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Ton-Pentre Police Court.


I--------------Porth Poilce…


Fireman's Lapse.

Dangerous Neglect in Tonypandy.

'Tom Thomas at Tonyrefail.



BAD BREATH. THE TONGUE IS THE INDEX. Your Breath is Foul. You do not pet ceive it yourself. You are like a person who is always among the oils and varnishes- you get used to what is to many people a most obnoxious smell. It is most disagree- able to those with whom you come in contact. A slight Headache, a Bad Breath, and a Coated Tongue are the first symptoms of Stomachic Disease. Take time by the forelock and intercept its germination arrest the germs ere they develop into disease. I am delighted," writes Mr. V. Gordon, 77, Colwick Vale, Colwick, Notts, with the benefit I have derived from Dr. Morse's Indian. Root Pills and am perfectly satisfied with the result. They are a fine medicine, and I can confidently recommend them to anyone suffering from Constipation, Indi- gestion, and all stomach troubles. I have ahvays advised my friends to take them, and the most gratifying results have beea obtained." A Pill in time may save days of suffering. Look at your tongue in the looking-glass every night and morning, and if it is at all discoloured, take a couple of Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills. They will remove the objectionable matter from the stomach, regulate the system, and sweeten the breath. One or two of these Pills taken once or twice a week will ensure a well- regulated system, fortified against all disease. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills get at the cause by cleansing the stomach, purifying the blood, and aiding the digestion and assimilation of food, and are a positive and permanent cure for Indigestion, Biliousness, Constipation, Impure Blood, and Female Ailments. Sold by Chemists and Stores, price 1/li I per bottle, or The W. H. Comstock Co., I<td., 21, Farringdon Avenue, Ipndon, B.C. I ^HYARCHERACSHB kOLDEHRETURHSjl BEOISTEHEP >j| MH Facsimile oj One-Ounce Packet* kOLDEHRETURHSjl BEOISTEHEP >j| MH Facsimile oj One-Ounce Packet* Archer's Golden Returns Be PufMd- 0& Thimbu Oook, Cwnt, in | "¥" My child's head has been in a pitiful state. The head was covered with running sores and SCH!>, most unclean and offensive, and causing much pa.n. I tried many things for it, bat to no good,3until 1 used COMER'S BALM," which in a very short time cured It completely, for which 1 an. deeply grateful. I am telling everybody about it, and it is doing wonders."—J. E..Jenkins, Abertillery. GOMER'S BALM This magnificent specific for outward nst possesses most remarkable healing powers. It cures in a most miraculous way every affec- tion of the Skin. Flesh, Bone and Sinews. Every mother should keep this always in the house, as it, is most useful and necessary for all kinds of accidents and ailments for children &c. There is nothing under the sun so effec- tuaI for 50 Sores, Wounds, Ulcers I' Scabs. Sores, Erysipelas, Cuts, Scabby Heads of Burns. Scalds, Excori- Children. Ring- ations. Callings on worm, Itch, Women and Children, Chapped Hands, Skin Rash, Bed Sores, j Chilblains, Sore Boils, Gatherings, Eyes and Eyelids, Piles, Bunions, Corns, Scurvy, Bruises, Eczema, Skin Disease Rhumatic Joints and Limbs, Gout. HAVE YOU A BAD LEG? GOMER 8 BALM, will soon cure you. There is nothing like it. It is wonderful. WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY? I Mr. Thomas Jones, Frankwell, Shrewsbury.—"GOMER'S BALM" has some extraordinary virtues, more so than any other remedy known. It cured my sores, skin rash and scab so rapidly and effectually that I cannot but. praise it to everyone I meet, as every- thing I tried failed to do any good to me. Itcost me much before I tried your wonderful Balm." Mr. L. Butler, Darleston.