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District Council Bye-Election. The Fight in Ward 3. The expected has happened. Three of the candidates—Alderman E. H. Davies, Mr. T. Millward and Mr. J. B. Price— who were nominated for the vacancy in Ward 3 caused by the death of the late Councillor Thos. Davies (Windsor) have withdrawn, leaving the field to Canon Lewis and Mr. David Thomas, the nominee of the Pentre and District Trades and Labour Council. Polling takes place on Monday next. Although both candidates are hard at work and numerous meetings have been held, it cannot be said that the present fight is stirring any very, great amount of enthusiasm in the district. Whether this is to be assigned to the fact that the contest comes so close upon the General Election, and that the electorate as a result have relapsed into a state of inaction following the energies put forth in the greater fight, or whether it is purely indifferentism on their part as to which of the candidates gets in, is largely Su matter of conjecture. The fact, how ever, remains that as a whole the Ward is serenely oblivious of the fight, and goes its own sweet way as if nothing in the world could disturb its equanimity. In his address to the electors, Mr. Thomas recounts his previous experience on local bodies. He also deals with the insanitarv housing conditions now obtain- ing in the district, and urges that, before any appreciable reduction can be effected in the present high rate of infantile mortality, drastic reforms will have to be carried out in the housing of the work- ing classes. The candidate also declares that, subject to expert approbation, he is in favour of the Incorporation of the Rhondda. The following manifesto has been issued by the officers of the local Trades and Labour Council: — PENTRE AND DISTRICT TRADES AND LABOUR COUNCIL. AN APPEAL to the Labour and Progressive Forces of No. 3 Ward. Owing to the vacancy caused upon the Urban District Council, No. 3 Ward, through the death of the late Councillor Thomas Davies, the Pentre and District Trades and Labour Council representing ion nearly 4,000 Trade Unionists, unani- mously adopted Mr. David Thomas, ^heckweigher, Ton, as the Labour Candi- date at the forthcoming Bye-Election. We are thoroughly convinced that he s highly qualified. for the office, possess- es strong common sense, coupled with riPe judgment. He has great force of character, forms his opinions with great deliberation, and upholds them courage- ously. He is foremost in all charitable and philanthropic movements, and in all reforms for the improvement of the working classes; he is one of us. knows our needs, and will work faithfully for us. He has endeavoured at all times to deal with important questions at issue according to the principle of the greatest good to the greatest number. Mr. David Thomas has maintained the confirdence of his fellow-workmen through the important office of Checkweigher for 32 years, is a Trustee of the No. 1 Dis- trict (S.W.M.F.), is Treasurer of the Maindy Lodge since its commencement, and his efforts in connection with the Ton Workmen's Institute are well known. The Trades and Labour Council has for its objects the establishment of a more intimate connection between all branches of the operative classes, giving increased efficiency to the operations of Trades and Labour organisations; it shall also watch over the interests of labour both in and out of Parliament, and endeavour to secure direct representation on all Public Governing Bodies; and use its influence in supporting any measures likely to bene- fit labour." "We make no apology for bringing out a Labour Candidate at this Election, as the interests of labour, which are pre- dominant, are inadequately represented upon our Urban Council as at present constituted. The tendency of Parliament to add to social legislation and adminis- trative powers of Local Authorities, makes it necessary that labour should take a greater share of responsibility in local government. The Housing Question, involving as it does the evils of overcrowding and in- sanitation, as shown by enquiries made by us, demands that the Local Governing Authority should make use of the powers now in its hands. We therefore confidently appeal to an the labour and progressive forces in the Ward to make every effort to return our Candidate triumphantly on Monday, Feb. 21st. 1910. For and on behalf of the above Council, Yours truly, THOMAS THOMAS, Chairman. T. C. MORRIS, Vice-Chairman. JAMES JAMES, Corresponding Sec. I. T. BEES, Financial Secretary. DANIEL JAMES, Treasurer. A meeting in support of the candi- dature of Mr. David Thomas, Ton, in the coming bye-election was held at the Assembly Rooms, Pentre, on Friday even- ing. The chair was occupied by Mr. Tom Thomas, Pentre, who was supported by Councillors Tom Harris, Pontygwaith. and Edward Jones, Ton, Mr. T. C. Morris, Gelli, as well as the candidate. The Chairman indicated how the Trades and Labour Council had justified its existence by the work attempted and accomplished already, and hoped that all progressive forces would rally round the Labour candidate. The candidate, Mr. David ihomas, checkweigher, gave addresses in English and Welsh, recounting some of his pre- vious experiences on public bodies. He stated that he was again ready to sacri- fice time and money in order to serve the people to the best of his ability. He made a special appeal to the Pentre voters—so many of whom did not know him-to vote upon principle and not a personality. Councillors Tom Harris and Edward Jones rendered eloquent speeches in favour of the candidate, pointing out the success attained by Labour members on the Council, and the short apprenticeship necessary before they were capable mem- bers. They required the support of more Labour men on the Council, and future local elections would probably increase their number to fifteen or sixteen, in- stead of eight as at present. Mr. T. C. Morris, who fought one battle some time ago, also spoke strongly in support of the catodidate. He pointed out the importance of the privilege which each voter possessed. The choice of Mr. Thomas as a candidate was purely demo- cratic—the people chose the candidate nowadays. Various matters which had engaged the attention and energy of the Trades and Labour Council were ex- plained in detail. To secure Labour J.P.'s this Council had worked hard, but success had not as yet attended its efforts. The co-operation of Labour men was abso- lutely essential to District Councils at present. **i|- The resolution was moved by Mr. Griffith Jones, and seconded by Mr. lom Hughes. Subsequently a secretary and committee for Pentre were elected. Several meetfngs have also been ad- dressed by Canon Lewis. In his address to the electors, he lays great stress upon the need of improving the condition of some of the lower streets in Pentre, and also advocates the construction and light- ing of roads for the population residing on the hillside. The greatest part of his address is devoted to the education ques- tion. He advocates equal treatment to all the children in the, schools, and would do all in his power ".to make it impos- sible for any child or member of a school staff to be placed at a disadvantage or penalised in any way for any religious or political cause whatever." He is naturally a strenuous advocate of religious in- struction in all the schools," but he would "scrupulously respect the convictions of parents who object to such instruction.



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