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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THE Welsh Church Commission is still going merrily on. THE report it may issue will deal mainly with the legal aspect of Disestablishment. HAVE the Welsh members outlined their demands in reference to this question to the Prime Minister ? NONCONFORMISTS are talking about Dis- establishment these days, but the Church people are cooly considering the advisability of creating a new Bishopric in Wales. ELPHIN," in the current number of Y Geninen, states that the old stock arguments for Disestablishment are now out of date. There is no such thing as church intoler- ance, and the rector and squire are looked upon as ordinary mortals A WELSHMAN, viz., Mr. W. R. Williams, a son of the late Captain Williams, Fishguard, has been appointed Inspector General of Irrigation in Lower Egypt. Welshmen are now to be found occupying positions of trust in almost every country under the sun. THE Rev. W. Llewellyn Williams, the new editor of the Sunday Strand, is the son of Mr. H. 0. Williams, Manchester, a Welsh- man, who left Anglesea in 1848. He is a brilliant writer. THE Merthyr Cymreigyddion Society have just concluded a most successful session. This society has been the means of infusing a great deal of vigour into Welsh national life at this ancient borough. A SWANSEA paper has gone into rhap- sodies over the advent of spring. Listen to what it says :—" There can be no mistaking the flute-like tones of the blackbird as it carols out its amorous matin song on these fine Spring mornings, showing that soon nesting will begin, and the gay sunshine of summer be enjoyed o'er hill and dale." A RISING Welsh vocalist is Mr. W. J. Samuel, of Swansea. He is to pursue his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, and the townspeople are getting up a benefit concert for him. L. R. ROOSE, the famous Welsh Inter- national goalkeeper, has been suffering from a knee trouble. Through the surgical skill of Dr. T. J. Pryce Jenkins, of London-an old footballer himself-Roose has completely recovered. MR. J. D. REES, the M.P. for Montgomery Boroughs, bad better make the most of his present Parliamentary position, because he is certain of defeat at the next election. His questions in the House of Commons about military fortifications in India, &c., have made him the butt of ridicule, whilst his injudicious opposition to women's suffrage has proved the last straw. I KNOW that they call us barbarians be- cause we see no glory in excessive ecclesiasti- cal millinery—(laughter)—because we see no dignity in burning candles by daylight. We are not impressed by the waving of pungent incense (laughter). We resist ritualism because of its vulgarity, its tawdri- ness. I feel like telling these wrangling ritualists what Sir Henry Campbell-Banner- man said to Mr. Balfour Stop that fooling' (applause). "-Rov. Mr. Guttery, Newcastle- on-Tyne, at a Swansea Free Church meeting. A REVISED and enlarged edition of the late Rev. R. H. Morgans' adaptation of Pitmans' shorthand to the Welsh language is now in the press, and will be published early next autumn. The new edition has been prepared by Mr. D. W. Evans, chair- man of the Welsh Shorthand Society. The work has been entirely re-arranged, and brought up-to-date, the exercises are all new, and every effort has been made to give the adaptation a practical character, so that the student may acquire a workable know- ledge of the subject with the minimum expenditure of time and trouble. A BIOGRAPHICAL sketch of Mr. D. W. Evans, chairman of the Welsh Shorthand Society, is given in the last number of Pitman's Journal. Mr. Evans is a native of Llanrhaiadr-ym-mochnant, but for many years past has made his home in London. For some time he was a teacher of shorthand at Pitman's School, from whence he went to Paris to fill an important position. His employers, however, removed their offices to London, and he now fills the position as manager of one of their departments here. He is an adept shorthand writer and a good Welsh scholar. The new edition of Morgan's phonographia," under his editor- shop is entirely written in Welsh. Mr. 0. M. Edwards has also written a short preface to the book.