—"My Mother had a bad leg for 15 years. The wound was as large as a saucer, and as deep. Everyone was surprised how she could live suffering the agony she did Nothing did her any good. I tried "(,O.'dER'S BALM" It eased, the pain at once, and is healing her wound beautifully. he feels quire a new creature." Mr.J. H. Lloyd, Brongest, Newcastle Emlyn.—" My little child had eruption all over his face. I sent for a box of your GOMICR'S BALM." It very soon cured hitn. Our boy scalded his toot severely. GOMER'S BALM very soon cured him. Another child burnt his arm. The balm was applied, and in a few days it looked as well as the other. I cannot speak too highly of its efficacy, for it is really wonderful." TRY IT —Ask for a Box of GOMER'S BALM," and see that the name is in full on each box, also the name JACOB HUGHES,' without which it is not Genuine. Don't be cheated. Take no other in its stead. Sold by Chemists and Stores atl/li 2 a box, or send value in stamps or P.O. to maker, JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., LDs Manufacturing Chemist, Penarth, Cardiff D. M. WILLIAMS, Accountant and Public Auditor, BRYN GELLI HOUSE, AND WELLING TON CHAMBERS, 36, Dunraven Street, TONYPANDY". Tradesmen's Accounts written up, Balanced, or Audited. Deeds of Arrangement, Mortgages and Transfers of Properties negotiated. Bankruptcy and Probate of Will Accounts Prepared. Insurance, House and Estate Agent. Rent Conected. 2231 WEDDING and BIRTHDAY CAKES. Our Especial Speciality is Wed- ding and Birthday Cakes, and we have 116t the slightest hesitation in stating that we offer as good-if not better—value than any one in Pentre and District. Innumerable times we have received orders SOLELY through recom- mendations, and we tind that wherever we are once given a trial, recommendation orders invariably follow. REMEMBER US WHEN YOU ARE WANTING WEDDING OR BIRTH- DAY CAKES. We have a varied and choice assortment. A. T. PRICE & Co., The Popular Restaurant, PENTRE. 4853 I BOON TO MOTHERS '• 1 Mothers are Warned ■ against giving their babies medecines ■ which weaken their systems and stultify I their growth. But don't try to stop 9 their I Painful Cries Ij by forcing them with food. Their cries n indicate ailments which can be rapidly I relieved and cured by I Jones' Red Drops 1 THE HEALTHFUL REMEDY FOR WIND, GRIPES, CONVULSIONS and all kindred infantile complaints. gfliy One dose decfdes its unique value, ensures healthful babies, and enables Mothers to have quiet days and restful nights. Keep a Bottle Handy. 1/1^ per bottl e Tn be had from the following Agents- Pontypridd-Il Chemist3. Porth-all Chemists. Tonypandy-J. Davies, Chemist, Dunraven St I Tonypandy—Mr. Emrys Richards, Chemist Penvgraig—Mr. Lloyd, Chemist. Llwynypia—Mr. J. W. Richards, Chemist. Ystrad—Mr. David George, Chemist, Treorchy—Mr. Prothero, Chemist. Treorchy—Mr. Davies, Chemist. Ferndale—Mr. Bunress, Chemist. Tylorstown—Mr. Williams, Chemist., Treorchy-Mr. Prothero, Chemist. Treorchy—Mr. Davies, Chemist. Ferndale-Mr, Bunress, Chemist. Tylorstown-Mr. Williams, Chemist., and from Chemists all over South Wales. H if you fail to get it send 1/3 Stamps to the ■ proprietors for a bottle, post free. I JONES & SONS^ShIS8K"* I LLANIDLOES, MONT. 002 A Warning ll'to: thef Public. ESTABLISHED t845 EE SURE YOU [GET Thompson's BURDOCK PILLS AND REFUSE ALL SUBSTITUTES. W One of the oldest and best of Mecucines, having been more than 60 years before the Public for purifying the foulest blood, and removing every disease of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. Cures Scurvy and Scrofula, Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, and all diseases arisiag from an impure state of the Blood. Gouty and Rheumatic persons will find the greatest relief by their use. Sold by all Chemists at 1s. 1 d and 2s 9d, or bv Post direct from the Burdock Pill Manufactory, 31, St. Helen's Rd., Swansea For 15 or 34 Stamps. Thompson's Electric Life Drops for the cure of Nervous Debility. The Electric Life Drops act so quickly on a weak and shattered constitution that health is speedily