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The Lengthening Day.


The Lengthening Day. Gone is the winter, the birds soon will sing, Nature awakens and fay bells shall ring; The season of darkness has now passed away, And night is dethroned by the lengthen- ing day. The swallows are coming from far o'er the seas, The cuckoo's sweet call will ooon float on the bree-ze; Upward the tender young shoots force their way; 'Tis the herald of summer—"the lengthen- ing day." The sun shines in splendour, the buds burst in bloom, His radiant beams have dispelled winter's gloom, Good-bye to the town-let us up and away— Fulnlled is the promise of lengthening day. The insects are waking from out their long sleep, Flowers from the earth are beginning to peep; Winter is conquered—ended his sway, The battle is won by the lengthening day." H. G. TRAVESS.

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