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! Tne British Widows' |Assurance…


Tne British Widows' Assurance Company, Ltd. Rhondda District. The Pontypridd, Porth and Treorchy staffs of the above Company held a dinner and meeting at Hopkin Morgan's Res- taurant, Pontypridd, on Friday. The chair was occupied by Mr. C. H. Ashley, A.I.A., secretary of the Company, who, with Mr. Davies, the South Wales mana- ger, was making a tour of the South Wales districts, a,nd holding various meet- ings. He was ably supported by Mr. D. Davies. Mr. W. Morgan (superintendent, Pontypridd), Mr. J. P'. Williams (super- intendent, Porth), and Mr. R. W. Rees (superintendent, Treorchy). In his opening speech, Mr. Ashley stated that the annual meeting of the Company was held the previous week, and they found that a very satisfactory in- crease had been made in premium income during the last year (applause). If they compared this Company with other big companies, they would see that they had made about double the rate of increase, the increase of the British Widows' being 12 per cent., whereas the other larger companies who had already published their statements of accounts for the last year showed that their rate of progress had been from 2i per cent. to 7t per cent. Another feature was the realisable assets of the Company. The assets required to meet the liabilities according to a strin- gent valuation made up to 31st December last, amounted to £ 19,809. To meet this they had realisable assets to the extent of £ 33,603, besides an amount of £16,750 uncalled capital. This showed that the assets of the Company greatly exceeded the liabilities. To bring about this satis- factory state of business, the Company's assurance-tea branch had proved of great assistance, and had been the means of saving considerable money to the working classes, as they could procure their tea and assurance jointly at a lower cost. There were a number of lady agents pre- sent to whose energies the success of this branch of the business was largely attri- butable. Mr. D. Davies, in -n-roposin,g the suc- cess of the Pontypridd, Forth and Tre- orchy districts, referred to the great sue- cess that had attended the efforts of the South Wales staff during the four years the Company had been working South Wales. Four years ago, he took up the appointment for opening out South Wales. At that time they had no busi- ness in the whole division except one sspare time agent, whose debit amounted to a few shillings. At present there was altogether a staff of about 200 agents, superintendents and assistants working for the Company, and the premium was at the rate of £14,000 per year, and although the Company had made fine pro- gress during the last year, it was due to the Welsh division to mention that quite 50 per cent. of the increase in premium income had been obtained from South Wales, and in spite of the difficulties at present in the industrial centres of South Wales, the Company continued to make progress. During the evening, solos were excel- lently rendered by Madam H. Blackmore, Madam Williams-Penn, R.A.M., and Mr. J. T. Rees, Treorchy; while Miss Blodwen Morgan, L.L.O.M., presided at the piano. During, the meeting, Mr. J„ P., Wil- liams, the superintendent of Forth, dis- trict, was awarded a very fine gold Albert with pendant, suitably inscribed, for attaining ton results for each of the four quarters in the South Wales division. Mr. R. W. Rees, Treorchy,' was similarly rewarded for obtaining the second best results for the half-year ending December last. A number of agents, were also pre- sented with various prizes for obtaining good results on their respective agencies.


Cured at 78

Organ Recital at Porth.