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HAMPTON & CO., Heating Specialists Schemes Prepared and Advice Given for Warming Churches, Chapels, Offices, Showrooms and Public Buildings OXFORD LANE (City Road), CARDIFF. TEL. P.O. 656. FOR SALE. ADDERS. Ladders for builders, painters farmers, window cleaners, &c. exten- sion ladders always in stock also painter's steps, tressles, &c. Special offer to painters. Send for full particulars and price list.-3, Darran Street, Cathays, Cardiff. 5018 RTIFICIAL Legs, Arms, Surgical Appli- ances.—Visit; South Wales periodically. Xist free.—J. Gillingham and Son, Chard, Som. C23/38 Ai WAREHOUSE PRICES, latest jCjL novelties for blouses and dresses, new flaxicord, linens, zephyrs, crepes, shantungas. patterns free.—Dress Warehouse, Darlington. c140¡58 L' ADIES The LIZARD striped suitings and costume coatings, 3/11 the dress length, carriage paid. Patterns free. -Praison's Dress Warehouse, Leeds. cl40/58 TO LET. HOUSE to Let in Tonypandy, with bath and two w.c.'s. Apply, Jones, Paris House, Tonypandy. cil/84 MEDICAL WANTS. TRAINED NURSES supplied for Medical, Surgical and Maternity cases. Patients received. National Telephone 142. Miss Mills, Summerfield Nursing Home, Ponty- pridd. n C126/38 "MUSICAL" WANTED by 1st May, Oganist for Moriah (C.M.) church, Ynyshir.-Apply stat- ing qualifications, terms, etc to Hughes, Glyn-Derwen, Ynyshir. cl 39/34 WANTED. WANTED to Rent, Six Roomed House in Tonypandy, or lower part of Clydach Vale; desirable. Apply, Dunning, Aberyst- wyth Restaurant, Llwynypia. c134j35 WANTED to buy four or five houses in Mid-Rhondda—Brithweunydd Road preferred; or to advance money on mortgage. Apply to Alpha, I- Rhondda Leader," Office. c32jS6 CHURCH AND tHAPEL ORGANS BUILT ON THE LATEST SYSTEMS, Tracker, Pneumatic, and Electro-Pneumatic, with per- ect repetition, answering all requirements of the mos fastidious players. Detached Keyboards a Speciality. TUNING, REPAIRS, RENOVATIONS, e c., etc. Wm. H. HARMSTON, Organ Builder .Nat. Tel. 91. PONTYPRIDD. 4815 INVENTIONS. HUGO Lester, Patent Expert, Inventors' Supply Depot, 32, Queen Street, Cardiff, does all business in patents for inventors in South Wales. Call or write. 5074 = EDUCATIONAL. The South Wales Correspondence School. YOUR attention is invited to Modern treatment of Scientific subjects, as well as English, Welsh, French and German. Students prepared for various examinations- Matriculation, University, Locals, and Scholarships, Science, Art, Civil Service and Colliery Managers. Our Correspondence courses will be found excellent value, Special reduced fees for a short period only. OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINATION, June 1910. Try our Correspondence course for Three Montlirin either ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, ELEMEN- TARY, SCIENCE AND WELSH. Apply, giving full particulars, to the Secretary—S.W. CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL, Pentre. 072 Porth Collegiate School. 15, THE PARADE. HIGH Class Modern School for the sons and daughters of Gentlemen. Terms I moderate and inclusive. Boys thoroughly grounded for Public Schools and Colleges. 056 056 PIANOS FOR SALE. £ 19 Cash, Fine Walnut Piano, Best Action and Iron Frame, as new, fully warranted for ten years. Terms arranged. Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth. Banjo-Piano, the finest value ever offered. Bv using a third Pedal you can get beautiful Banjo, Mando- line and Guitar effects, besides playing the Piano in the ordinary way. Before deciding to purchase you must hear this. Post office Buildings, Porth. £37 Cash, a Waddington Gold Meds.I Overstrung' Piano, Full Metal Frame, real Ivory Keys and Solid Walnut Case. This Instrument is only Shop Soiled and a Work of Art, Tone Superb, terms arranged. Wadding- ton & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth. 17 Gns. Cash Rosewood Piano, practically new, only used a few months, terms arranged. Post Office Buildings. Porth. You are invited to write for our Illustrated Catalogues of Pianos and Organs, a call to inspect our Instruments JS solicited before purchasing elsewhere to Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth, or City Road, Cardiff The Noted Farrand Organs are a Spec- iality. Write or call for our Illustrated Catalogues to Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings Porth, or City Road, Cardiff. 