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Notes and News.


AFTER his return from Cambridge, Mr. Keir Hardie says that the Welsh miner is a gentleman." We all knew that. THE Welsh associations at Swansea and Ystalyfera have had capital meetings lately. Wales is decidedly looking up. LIVERPOOL has a very successful lodge of Freemasons, and an interesting gathering of the craft was held on Friday last at the Masonic Hall, Hope Street, under the presi- dency of Councillor Henry Jones, the W.M. for the year. RHYL is about to establish a Free Library. Although a Welsh town of considerable fame, the local Council have decided to give preference to English books, inasmuch as the library is intended mainly as an attrac- tion to summer visitors. IT is an open secret that acute differences of opinion existed between Proff. Henry Jones and Lord Justice Vaughan Williams as to the method of procedure of the Welsh Church Commission. The statement that will be made on Tuesday, however, will clear all difficulties. IT is not often that scientific books are written in the Welsh language, but a new work on Radium has just appeared from the pen of Mr. Caradog Mills, Llanrwst. THE Brylhon is the only paper that is now printed at Liverpool. This new Welsh weekly is becoming very popular in the North Wales district. It is well written and ably conducted. OUR special correspondent writes "I was present at the meeting in the Cory Hall, Cardiff, on Monday night, when the much- wanted 'League of Welsh Liberals' was launched upon Wales. A more miserable meeting I have never attended. There was only a small attendance, the bulk of whom had been whipped up for the occasion by the Secretary of this precious association. Mr. D. A. Thomas, with that cynical smile of his, tried to be sarcastic at the expense of Mr. Lloyd-George's Carnarvon speech, but the audience only smiled when they remembered how jealous D.A.' is of the President of the Board of Trade, and how particularly sore he feels because he was not consulted on the question of the appointment of official receiver in the Merthyr District. TLLT Tut! D.A., we know all about it,' the audience seemed to say to themselves. Mr. Ellis J. Griffith made a good speech, the best of the evening, and then came the Rev. John Hugh Edwards with his impassioned eloquence.' Oh! that impassioned eloquence.' How some of the observers in the back streets smiled. It was positively thrilling But enough. The 'League of Welsh Liberals' is destined to die at a very early age of too much impassioned eloquence.' BIRMINGHAM traders consider that their only hope of success in their campaign against oppressive railway rates is an appeal to the Right Hon. D. Lloyd-George. After their past treatment of the President of the Board of Trade, it is curious that he is to be their saviour after all.