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Ton-Pentre Police Court.


Ton-Pentre Police Court. Monday,—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Mr. T. P. Jenkins, Alderman Wm. Morgan, Alderman Hi end. Lewis, Messrs. Enoch Davies, Thomas Thomas, D. W. Davies, and J". D. vWilliams. WOMAN'S DEGRADATION. Martha Ellen Williams, Tonypandy, a married woman, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. P.O. Fuller said. that he saw prisoner in Pandy Square. She was drunk, using filthy language, and was followed by a large crowd. Prisoner had only^ been released that morning from Cardiff Prison. Miss Lewis, one, of the police court mis- sioned, said that up to two months ago prisoner was at the Treborth Home, Car- diff. She was of a weak mind, The case was adjourned for a fort- night. MILK PROSECUTION. The National Dairy Company, Ltd., Pentre, were summoned for selling milk which was deficient in butter fat, and which also contained a foreign ingredient, viz., boracic acid. l^r. A. T. James (Messrs. Morgan, Bruce, Nicholas, and James) appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Glamorgan County Council, and Mr. Brown (Messrs. Lewis Morgan and Cox, Cardiff) defended. Inspector Edwards said that at 10 a.m. on Thursday, 9th December, he purchased a pint of new milk from Luke Beams, a milk seller in defendants' employ. Wit- ness sent a portion of the milk to the County Analyst, and on the 25th Decem- ber received the analyst's certificate stating that the milk was deficient in butter fat to the extent of 20 per cent., ndcollbined 7.39 grains per gallon of Wacic acid. On 20th January, on receipt of instructions, he forwarded the sample which he had retained to Somerset House, a certificate for which he now produced. Mr. Brown submitted that with regard to the boracic acid the amount contained in. the sample was so small that it would be perfectly useless as a preservative, and, therefore, the probability was that it Was due to traces of the acid concealed in the bottle used by the. Inspector. With regard to the other charge, every pint of milk purchased by the defendants was bought under a warranty, but the railway companies would not allow the cans to be locked, and, therefore, they bad no pro- tection there. The Company employed 200 men to sell milk, and it was a diffi- cult matter to effectually supervise that number. Chas. Ed. Bates, managing director of the National Dairy Company, Ltd., gave evidence that all the milk purchased by them was done so under a warranty, but it was all mixed up at the distributing centre at Paxton, where it was cooled. Cross-examined, witness admitted that the greater portion of their milk was sent direct from the farmer to the seller ^ithout touching the distributing depot. *bey did everything, possible to ensure g()Qd milk being sold by their agents. /^Inspectors Nott (Aberdare) and Davies .j.™°iii:itain Ash) proved previous convic- |,l0ns against defendants, and a fine of including costs, was imposed for the ttst offence, the second charge being Withdrawn. ATTACKS UPON POLICE. ^h°mas Roberts, a young Tonypandy "P n>r' was summoned for assaulting Williams and Hawkins, and an- young collier, Thomas Beynon, was charged with assaulting P.C. The evidence disclosed that Roberts e,v 0 fighting near the Court Hotel, Tonv- P&ndy, on Saturday evening last. Spoken r? by P.O. Hawkins, Roberts refused to £ Ve his and address, but his bro- ther came forward and volunteered the 111formation. The latter also endea- voured to get his brother home, but was knocked down, similar treatment being dieted out to a friend who attempted to Perform a. similar office. With the assist- ance of P.C. Williams, Roberts was taken part of the way to the police station, but after proceeding about 100 yards, he struggled and kicked his cus- todians about the legs. A little later he broke loose from P.C. Hawkins, and struck him in the jaw. When near Mr. Watkins' flannel shop at Tonypandy, he again became violent, and the large crowd that followed hooted wildly. Beynon (Jame forward and struck P.C. Hawkins under the eye. Hawkins left his pri- soner to P.C. Williams and P.C. Fuller, and secured his assailant and took him also into custody. Roberts was fined £ 5 for the assault **pon the constable, and 10s. for being drunk and disorderly. Beynon was fined £ 2 10s. v POCKETED STOLEN COAL. Livingstone Perkins, Treherbert, was charged with stealing coal from a ^achine at the Ynysfeio Colliery. Defen- Kifnt was observed by P.S. Owen taking coal and putting it into his pockets. When searched, 71bs. of coal were found UPon him. Defendant said he thought it was hard ^hes to be punished twice for the same „«ence. He had already been dismissed ''om the colliery. The Chairman remarked that it ap- peared to be strong measures, and under «ie circumstances defendant would be frouna over. "A FEW ALTERATIONS." .John .Thomas, Tonypandy, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. P.C. Williams said he saw defendant outeide his house creating a disturbance. Defendant: It was only a few altera- °ns with my wife! The Chairman: A few what? Defendant: A few words. The Chairman: You are fined 10s. "WIFE AND KIDS STARVING." <">hJames Larke, Clydach Vale, was c rg; with stealing a silver cruet. SS*1* r{J05?ia«' landlord of the Bush v- C1ydach Vale< sai<3 that the cruet £ n s property, and of the value of 10s. Hawkins said that on the 19th sa,, ™ visited the Bush Hotel, when he defendant coming out of the c-oaV30 with something under his Uv.fi t Witness asked him what he had, tlt he replied, "Nothing." Witness lf)oked tinder defendant's coat and stnUa-xS1iver cruet. When asked why he sWvf wife and kids are great.))and the temptation was too wasi treated under the First rU^Tf an<^ on promising to leave wmk, was bound over. THEFT OF A MACKINTOSH. Edward Stephens, Williamstown, was charged with stealing a mackintosh. Gwilym Roberts, draper, Williamstown, said that on Saturday night, the 19th inst., be hung two mackintoshes outside the shop about 9 o'clock. About a quar- ter of an hour later, he went outside and noticed that one mackintosh was missing. The mackintosh was worth 32s. P.C. Valence said that from information received he visited defendant's house, and saw the mackintosh hanging on the rack in the passage. A fine of £ 1, or fourteen days, was imposed. INTOXICATED ON PIT-TOP. Thomas Jones, Ystrad, was charged with presenting himself at the mine in an intoxicated condition. Mr. Kenshole, Aberdare, prosecuted for Messrs. D. Davits, Ltd., the owners of the Bod- ringallt Colliery. Alfred Butler, night lampman at the colliery, said that on the 31st January defendant came for his lamp, but wit- ness refused to give it to him, and told him that he was not fit to go down the pit. Defendant then said he would go without a lamp. Thomas Hughes, banksman, said that he saw defendant come to the pit-top. He wanted to go down, but witness would not let him, as he was too drunk. P.S. White said he was on the colliery at the time, and saw defendant very drunk and staggering about. A fine of 30s. was imposed, or in default twenty-one days. the Bench com- mending the lampman on refusing to give the defendant his lamp. THREW A BOX OF EGGS. Mary Oldfield, Llwynypia, summoned Letty Voyle for threats. Complainant said that defendant came into her shop using very indecent lan- guage. Defendant said she would dig her eyes out with a hatpin, and smash all the windows in the house.. Minnie Groom said she was in Mrs. Oldfield's shop when the defendant came in, and after threatening Mr for a time, threw a, bag of eggs at Mrs. Oldfield, which hit witness. The eggs smashed all over her hat and her baby. Defendant was very drunk. Defendant was bound over. INEBRIATES. The following we-re fined for inebriety -J,ohii Murphy, of no fixed abode, 5s.; John Thomas and Griffith Jones, Pentre, 10s. each Harry and Charles Quinn, 5s. each: Ed. Morgan, Tonypandy, 15s. Gilbert Chapman, Treorchy, 15s.; Row- land Hughes, Gilfach Goch, 10s. W. John Farr, Penygraig, 10s.

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