restored.. Tn Bottles at 5s 6d, lis, and 22s. in cases of £ 5 See the Name of the Sole Proprietors—M. A. THOMPSON & SON on Label. ii — ————————— « t MM—————— NAT, 'PHONE—67 PONTYPRIDD. TED POWIS, "teX" 26, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD, Has a number of Second-hand Motor Cycles and Cycles FOR SALE. TWO MOTOR CARS FOR HIRE (One Four-seater and One Five-seater including seat for Driver.) TERMS MODERATE. Grand Selection of Ph. onographs in Stock. Also a Speciality in Edison Machines. ir 5032 EO. COUZENS & SONS, DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES CUrkD CITTCPC Nat. Tel. Telegrams: FREE. onur-ri I I end) 461. "Intercepcor." MF* Modern Shop Fronts, Airtight Enclosures, Incised Facias, etc., etc. Brass and other Fittings to suit all Trad? City Road Works, CARDIFF. BRISTOW, WADLEY & Co., (The Cardiff Wall-paper Supply), Wholesale and Retail Plate and Sheet Glass, Oil and Colour Merchants. Ask your Decorator for the Wyndham Pattern Book of Art Wall Papers. &, 6, and 8, Mill Lane, CARDIFF. Ring up Nat. 'Phone 1517. 4771. yMr 'Tr'TafBT' Are you in doubt as to what is the trouble with S YOUR EYES P Call, and on the subject let us mThrow the Light of Our Experience ll||i ^bIIK, methods of SIGHT-TESTING are based on Scientific Principlt's. ^lll 1S0 Your Eyes Exa ined Free of Charge, if ^l|i|j|k Address— EMRYS RICHARDS ffl jfyT Chemist and Optician, TONYPANDY jig gftatt (One minute from New Tonypandy boation). 3111 J. HUSSEY, 38, St. Mary St., CARDIFF. LICEN8ED Shop and Stock Valuer STOCKS BOUGHT AND SOLO. WINIFRED OSMOND, et Cie, Specialists and Makers of all kinds of BELTS, CORSETS. SPINAL SUPPORTS, &c. P0 Queen Street, and dp"1* n -5 ftr 53; Westbourne Place, | Corsets cleaned and renovated. All requisites kept in stock. 509 COAL MINERS. LESSONS BY POST. SYLLABUS FREE. THE UNIVERSAL MINING SCHOOL, (285), CARDIFF. c71 14 —- IT IS TIME TO TAKE DAVIES' Tic Mixture Wlien you sufler from [ Tic, Neuralgia and Faceache TRY IT 1/14 PER BOTTLE. Prepared and sold by f. DAVIES Pharmaceutical Chemist, PORTH. j Agent for Mid-Rhondda- JNO. DAVIES, Chemist 14, Dunraven St., TONYPANDY. 9495 HENRY DAVIES & SON, 23, Ynysgau, Ystrad-Rhondda, Complete UNDERTAKERS, FUNERAL FURNISHERS, AND POSTING MASTERS, Posting at Moderate Charges. i Funerals completely furnished in the best style, and at reasonable charges. Proprietors of splendid glass-sided Hearse, Shellibere. &c' Mourning Coaches and every convenience in connection with Funerals kept on the premises. WEDDING COACHES, BRAKES, &C. P.O. Teleplant-19 Pentre 4948 C. BECHSTEIN, By Special Appointment to Their Majesties the King and Queen, H.M. the late Queen Victoria, H.M. the Emperor of Germany, H.M. the Czar of Russia, H.M. the King of Italy, H.M. the King of Spain, &c., &e. MY SOLE AND EXLCUSIVE AGENTS FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT ARE R. J. HEATH & SONS Who are also Sole Agents 101 BROADWOOD, BLUTHNER, STECK, SCHIEDMAYER NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, THE ORCHESTRELLE COMPANY'S PIANOLA-PIANOS & ORCHESTRELLES, &c., &c. GRAMOPHONES AND ACCESSORIES 70, Taff Street, Pontypridd, 76, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, PENARTH, AND PORT TALBOT Tel.: Cardiff 2199; Pontypridd 21 1500 H B ■■ kl ■ ■ 41 v I iiixTAIN CURE FOR HARD AXE SOFT CORNS PAINLESS AND HAPMT SS. In Bottes, Price 1; by Pos 1/1 from the Proprietors- O. MOHGAN & CO. (Late J. Mundy), Chemist, 1, HIGH STREET CARDIFF., CFxnSoWX- ARTIFICIAL LEGS W Iff Surgical Boots, Deformity Steels, Hands, Arms. |Xp S&I ARTIFICIAL EYES -from 7 6. W CRTCHF3, LEG IRONS. £ & Makers of the FP; 'STEELLESSEASIFIT. TRUSS, SNFC LATIT ATTENDANT. JSfeK Ladies' Abdominal and Sumica,! Be t- *M. Trusses Domen Belts and Belt Corsets' <W> Elastic Stockings. Knee Caps. ysS? a*g Back Supports and Shoulder Braces. SC? LIST FRKE. REPAIRS. Nat. Tel-12SC Iff ALLEN PEARCE, M 23, Charges Street, 500?> <-0ff Queen Street), CARDIFF «a| £ (flft <TVt tfPfc