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THE GREAT WESTERN AND METROPOLITAN DAIRIES, LIMITED. THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. For Terms and Particulars Apply- 9' HARROW ROAD, PADDl NGTON, LONDON, 229 PADDINGTON. W. NOW READY. "AN ANALYSIS OF WELSH HISTORY." By HOWELL T. EVANS, B.A. Price 2/6. "THE ANCIENT BARDS OF BRITAIN (Sometimes called Druids). A critical enquiry into Traditions concerning their History, Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, and Rites, in the light of Science and Modern Thought. By D. DELTA EVANS (Dewi Hiraddug). Author of Pethau Newydd a Hen," g-c. Large Crown 8vo. 350 Pages (Illustrated). Price 5/6 nett. "CHWEDLAU CYMRU FU" (The Child's Mabinogion). By ABEL J. JONES, B.Sc., Ph.D., and D. R. JONES, B.A. Beautifully Illustrated. Price 1/- nett. THE WELSH EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., MERTHYR TYDFIL. BUDDUGOLIAETH BUDOUGOLIAETH (Symrv tZnoZ C^mru Ggfan Qgrnrv Ctn Parlun flrddercboa or boll flelodau Scncddol dros Gymru A SIR FYNWY, AM BRIS RHESYMOL, ■r 3/6 n rhad czrtoy'r Post. Cyfleustra rhagorol i bob teulu Cymreig i ddathlu y fuddugoliaeth fawr. Dywed y beirniaid fod y darlun yn bei-ffaith. Desgrifir ef gan yr Aelodau Seneddol fel Darlun Ardderchog. YN RHAD 3/6 DRWY'R POST. Y telerau arferol i ddosbarthwyr. Anfoner yr archebion, ynghyda cheques neu Postal Orders, i'r Welsh Engraving Syndicate, = fzsxsrx 211, liRA Y'S INN ROAD, LOriDOU, W.C. j THE WELSH BAPTIST CHAPEL, Little Alie Street, Aldgate, E. (4 minutes from Aldgate Stations of the Metropolitan and District Railways). ,-i,> j,r-r THE ANNUAL EVENING CONCERT Will be held ^hizrsdatf, 2nd Way, 1902* ARTISTES: Miss MAGGIE DAVIES, Miss GWLADYS ROBERTS, Mr. GWlLYM RICHARDS, Mr. DAVID EVANS. ELOCUTIONIST- PROF. CHARLES SEYMOUR. ACCOMPANIST— MR. MERLIN MORGAN- CHAIRMAN- JOHN HINDS, ESQ. Tea and Coffee, 5.30 until 7.30. Concert at 8. Admission 1/- Reserved Seats, 2/- Numbered and Reserved 5/- St. Benet's Welsh Church, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET. E.C. '1 ANNIVERSARY SERVICES SUNDAY, APRIL 21st, 1907. 11 and 6.30— Preacher-REV. J. M. GRIFFITHS (Vicar of Llansamlet). 4.0 p.m. (English)- Preacher-REV. D. ALEC LLOYD, B.A. Monday, at 8 p.m.— Preac4er-REV. J. M. GRIFFITHS. NOTE.—Advertisements must reach the Office by Wednesday morning for insertion in the current week's number. Advertise- ments for insertion in THE LONDON WELSHMAN AND KELT will be trans- lated into Welsh free of charge. H. WILLlNGS & CO., Dairy Business Agents and Valuersr 125, FLEET STREET, E.e. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. Cheap side-Trade 216 weekly; 1 barn at 4d. excellent opportunity to work up a large refresh- ment trade rent moderate price, £ 60 bargain. Rotherhithe-Indoor Daily. Trade 225 to 230, weekly nice premises any trial; price 2150. Dalston* near-161 barns daily at 4d. on 2 rounds r- shop neglected convenient premises; price £ 350 offer. Ealillg-10 barns daily at 4d.; shop P,10 weekly;, weekly; good shop, liousj, &c., price for quick- sale 2200. N.W.: Near in-17 barns daily at 4d. on one com- pact pram round; shop P,10 weekly; good class. trade; price £500. Oxford St.—25 barns daily at 4d. on 2 prams shop 218 weekly; model premises; rent and ex- penses low; price £ 700. North, Select-Bargain; 41 barns daily at 4d. on. 4 rounds; large shop trade; any trial; price- JE900 blose offer. Selection. Boro'—16 barns 4d.; shop £ 22 2 prams £ 375- Putney-8 barns 4d.; shop 216; pram £ 210* Camberwell-13 barns 4d.; shop 222; pram £ 300- S.E.-12 barns 4d.; good shop; pram £ 240 ■ N.W.-9 barns 4d.; shop E13; pram 2230 West End-32 barns 4d.; shop 225; prams 91000, Brixton—16 barns 4d.; shop zCl6 2 prams 2400 Waterloo—10 barns 4d.; shop 29; pram £ 180" N.W. —10 barns 4d.; shop 27; pram £ 250 S.W.-36 barns 4d.; shop 214; prams £ 1200- Near in-32 barns 4d.; shop 920; 3 rounds.. £ 700 W.C.—20 barns 4d.; shop 215; 2 rounds £ 440 Others all parts. Full details of H. Willings & Co., above T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Hgents and Valuers,, 143, STRAND, W.C. MILK: W-—Main Road; 40 barns daily 4d.; pram rounds; 215 weekly indoors; fine shop with convenient house MILK: S.W.-23 barns daily 4d. on 2 prams; Butter, Eggs, &c.; nice corner premises rent zP,38 part let; lease £ 600 MILK: N.-Old estd.; 9 barns daily 4d.; 217 weekly indoors; pram; splendid premises long lease; good position £ 250' MILK: Putney-15 barns daily 4d.; Dairy Produce 912 weekly; pretty shop £ 350 Quotations from Register. S.W.-60 gls. dy. 4d.; 2 prams £ 800 S.E.-44 gls. dy.; shop 225; 2 prams £ 550 Tooting-36 gls. 4d.; shop 212; rent 245 £ 300' Hackney-16 gls. 4d.; shop £ 15; rent 236 £ 225 Kennington—Indoors, taking 940 wk. 9195. Surrey Sub.20 gls. 4d.; rent 932; pram £170 Oity-8 gls. 4d.; shop £ 18 trial £ 150- S:E.-Indoors, takings 230 wk.; genuine £ 15C" TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. J. C. REES & Co., Builders and Decorators, Office and Shop Fitters, Contractors for General Repairs. MUSGRAVE CRESCENT, WALHAM GREEN, S.W- TRUSCOTT & WILLIAMS, Dairy Agents and Valuers, 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK, E.C.. Telephone No. 12359 Central. Those wishing to buy or sell should call or write to the above address. Printed and Published by THE LONDON WELSH PUBLISHING Co., LTD., at 211, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C. Wholesale City Agents:—M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy LanePaternoster Row, E.C and GKELLIER & SON, 211, Gray's Inn Road. Agents for the ColoniesKOBT. A. THOMPSON & Co., LTD., Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (N.S.W.), Adelaide, Brisbane) (Queensland), Cape Town (S.A.), Johannesburg and Buluwayo; GORDON & GOTCH, Cape Town, Durban (S.A.), Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland). Sydney (N.S.W R Perth (W. A.), Wellington and Christchurch (N.Z.).