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- Oratorio :Concerts at Tonypandy.

St. Dav d's Day Festival


St. Dav d's Day Festival Mid RH: ndcia Cardigan Society Celebrate Anniversary of Patron Saint. The new Cardigan Society which has just been established in Mid-Rhondda celebrated the anniversary of the Welsh Patron Saint with a sumptuous banquet at the Thistle Hotel, Tonypandy, on Tuesday evening. Mr. J. Owen Jones, Pandy Square, presided over a large attendance, supported by the guest of the evening, Mr..T. J. Thomas, B.Sc. (" Sarnicol "), Abertillery; Rev. E. Walter Thomas, Rev. D. Gwenffrwd Evans, Gelli; P.S. Thomas, Ferndale Mr. J. D. Lewis, secretary of the Society Mr. D. Watkins, vice-chairman of the Society; and others. Numerous letters and telegrams expressing their senders' regrets at being unable to be present were read by the secretary. j Mr. X. J. ( k 'S a, f fi C.: I L- The loyal toasts having been honoured, poetical effusions were delivered by P.S. Thomas, Ferndale, and Mr. John Howell, bookseller. The Rev. E. Walter Thomas, in pro- posing Our Native County, and the blessed memory of St. David,5' said that the traditions of Cardiganshire were such that not one of its sons need be. ashamed of its history. There was a peculiar con- nection between St. David and Cardigan- shire. Cardiganshire claimed to be his birthplace, and it was at Llanddewibrefi that he was declared Archbishop of Great Britain. Though all that was written about him might not probably be true, the literature woven around his name had formed the ideal of Wales as a nation. There was nothing nobler than a nation having set for itself high ideals, and the high ideals of Wales had been personified in the life and character of St. David. His life and memory was an inspiration in the life of the nation to-day (applause). The speaker then went on to enumerate the. worthies that had risen from Cardigan- shire, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Ed. Richard, Sir John Rhys, Oxford, and the late Mr. Henry Richard, M.P., who iirist brought j the claims of Wales before Parliament. In religion, Cardiganshire had played an imnortant part. Llangeitiio had been regarded as the Aletea of religious Waim, wnilst it was from the same county that the first foreign missionaries were sent out. In conclusion, the speaker urged all present to cherish the high ideals of their native county (applause). Mr. T. J. Thomas, B.Sc. (" Sarnicol in responding, said that the celebration of St. David's Day was the celebration of the Welsh national spirit, or, in other words, the celebration of the birthday of Wales as a nation. Only little nations, like children, celebrated their birthdays, and he believed they should do their utmost to keep this spirit alive. He (the speaker) was not clannish; he believed there was a great deal they could prwfit- ably borrow from other nations, but it behoved them to foster the spirit of Welsh nationalism (applause). The Chairman referred to the presence of Mr. Tom Thomas, Penygraig. the middle-weight champion of England, and Lord Lonsdale's gold belt won by him in Mr. J. OWEN JONES. his recent fight with Charlie Wilson was exhibited by Mr. Thomas. The toast Mid-Rhondda'' was pro- posed by Mr. Evan Roderick, Ct-vdaeh Vale, who emphasised the need of the formation of a Cyrnrodorion Society i. Mid-Rhondda to foster and develop the Welsh spirit. Messrs. Llewellyn Brans and D. J. Jones responded, both ot whom insisted upon the best service to Mid-Rhondda as the highest tribute to their native land. Our Guest" was proDOsed by Mr. Morgan Rees, Council Schools, Trealaw, and was responded to by Sarnicol. The Chairman was proposed by Mr. Evan Jones, and Mr. Jones, in respond- ing, honed that the upshot of this meet- ing would be the formation of a Cymro- dorion Society in Mid-Rhondda. At the same time, he trusted tha.t this Cardí dinner would still continue to be an annual event (applause), Our Host and Hostess was proposed by Mr. Picton Davies, Penygraig. Mrs. Thomas responded. Choice musical items were contributed by Messrs. J. Howell. R. Cloyd Jones and Gwynlais Jones. Mr. W. T. David accom- panied on the piano.

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