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Lines Suggested by St. David's…


Lines Suggested by St. David's Day, March 1st, 1907. Is this the prating of a dying tongue Babbling, in broken age, of other days ?— That murmurs mingled memories of lays Learnt long ago, when voice and heart were young. What mean these mournful melodies among A people, who, with dewy eyelids gaze Backward upon a glorious past always ?— Apart, their poets in weeping strains have sung. Arise, ye valiant people What avails This moaning of a nation ere it dies ? Dispel these ancient sweetly-plaintive cries, These notes of broken-hearted nightingales. Ye are not doomed to die Youth yet prevails! Eternal youth, and strength, awake, arise, Cleanse ye with light your tear-stained eyes Behold the future fame of Little Wales. Revere the past! Sing of your mighty dead Speak the grand tongue your fathers spoke of old Read ye the Bibles that your mothers read, And treasure all the tales the past hath told. Inspired by your poets, march ahead !— Towards a brighter future Age of Gold. SARNICOL.

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