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1 Ton-PentpeI Potice Court.

Porth Police coupto


Porth Police coupto Thursday.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Messrs. T: P. Jen- kins and David Thomas. THE FRESH AIR CfURB. Frede.rick Randall, William Morris, Elizabeth Jane Lewis, Sarah Reynolds, and Mary Williams, all of Pontypndd, were charged with sleeping out. The Stipendiary said that all the pri- Boners had a, long list of previous convic- tions against them. and they woutd there- fore be severely dealt with. Randall was sentenced to one month's imprisonment; Morris, one day; Ehz. Jane Lewis, seven days; Sarah Reynolds, three weeks; and Mary Williams, who ?as also charged with using indecent ?D?uage, was sentenced to fourteen days. FIFE'S REMARKABLE ALLEGATIONS Sarah Davies, Mardy, summoned her ?ba,nd Michael Davies, for persistent ':lty. Mr Spickernell (Messrs. Spickett ? Sons, Pontypridd) appeared for the ?Plainant, and Mr. Horatio Phillips, "?dale defended.. Complainant said that she was married ? the defendant on the 22nd of February, 1909. ? yery short time after, he started ?o treat her badly. She had been com- piled to leave him off and on since their marriage. She left him permanently on December 18th. On that date he was Paid at work, and came home and hid the money. She looked for it, as she wanted to buy food, and subsequently found it. Her husband became very angry, and caught her by the throat and tried to strangle her, saying, "Pll drop for you." On one occasion he kept her without money for six weeks, and she kent herself bv dressmakins. but at times she was unable to go on with her' employ- ment, as she suffered from Bright s disease. He usually kept most of his money, and went out spending it on illiards, &c. She had had one child before she knew defendant, and previous, ? their marriage he seemed to be very ?d of the child, but after, he was angry ?bout it. When going out he very f re- cently told her, I wish you would die ?t of the way by the time I come back; .?e smell of the grave is on you." One *?e. when he was in one of his nasty m.oods, he threw her skirt into the fire. ? was also in the habit of forcing her *?g8 off her hand, making it quite purple ? ?y painful. ?hzabeth Phillips, mother of the com- P?nant; Margretta Vaughan, sister; -d Gwen Williams, a neighbour, gave ?oborative evidence. tht?? ?? ?? ? ?? ??? ?? '? habit of drinking, and he always gave f?s wages, which sometimes amounted a-,3 15s. a fortnight. He did not ?a-?tt her once, and denied saying that ? ?shed her dead. He did not throw ? skirt in the nre. She got angry and threw it at him as she was dressing, and he threw it back. and it fell en the fender. A separation order was granted, defen- dant to pav 7s. 6d. a week towards his wife's maintenance. THEFT OF A FOWL. Maggie Thomas, an elderly woman, of Ynyshir, was charged with stealing a fowl, the property of John Palmer, Ynyshir.. Mrs. Palmer, wife of prosecutor, said that she had missed several fowls lately. She could not identify the fowl, but said that the feathers were the same as those on the missing bird. P C. Mitchell said that he searched defendant's house, and found the fowl hidden in a bedroom, and the feathers in a corner of the pantry. Defendant, wdth a smile, pleaded guilty. A fine of 30s. was imposed. AN UNUSUAL APPLICATION. Rebecca Stella, Ynyshir, sued Robert Nicholas for burial expenses of their illegitimate child. Applicant said that she obtained an order of 3s. 6d. a week for the mainten- ance of the child on February 3rd, but it had died since. The application was granted. COAL STEALING. The following were fined for stealing coal: -Sarah Ann Brain, Tyiorstown, 10s.; Henry Williams, Tyiorstown, 10s.; Wm Prosser, Trehanog, 10s, Thomas Rogers, Trebanog, 10s. Wm. James, Pontvgwaith, 10s. Rose Sheepway, Pontygwaith, 5s.; Margaret Edwards, Pontygwaith, 10s. INEBRIATES. Edward Derrot, P<mtygwaith, 15s. Patrick O'Keefe, Mardy, 15s. Thos. Melins, Stanleytown. 10s. Griffith Jones, Williamstown, 10s.

A Great NoveHst's Worry

Drift Disaster at Ogmore Vale.


Forth Chamber of Trade

Ogmore Vale,¡