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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THE laughing stock of Wales—" the Young Welsh Liberal League LLANBADARN, Aberystwyth, was at one time one of the largest parishes in Wales. IT is to be hoped that the efforts to revive harp-playing in Wales will prove successful. ABERYSTWYTH Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Tabernacle Chapel has upwards of 700 members, and the total collections last year amounted to £800. IN Cardiff and Swansea the Socialists make a charge for the balcony at their meet- ings, and let the body of the hall free. We always thought that Socialists did not believe in this class distinction ? THE following advertisement appeared in a Cardiff evening journal:— Bank Clerk requires rooms in Cardiff: no widows need apply." Rather hard on Cardiff widows, is it not ? TWENTY years ago the Welshman who went to America and back was considered "to have done something wonderful." To- day such a trip is looked upon as a mere marine excursion. Times change THE absurdity of having a Scotsman like Kier Hardie to represent a Welsh working man's constituency is beginning to dawn on I the minds of Welsh miners. Kier Hardie does not understand the national needs of Wales. THEIR Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales will be the guests of Viscount Tredegar at Tredegar House from Saturday till Tuesday in the last week of May, when the Bath and West of England Show will be held at Newport. IT is said that whilst digging his knife into a cake made in honour of his birthday at the late Carnarvon Liberal Conversazione, Mr. Lloyd-George, the President of the Board of Trade, jocularly remarked That is what I should like to do with the House of Lords." IN a claim for wages, brought by a Welsh servant girl against an English mistress, at the Southwark County Court last week the service of a Welsh interpreter had to be sought, inasmuch as the young girl only knew English imperfectly. Yet we are told that the Welsh language is dying out! MR. ERNEST BOWEN ROWLANDS, the editor of the old Welsh Review had some interesting articles in the Daily Mail last week on The Liberty of the Subject." Mr. Rowlands, as is well known, is a barrister, and an author of some repute on Criminal pro- ceedings on Indictment and Information." A correspondent writes: What's the good of introducing a Welsh Disestablish- ment Bill in the House of Commons for ultimate rejection by the House of Lords ? Abolish the House of Lords first. I thoroughly agree with Mr. Lloyd-George's speech at Carnarvon." THE Earl of Meath's pet fad, Empire Day," is not going to be played in Cardiff, thanks to the common sense of the majority of the City Schools Committee. Singing Rule Brittania and waving Union Jacks is not patriotism. It is jingoism that's at the real bottom of it. By the way, when this fact was discussed at Cardiff one of the Jingoistic members of the committee said that in Montgomeryshire Empire Day was being observed, where- upon Alderman Edward Thomas (Cochfarf) promptly and truly remarked that if there was one county which did not represent the whole of Wales it was Montgomeryshire. THERE are some Dic-Shon-Dafyddion in Llanidloes and Newtown who can yell Rule Brittania," The Maple Leaf for ever," &c., but who do not know the words of the Welsh National Anthem. Bah! such a servile class of Welshmen are the bane of our little nation. THERE is probably no Welsh society in Wales which has such an array of talent amongst its officials as the Cymdeithas Cymreig Aberystwyth." This distinction is, of course, due to the fact that there are two colleges in the town, containing such men as Principal Roberts, Principal Prys, Professor Anwyl, &c. But where is Councillor Gibson ? MR. EVAN ROBERTS, the Welsh revivalist, who for several months has been staying at Leicester as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Penn Lewis for the benefit of his health, is re- ported to be much better, and is at present staying with his parents at Bwlchymynydd, Loughor. He has been invited to conduct revival services in various parts of England and Wales. AN important factor in the success of recent agricultural lectures in rural Mont- gomeryshire," writes a West Wales news- paper correspondent, is the fact that Mr. Edwards, the lecturer, is a Welshman. Lectures given by a Scotch lecturer from the Aberystwyth College at Machynlleth some few years ago failed to meet with any success because the lecturer was not understood by the people." THE Merthyr Cymreigyddion have de- cided to ask the local Educational Authority to grant a half-holiday on St. David's Day. This is already done in Cardiff and many other Welsh towns. The Merthyr Cymreig- yddion have also decided, in the event of the request being granted (which, no doubt, will be the case), to get all the school children together to sing Welsh National airs. This is an excellent idea and worthy of emulation all over Wales. A particularly smart leading article appeared in last week's Llanelly Guardian, criticising Justice Bray's recent remarks at Carmarthen on perjury. The writer par- ticularly points out that there is just the same amount of perjury amongst English- men, Scotsmen, and Irishmen as there is amongst Welshmen; the only difference is that whereas the Welsh witness who perjures himself does it clumsily, the Englishmen, Irishmen and Scotsmen who perjure them- selves are past masters in the art"