51)83 MISCELLANEOUS W- ALLPAPERS from l £ d. per roll" Any quantity, large or small. Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls-all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept. 108.) Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. cl33,157 TEAGUELINE Herbs.—Wonderful Medi- T cine thousands of testimonials from grateful sufferers as to relief obtained for Indigestion, Constipation, Headache, Back- ache, Liver. Stomach and Kidney Disorders most free, one packet lOd., three for 2s. Illus- trated Herbal Book, 2d.-Teague, 23, Station Street, Newport, Mon. C131142 E. TRIMNELL, the Cardiff Herbalist, Mona Terrace, Cardiff'. Sent free on applicatian, The Trucure Herbal Book. Note the address. C45/42 D" ELICIOUS Fresh Kippers, direct from curing House, 6 lbs. box, carriage paid, cash, ?/- E. Pearson, 58, Park Grove, Hull. c121/39 URSE WILLIAMS' OVALOIDS for Ladies. Price 2/9 3/9 & 10/9 per Box post free, Send stamp for descriptive leaflet.—New Life Remedy Co., 59, Bute St., Treherbert. Grey Hair permanently and speedily restored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price 1/6 (postage 3d. extra). Manufacturer:- G. W. HARRISON, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents-for Tonypandy: Emrys Richards, The Dunraven Pharmacy. Pentre: David George, Chemist. B975/41 SAFEST, cheapest and best to gain health and strength L are Culpeper's O.K. Remedial Herbs, specially pre- pared for stomach and kidney troubles. Three 6d. packets for ls.-Ped Williams, Herbalist, Treorchy. Agents wanted. 5021 AD V ICE F R E E for Stamp.—Mrs A Stewart, Lady Specialist.—Address: 9, Guinea-street, Bristol. cl22139 MONEY. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from B10 to t5,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE AND THEN. Call, or write (in confidence), to the MANAGER, MR. STANLEY DOWDING, 1, QUEEN SQUARK, BRISTOL. CASH Accjmmodation i*20 to £ 1000. Interest 2/6 ia the £ for agreed period. W. Jackson, 80, Mansell Street, Swansea. C137/45 MOST MONEY LENT. s. d. BEST PRICES GIVEN on any article of value, at lowest interest in the district, Note our only Address- H. C PA. IR ID ffA. S Iff, Jeweller Pawnbroker & Clothier 37, Danraven Street, TONYPANDY (Opposite Library). Safes for Storage of Valuables. Special con- tracts strictly confidential. Great Redemption of Pledges weekly. All sold below cost. 048 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S Reliable NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins 4jd. and 9d., postage Id. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents, Emrys Richards, Chemist, Coedymeibion, Tonypandy; D. E. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy W. R. Williams, Chemist, -Medical Hall, Tylorstown; J. P Lewis Chemist, Medical Hall, Ynyshir. c81/ SHOP SUN BLINDS. We make a Speciality of Shop Sun Blinds. Ihe cheapest house in Wales. Prices on application. F. P. DYMOND & Co. 26, Wyndham Arcade, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 1900. 06g ::J SHOP SUN BLINDS.' We are the only makers in South Wales who devote ESTIRK attention to the above class of blinds. Prices on Application. J. MASON & Co., Crown Blind Works, Wyeverne Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 4571. 067 T. PARRY EDWARDS, (CERT.). (Late Income Tax Department), Accountant and Auditor, 46, Hannah Street, PORTH. Tradesmen's Accounts written up, Monthly or Quarterly Balance Sheets prepared, Secretarial and Auditing Duties undertaken, Income Tax Returns prepared. House and Estate Agent, Rents and Book Debts colleoted* Applications shall receive prompt attention. 038 BARGOED Sixth Annual Grand Chair Eisteddfod Will be held on EASTER TUESDAY, MARCH 29th, 1910. PRINCIPAL EVENTS £ a d Male Voice—'Lead, Kindly Light' (C. MorreUa James) 25 0 0 Mixed Choirs—' How Great is Thy Goodness (Edwin Jones) 15 0 0 Juvenile Choirs—'Onward* (D. Jones, A.C., Bargoed) .600 Awdl (Ode), Z2 2s. and a Valuable Chair Traethawd, £2; Ambulance. 