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1 Ton-PentpeI Potice Court.


Ton-Pentpe Potice Court. Monday.—Before the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Mr. T. P. Jenkms, Alderman E. H. Davies, Alderman Rd. Lewis, Messrs. Enoch Davies, D. W. Davies, R.S. Grimths, and J. D. Wil- liams. SHOWERED STONES LIKE RAIN. William Da.vies collier, Clydach Vale, was charged with being drunk and assaulting the police. P.O. Dd. Williams said he saw pnsoner 'near the Library, Worn Terrace, Blaen- clydach. When spoken to and told to go home, he refused, and also declined to give his name and address. Witness then told him he would have to accom- pany him to the police station, and on putting his hand on his shoulder, was struck in the face. A struggle ensued, in the course of which both fell, and wit- ness was kicked several times about the nody. As soon ajs prisoner got up on his ieet, he again struck witness a blow in the face. p o Hawkins then came to witness' assistance, and was struck in the face by prisoner. Eventually, with the assistance of P.S. Evans and P.&. oweet, prisoner was taken to the lony- pandy Police Station, followed by a large crowd, shouting and throwing bottles in ?Idirectlons. ? P.O. Hawkins said that prisoner kicked at every lamp-post on the way to the Police station while stones were showered ?Pon the police like rain. Witness was struck with a half-pint bottle by some- one in the crowd. P.S. Evans corroborated. Prisoner said that had the police not Put the handcuffs upon him in the tirst place, he would have gone quietly with them. The''Bench commented severely on pri- soner's conduct, and said that had it not "been for the good character he had borne Curing the three years he had lived in the neighbourhood, he would be sent to Prison without the option of a hne.. Fines of £2 "lOs. in respect of each of the assaults upon Pr. C.'s Williams and Hawkins, and 10s. for being drunk and disorderly were imposed. COAL STEALING. John James Bryant, collier, Treher- bert, was fined l6s. for stealing a sack of coal, value Is. 6d., from the Yiiysyfcio Colliery, Treherbert. the property of the Troedyrblw Coal Company. P.S. Owen proved the case. UNATTENDED HORSES. Henry Davies, a mineral water van- driver in the employ of Messrs. Thomas and Evans, was fined 5s. for leaving his horse and cart unattended outside the Ystrad Hotel. P.O. Young watched the horse for ten minutes, and afterwards went inside the hotel, where he saw defendant in the smoke-room. Defendant said that he placed a boy to watch the horse, and that he was playing xnarbles when the omcer came on. William Tucker, Treorchy, was hned Ss. for a similar oRence. Thomas How ells. haulier. Gelli, was also fmed 5s. for leaving his horse un- attended. P.O. Rowe proved the case. LIGHT-LESS OFFENCES. „ 'Frederick Vaughan, Treherbert, was "?d 5s. for drivins: a, horse and cart with ?one tight. c Th, Wilmington, Trehe.rbert, was T? ?. for driving with no lights. Ernest Knowles. Ystrad, was hned 5s. ?a similar offence. ?rank Studley, Tonypandy, was hned "?- for drivins- without lights at full .gallop.

Porth Police coupto

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Drift Disaster at Ogmore Vale.


Forth Chamber of Trade

Ogmore Vale,¡