What paper'sthat?" replied the newsagent. I mean the Gole-leuad." IN order to establish new works in Spain a Spanish company has bought the greater part of the equipment at Llangennech Tin- plate Works, and workmen have been engaged in various West Wales districts. THE memorial statue to the late Judge Gwilym Williams is to be erected at Cardiff. The late Judge was a true Welsh patriot. A KELT correspondent says that he heard the following curious specimen of Welsh on the western borders of Radnorshire Open the gate for the ceffyl to go trwyddo." MR. BALFOUR said in the House of Com- mons that the new Home Rule Bill would not be acceptable to either English, Irish or Scottish opinion." What about Welsh opinion ? Is not Welsh opinion as good as either English, Irish, or Scotch ? THE new chief constable of Merioneth- shire ought to be an extra good man. Why ? Because he will be a successor of Best. WELSH Machynlleth is getting extra jingoistic. There is to be a big "Empire Day demonstration there, and all the little boys and girls are to sing Maple leaf for ever," Rule Britannia," &c. Anything except Hen Wlad fy Nhadau This is one of the squire of Llandinam's new suggestions. THE boys of to-day are very up-to-date. The teacher at a South Wales school was testing his class as to their knowledge of Wales, and here are the replies of one hopeful:— What is Lampeter noted for ?-A college and printers' strikes." What is Aberystwyth noted for ?— Visitors and liquid lunacy." What is Cardiff noted for ?—Debts and Chinese laundries." What is Swansea noted for ?-Tit-Bits M.P. and football." MR. ELLIS J. GRIFFITH was very anxious to trace the parentage of the Welsh Church Commission the other evening. He ad- mitted, however, that the Rev. J. Hugh Edwards was the parent of the new League that he advocated, and presumably he and the Rev. Herbert Morgan wished to act as wet nurses to it. ASAPH'S new Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen is to be published in monthly parts by the Educational Publishing Co. Merthyr. The first of the 12 monthly parts is now ready. THE final round, of the billiard handicap at the Welsh Club took place on Thursday last week, when Mr. W. F. M. Atkin proved victorious and secured the Pritchard Jones Cup for the year. The final round was between Mr. Atkin and Mr. W. M. Thomas, whom he defeated in a match of 500 up by 56 points. A large crowd was present to witness the final struggle, and the winner was heartily congratulated on his splendid victory. THOUGH the weather was summer-like and glorious on Saturday in London and district the reports from many parts of Wales state that the climatic conditions on that day were most unsatisfactory. In Mid-Carmarthen- shire, where a large annual school party gathered at Dolaucoti Mansion, the rain was so continuous that many of the sports had to be abandoned. In other parts the weather was so cold that snow and sleet was the order of the day.