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DAIRYMEN AND MUNICIPAL TRADING. To the Editor of CYMRO LLUNDAIN A'R CELT. DEAR SIR,-Permit me to place before your many readers certain reasons why Welshmen connected with the dairy trade should work and vote against the Progressives at the forthcoming L.C.C. election. The Progressives are introducing a Bill into the next Session of Parliament which, if passed, will enact that any London Borough Council may establish Municipal Milk Depots to compete with local dairymen. To this proposal, of course, no dairyman has the, least objection, in fact he would welcome the fair competition of Borough Councils for they wonld then learn to understand the difficulties of the dairy-trade, but the Bill goes further and proposes that all debts contracted by these milk depots shall be paid from the rates. This is unfair and unjust competition, to which any right-thinking man objects. It is well-known that every milk dipot, without exception, established in this country is being carried on at a financial loss and to compel dairymen to pay towards the losses of their com- petitors is a condition of things that cannot be tolerated. The Municipal Reformers object to this form of municipal trading, and should be supported at the forthcoming election. I shall deem it a favour if you will insert this letter, jbscause the subject is of vital interest to a large number of your readers.—I am, &c., DEVONSHIRE CREAM.