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PWLPUD YR WYTHNOS. YR EGLWYS SEFYDLEDIG. Sglwys St. Benet, Queen Victoria Street- .y ll.O, Parch. J. Crowle Ellis. 6.30, Parch. Howell Watkins, M.A. Eglwys Dewi Sant, St. Mary's Terrace, Paddington- 11.0 a 6.30, Parch. W. Richards, B.A. Eglwys St. Padarn, Hornsey Road- 11.0, 3.30, a 6.30, Mr. W. liar Edwards. Eglwys St. Mary, Camberwell New Road- 11.0 a 6 30, Parch. Lewis Roderick. ■Cenliadaeth y Dwyrain, Bridge Street, Bow- 11.0, Parch. Howell Watkins, B.A. 6.30, Parch. J. Crowle Ellis. Y METHODISTIAID CALFINAIDD. Jewin Newydd 10.45, Parch. J. E. Davies, M.A. 6.30, R. D. Rowlands. CharingCrossRd. 10.45, P. H. Griffiths. 6.30, W. H. Davies. Wilton Square.. 10.30, G. H. Havard, B.D. 6.30, David Oliver. Falmouth Road 10.45, S. E. Prytherch. 6.30, J. E. Rees. Mile End Road 10.45, David Oliver. 6.30, G. H. Havard, B.D. -Shirland Road.. 10.45, R. D. Rowlands. 6.30, J. E. Davies, M.A. Holloway 10.30, R.O.Williams. 6.30, J. D. Thomas. Hammersmith 11.0, Francis Knoyle, B.A. 6.30, Mr. T. H. Davies, B.Sc. Stratford. 11.0, Parch. J. Wilson Roberts. 6.30, O. G. Williams. dapham Junction 11.0, J. E. Rees. 6.30, S. E. Prytherch. "Walham Green.. 11.0, Llew. Edwards, M.A. 6.30, T. Parry, Pencader. Willesden Green 11.0, O. G. Williams. 6.30, J. Wilson Roberts. Lewisham 11.0, Mr. T. H. Davies, B.Sc. 6.30, Parch. Francis Knoyle, B.A. Tottenham 11.0, W. H. Davies. 6.30, P. H. Griffiths. Walthamstow 11.0, T. Parry. 6.30, Llew. Edwards, M.A. Wood Green 11.0, T. D. Thomas. 6.30, R. O. Williams. Ealing, Swift Assembly Rooms, High Street- 3.0, Ysgol Sul. 6.30, Parch. J. Hughes. YR ANNIBYNWYR. Y Tabernacl, King's Cross- 11.0, Parch. Edward Owen, B.A. 6.30, R. G. Berry, B.A. Y Boro', Southwark Bridge Road- 11.0, Parch. J. Machreth Rees. 6.30, D. C. Jones. Radnor Street, Chelsea- 11.0, Parch. D. C. Jones. 6.30, J. Machreth Rees. Barrett's Grove, Stoke Newington- 11.0, Parch. R. G. Berry, B.A. 6.30, Edward Owen, B.A. East Ham, Sibley Grove- 11.0, 3 a 6.30, Sattersea Rise- 11.0, Parch. E. T. Owen. 6.30, Cape! Bethel, Willenhall Road, Brookhill Road, Woolwich— 11.0 a 6.30, Parch. Llew. Bowyer. Y BEDYDDWYR. Castle Street, Oxford Circus- 11.0 a 6.30, Parch. Herbert Morgan, B.A. Capel Moorfields," Little Alie Street, Aldgate- 11.0 a 6.30, Parch. W. Rees. Tottenham— 11.0 a 6.30, Parch. E. Arberth Evans, A.T.S. Y WESLEYAID. City Road- 11.0, Student. 6.30, Parch. T. Jones Brunswick, Balcombe Street, Dorset Square, W. 11.0, Parch. Thomas Jones. 6.30, Mr. D. N. Evans. Poplar, Duff Street- 3.0, Student. 6.30, Student.