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Pentre and District Trades…


Pentre and District Trades and Labour Council. Financial Statement for the Year 1909. RECEIPTS. EXPENDITURE 13 1 £ B. d. E s d. t s. d. C d. balance. Cash with Trea- Rent of Room, Ton Insti- surer, 1908 6 6 2 tute 1 5 0 Affiliation Fees: Do.: School 0 5 6 Maindy Lodge ..8 0 0 Printing and Stationery 3 16 6 Jentre 8 0 0 Postage 2 2 0 Eastern 6 10 0 7 9 0 ^odrxnsallt 5 0 0 Representation: — A.U.O.E. Ton 0 14 7 Councillor Ed. Jones .20 2 6 A-S.R.S. 0 10 0 Conferences ••• 1 9 4 I.L.P., Pentre'" 0 7 6 Joint Meeting, Porth. 1 3 3 T » Ystrad 0 4 2 22 15 1 insurance Agents 0 4 2 Salaries: 29 10 5 Secretary — — 3 3 0 District Grant (S.W.M.F.) 20 0 0 Financial Secretary —11 0 Treasurer ••• ••• « 10 0 Auditors (1908) 0 5 0 419 0 Total Expenditure 35 3 1 Cash with Treasurer, Dec., 1909 20 13 6 t55 16 7 t55 16 7 Audited and found correct, RICHARD RODERICK, Auditors. DAVID D. JENKINS, ) January 31st, 1910. 081 his courage. Though, he says, the audi- ences were hostile, they gave him a very fair hearing for nearly two hours; but he had to answer about thirty questions. Surely, an audience who could listen without hostility to a political deliverance for such a length of time was fully I entitled to the good report of courteous behaviour. Mr. Campbell recognised that the chief power to he fought was the Nonconformist ministers. We are glad to hear it. There has been rather less prominence in recent times in the action of ministers than in the earlier days of political activity. There was doubtless more than one reason for such pro- minence. The ministerials were our leaders because laymen were less equipped. To-day, however, the widespread nature of political knowledge has brought the layman to the front, and fewer oppor- tunities were within the calls of the ministers. We trust, however, that they will not relax. We want wholesome teaching of fundamental principles of equitv and justice, and the lay folk will not be long in assimilating them into the practical problems of political welfare. 'Mr. Campbell admits that Naval ques- tions did not appeal to Welsh audiences. If he would admit that Naval Scares did not, he would be exactly to the point, while at the same time recognising the intelligence of our Welsh audiences. When a political commercial traveller comes to Wales, he must distribute genuine goods. The Naval question was dragged in simply as a blind, but Welsh audiences know the bogus from the real article. Of course, Mr. Lloyd George's popularity, and not his arguments, according to Mr. Campbell's views, accounts for the total collapse of Tariff Reform gospel. We smile at this, and smile still more at Mr. Campbell's opinion that Wales can yet be won by a few Tariff Reform speakers. Such a statement may be good enough for the Standard and the Marines," but not for Welshmen, who know the chart of social and political thought in our Gallant Little Wales."

District Council Bye-Election.…



Mid-Rhondda Fire Brigade.


Earthquake Shock in Mid-Rhondda.

New County Council Seat at…

A Conning Musical Event.

Sunday Concerts.j

Shebeen at Trealaw.


!The Property Market.