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Notes and News.


Notes and News. SOME fine primroses were gathered last week in a Glamorganshire country district. ALTHOUGH not a compulsory subject, Welsh is being effectively taught in the Swansea elementary schools. ANOTHER Welsh M.P. promoted. Mr. R. McKenna, M.P. is to follow Mr. Birrell at the Education office. THE Right Hon. D. Lloyd-George, M.P., had a rousing reception at Carnarvon last week when he addressed his constituents. MADAME CLARA BUTT is now arranging farewell concerts. Let us hope that they will be as numerous and as successful as those of Madame Patti. THE REV. PETER PRICE, B.A., Dowlais (whose severe criticism of Mr. Evan Roberts is still remembered), is indisposed. He has gone to Bournemouth to recuperate. WHILST Londoners are half-frozen with the cold snap it is curious to see it reported that a robin's nest was found at Aberdovey last week with two eggs in it. That robin has evidently mistaken the season. A South Wales Unitarian Minister was heard to say that whilst he welcomed the Rev. R. J. Campbell's broader views of religion," he must confess that those views were still rather vague nevertheless." A HARD-FEATURED looking lady entered a South Wales furrier's shop the other day, and said to the shopman, I should like to purchase a muff." What fur ? asked the shopman. "To keep my hands warm, of course exclaimed the lady. LONDON Welsh electors should do all in their power to secure the return of Mr. Howell J. Williams, L.C.C., as councillor for South Islington at the forthcoming election. Mr. Williams has done yeoman service for Welshmen while on the council. THERE used to be a bank in Cardiganshire called The Aberystwyth and Tregaron Bank," or "Bane y Ddafad Ddu." KELT readers will be interested to learn that a note drawn on this bank has been framed and hung in the Aberystwyth Public Library. AT a recent Cardiganshire dinner, Mr. Brigstocke is reported to have said: "A Welshman would give anything away, but he did not like parting with his money." Does Mr. Brigstocke know of anybody in this world who likes to part with his money?" If so, we should very much like to have a look at such an unique personality. OUR agricultural readers will be interested to learn that at the farm of Llettyglyb, near Llandilo, occupied by Mr. Evan Roderick, three cows have just given birth to twin calves each, during the last few days. One of the three cows bore twin calves on two previous occasions. Farming ought to pay at Llettyglyb, we should think. LORD TREDEGAR, the veteran Welsh peer, was in a merry mood at the annual dance which he gave to the servans at Tredegar Park the other night. I have a notion," he said, by which most of us could be relieved of those two wearisome questions the education and suffragette problems. I should like the suffragettes to marry the passive resisters, and go away for a long honeymoon." AFTER all said and done actions speak louder than words. 'Tis not the biggest talker who is the best patriot. Mr. David Davies, M.P., although not a prominent talker in the House of Commons and on the public platform, has, by purchasing Owen Glyndwr's Old Parliament House, at Mach- ynlleth, and thereby preserved it for the Welsh Nation, done a real patriotic act, and one well worth a thousand frothy orations. THE new clerk at Cardiff Asylum is Mr. T. D. Morgan, late chief assistant clerk at Hanwell Asylum, London. Mr. Morgan, who was appointed out of nearly 100 appli- cants, is a Welshman who speaks the language fluently. This knowledge of Welsh, coupled with his excellent business qualifications, secured for Mr. Morgan such a desirable post. The new Cardiff Asylum is a remarkably fine building standing in a beautiful country area just outside the city. DR. CYNDDYLAN JONES preached an English sermon at Jewin on Sunday, and assured his audience that it was not worth his while to come up from Cardiff to deliver it unless they would make the collection a silver one. Judging by the collection plates, however, the congregation only placed a copper value on his fine effort. Pregeth Saesneg is not a paying institution as yet, thank goodness. THE London Welsh Club, at its last meeting, elected all the Welsh ministers in London as honorary members of the institu- tion. This will enable them to hold their many conferences at some of the rooms of the club at Whitehall, and at the same time enable them to come to close touch with a large number of Welshmen who do not attend any Welsh place of worship within the metropolitan area. DESPITE the ridicule of the press the suffragette movemant is gradually on the increase throdghout Britain, and active preparations are now going on with a view of an effective demonstration at the opening of Parliament. As the Queen will be pre- sent at the opening day it is considered that women folk have a right to be heard on that auspicious occasion too. ANOTHER English judge has been slander- ing Welsh witnesses. One would think from the tone of these legal purists that English- men always speak the truth. A day at the Clerkenwell Sessions or at the Old Bailey would put to shame any false swearing that may be heard occasionally within the principality. THE new theology is causing consider- able flutter in the pulpits of the land. Last Sunday many discourses were delivered by eminent, and other preachers, combating or disagreeing with the City Temple interpre- tation. Dr. Cynddylan Jones said pointedly at Jewin that he preferred the "old." and then proceeded to make a special appeal for a "casgliad da." In that respect Cynddylan's had the advantage of being practical at any rate.