45; Quartette, X2 29.; Duet, 30/ Solos and Pianoforte Solos, £ 1 Is. each. Poetry Recitations, Musical Compositions, etc., etc. Full particulars, 'see Programmes, Id. each, by post lid. May be obtained from the Secretaries— W. WILLIAMS, 5. West-st., Bargoed. 047 E. W. JONES, 40, Greenfield-st., „ BETHANIA, PORTH. The Third Chair Eisteddfod Will be held in connection with the above Church at the Palace, Porth, Easter Tuesday, March 29, 1910 Chief Items. MALE VOICE-" Martyrs of the Arena."—(De Rille) zi S' Also 2 Guineas for the best Quartette, and a baton to successful Conductor. MIXED VOICES—"Ar lan lorddonen Ddofn. "-(Gabriel) £10. And a valuable Umbrella to successful Con- ductor. JUVENILE CHOIRS—Own Selection, ZS. And a baton to successful Conductor. CHAMPION SOLO-Own Selection, £3 3s. POETRY (see programme)-A valuable Chair-anl a prize of £1 Is. Duett, Ll 5s. Solos (Vocal and Instrumental) and Reci- tations, 219. each. Novice Solos, 10s. ed. each. Welsh Recitation, 10s. 6d. Englyn, Essays, etc. GRAND CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMES. Programmes Id. each, by post lid. For further paracu lars apply to Sees.—W. H. John, 62, Birchgrove, Porth 5211 A. H. Aubrey, 30, Lewis-terrace; Porth 34th ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD WJLL BE HELD ON Good Friday, March 25, 1910, AT Salem. Baptist Chapel LLANTWIT VARDRE. President-HOPKIN MORGAN, Esq., Pontypridd. Conductor-Rev. T. RICHARDS, Llantwit Vardre. I. Adjudicators: Music—GRIFFITH DAVIES, Esq., L.T.S.O., Dinas. Literature-Rev. R. S. ROGERS, B.A., Mountain Ash. CHIEF CHORAL—" Molwch yr Arglwydd (J. Hnghes) (Praise ye the Lord), prize ZS, and Gold Medal given by Messrs. C. H. Flooks, Jeweller, Pontypridd, to successful Conductor, and 10/- to each unsuccessful Conductor. MALE VOICE—"Comrades in Arms," to a Party not under 30 in number, prize 45 and Medal to Con- ductor. ow Substantial Prizes for Solos, &c. Programmes and particulars, Id., per post ljd., to be obtained from the Secretaries— JNO. HUGHES, Tonteg, Llantwit Vardre. 025 JAMES HUGHES Hollv Bush, Llantwit Vardre CWMAMAN, ABERDARE Whit-Tuesday Cottage Hospital JEQISTEDDFOD 1910. MALE VOICE-" Reaper's Chorus," (D, Jenkins). £ 20 and £ 10. MIXED CHOIRS-" Efe a Dduw," (T. Price) 920. JUVENILE CHOIRS—" The Shepherd (H. Walford Davies), £7 and £ 3. BOYS' CHOIRS— £ 3 and il. ACTION SONG-f,3 and:ci. BRASS BANDS—Class B. Robin Hood," £16. AiMBULANCE-61 guineas. 2 Also very substantial prizes for Instrumental and Vocal Solos, Penillion Singing, Poetry, Essays, Recitations. Adjudicators—Dr. David Thomas, M.A., Music Rev. V. Jones, Poetry, Literature. Programmes-2d. post free, from the Secre- tary, A. W. Humphreys, Godreaman, Aber- dare. Assistant Secretary-Mr. Handel Harris, Co-operative Stores, Cwmaman. 068 GRAND HALL, ABERAFON. CYNELIR Eisteddfod Cadeiriol PORT TALBOT ae ABERAFON, yn y lie uchod Dydd Sadwrn, Mawrth 26, 1910 Lly wydd (President)- T. Jeremiah Williams, Yew., Maesgwernen Hall. Prif Ddarn (Chief Choral for Mixed Voices), 0 Father Whose Almighty Power," Z20 a Baton i'r Arweinydd Buddugol. Cor Plant (Juvenile Choirs), "Storm the Fort of Sin," £ 5 a Medal Hardd i'r Arweinydd Buddugol. Unawdau (Solos), Pl Is. Pryddest, Y Groglith," £ 2 2s, a Chadair Hardd. Barddoniaeth, Adioddiadau, Cyfieithiadau, Prize Bags, &c. Rhagleni (Programmes) 2d., Post Free 2"d., i'w cael gan yr Ysgrifenyddion (Secretaries)- Messrs. W. J. Samuel, Gwalia House, Courtland Place' Port Talbot; and T. Williams, 1, Oakwood Street, Port Talbot. 079 LLANHARRAN EISTEDDFOD Whit-Tuesday, May 17, 1910. Chief Events, MALE VOICE—"Lead, Kindly Light" (Morella C. James) prize £20. MIXED CHORAL-" Gently comes the breath of Even- ing" (Isalaw), prize £ 15. JUVENILE CHORAL-" Twelve by the Clock" (0. H. Llovd), prize £ 5. ACTION SONG-Own Selection, prize 92. Solos. jSI is. Od- each. Programmes ljd. post free from Secretary, J. THOMAS, Argoed Edwin, Llanharan. 