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Declining Death-rate.

In the Shadow of the Tips.


In the Shadow of the Tips. The collieries and their tips, of the latter of which there are so many in the district, and in the shadow of which a good many houses have been built, pro- bably exercise an undesirable influence upon the habits of the people in this direction. Their dusty, disordered, and decidedly inartistic appearance offers no incentive to the individual householder to beautify his own home from a spirit of emulation. That much can: be done to- wards the salubrity of his immediate surroundings by the individual possessing a health conscience' is sufficiently and frequently proved in the course of a day's house inspection in even the, worst por- tions of the district. Now that the Eight Hours Act is in force, and that -the hours of work generally adhered to in the dis- trict permit the colliers to enjoy many hours of daylight and sunshine at home, it is to be hoped that their gardens and the general surroundings of their houses will receive the amount of attention that is due to them, for it is certain that the, time so given will be compensated for a hundredfold in the pleasure', cleanliness, promotion of health, and the inculcation of good habits in self and others which such an employment of one's leisure hours would doubtless help to bring in its train."

Lodging-houses Wanted..

Degrees of Cleanliness-

Lamentable State of Teeth.

Very Little Real Poverty.




Colliery Tips and Beautiful…

Factors in High Birth-rate.

Infantile Mortality,

What the Health Visitors Have…

Coiliers and Consumption.

The Scavenging Problem.

Gardens as Dumping Grounds.