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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THERE are over 80 Welsh National Socie- ties throughout England and Wales. THE Rev. J. Morgan Jones, Cardiff, will act as the Superintendent of the Calvinistic Methodist Forward Movement for the ensuing year in succession to the late Rev. John Pugh. A SWANSEA journal has been snap-shotting people in the local streets, publishing the photos in the paper, and afterwards inviting those who recognise their photos to call at the office and receive presents of books. IT is evident that Cardiff cannot support three theatres. One of them has had to be closed, whilst of the other two still open, one is very poorly supported. I HAVE often read of the blushing bride and wondered why she blushed. To-night I know. It is when she thinks of the stamp of man she is marrying."—Miss Gawthorpe, at a Cardiff suffragettes' meeting. WE have had some striking weather lately —spring in the morning, winter in the afternoon, and a cross between summer and autumn in the evening—and yet we are not satisfied WHAT with Frenchmen and Germans buy- ing collieries in Glamorganshire, and Chinese opening laundries in Cardiff, that part of Wales is getting decidedly mixed." A RECENT issue of the Church Times con- tained a particularly offensive article, in which the writer made insulting references to "immorality" in Wales, and cowardly reflections upon Nonconformity. It would have been a bad day for Wales if it had to rely solely upon the Anglican Church as its moral instructor at any rate CARDIGANSHIRE is now well motorified." In addition to daily motor services between Aberystwyth and Aberayron, and Aberayron and Lampeter, a service has lately been established between New Quay and Llan- dyssul. ACCORDING to a Merthyr journal the follow- ing notice is to be seen in town Good logens for working men and travelars at 4d. each man." IT is said that during the recent visit of the Cardiff Football Team to Cork one of the members, during the ascent of the tower of an historic church in the district, played Sospan Fach on the, peal of bells. MERTHYR people have strong hopes for believing that their ancient town will be made into a county borough like Cardiff and Swansea, the two other county boroughs in Glamorganshire. MEDDWYN Cofrestredig is the generally accepted Welsh words for "black lister," and "darluniau byw" for cinematograph. Acceptable Welsh words are still wanted for whole hogger and little pigger. Now, KELT readers, don't all speak at once THE Welsh Societies of Glamorgan and Monmouth have just been federated into one Union. There will be an executive com- mittee to which each of the affiliated Soc- ieties will send representatives. In course of time it is hoped to extend the Union so as to include the Welsh Societies of other parts of Wales. Mewn undeb mae nerth." ONE of the latest professions is that called "the Welsh revivalist." Many parties of young Welsh folk go about the country try- ing to create an enthusiasm by imitating the Evan Roberts methods, but so far their labours have met with but little success. THOUGH a Tory paper, the Western Mail is decidedly "national" on many questions. It will not tolerate any unfair criticism of our country from ignorant English journals, and it has soundly rated the Church Times for its slanderous article on the Welsh people. If Wales needs any correcting, our Cardiff contemporary believes it can do that itself without any aid from outside sources.