080 LIBANUS (W,B.) CHAPEL TREHERBERT, Thursday & Saturday, Feb. 24 & 26, Two Grand Performances of Handel's 'Judas Maccabæus) Will be given by the LIBANUS CHORAL SOCIETY, TREHERBERT, Assisted by an Efficient Orchestra, under the leadership of AP TYDVIL. Conductor Mr. GEORGE EVANS. Organists-Misses L. Cule and Katie Jenkins. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30. Admission—Reserved Seats (numbered), 31! Unreserved, 2/- and 1/- Proceeds in aid of Chapel Funds. 087 Judge's Hall, Trealaw THE TENTH ANNUAL ORATORIO CONCERTS OF THE EBENEZER CHORAL SOCIETY TONYPANDY, Will be held at the above place on Thursday, Feb. 24th, 1910, When the Society will give a Grand Performance of tSir Edward Elgar's THE Banner of Saint George And Mendelssohn's Heap my Ppayer ARTISTES— Soprano Miss BESSIE JONES Tenor Mr. CYNLAIS GIBBS Bass Mr. DAVID HUGHES Leader of Orchestra Mr. W. F. HULLEY Swansea. Conductor nfli*. W. T. DAVID Chairman—J. W. JONES, Esq., Maesycoed, Trealaw. Doors open at 7-15, to commence at 7-45 p.w. Reserved Numbered Seats, 5/- and 3/ Unnumbered Seats, 2/- and 1 Plans may be seen, and seats reserved, upon application to the lion. Secretary, Mr. JOHN LEWIS, Draper, Dun- raven Street, Tonypandy. Proceeds in aid of Ebenezer Chapel Funds, S3 PORTH EVENING TECHNICAL CLASSES- A Popular LECTURE Will be given on Thursday Next, at 7.15 p.m. in the Porth Higher Elementary School, BY Ta "W". BERRY, Esq., Director of Education, On ECONOMICS OF EVERY DAY LIFE." Chairman—E. S. WILLIAMS, Esq., M.E. Admission Free. 090 EMIGRATION. ')—/i CMPRCSS 1341-MIN CANADIAN PACIFIC DIRECT SERVICE FROM GREAT BRITAIN TO &. THROUGH CANADA BY MAGNIFICENT "EMPRESS" STEAMER AND COMFORTABLE EXPRESS TRAINS SPECIAL CARE TAKEN OF WOMEN It) CHI WREN EMIGRANT FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS APPLY Canadian Pacific Railway, 18, St. Augustin Parade, Bristol. or local agents everywhere, i 0 THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE When you have eaten anything that disagrees with you, or feel below par, or suffer from Backache Constipation, Im- pure Blood, Bile or Sluggish Liver, take one or two doses of KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS and you will notice the difference at once the change from Sickness to Health. Sold only in 7kd, 9-id, and 2/9 boxes by 2 2 Chemists and Stores. 4994 Football Season 1910. For Quality and Price go to the Popular Rhondda Coupon Photographers Instance no object. All kinds of Photography undertaken HARRISON & EVANS, Lower Tonypandy. ENTRANCE-Through O. S. EVANS', Ironmonger, and at Eleanor Street. 484 MOSES THOMAS ccountantant, Certified Bailiff and Insurance Agent. Of Maesyrhaf. TYLORSTOWN, ALSO ATTENDS AT The Glamorgan Restaurant, Penygraig Is prepared to Collect Rents at a low Commission. Distance no object. Tel. No. 14 National, Ferndale, F YOU WISH TO ENJOY YOUR Roller Skating YOU MUST HAVE The Best Skates AT SAM WILTSHIRE'S Spopts Depot, TREORCHY, W You can obtain the RIGHT SKATES at the RIGHT PRICE. Rinks supplied at Manufacturers' Prices. What Still Suffering P Why don't you go to JAMES' 42, Charles St., Cardiff, and learfi the benefits to be derived from taking Radiant Heat, Turkish and Electric Baths. They are the best and most convenient baths in South Wales. Open daily for ladies and gentlemen. 064 PUBLIC NOTICES. TO THE OVERSEERS of the POOR of the PARISH of YSTRADYFODWG, in the County of Glamorgan, and TO THE! SUPERINTENDENT of the POLICE for the PONTYPRIDD DIVI- SION of the said County of Glamorgan, and TO JOHN S. DAVIES, ESQUIRE, the CLERK to the JUSTICES for the PETTY SESSIONAL DIVISION of PONTYPRIDD, and TO ALL OTHERS whom it may concern. I GEORGE SHEPHERD, carrying on 5 business as a Wine Merchant at Ystrad Road, Pentre, in the County of Glamorgan, and other places in the said County, and residing at The Hollies, Whitchurch, in the said County of Gla- morgan, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting to be holden at Pontypridd, aforesaid, 011 the Second day of March next, for a BILLIARD LICENSE to keep a house for Public Billiard Playing situate at No. 100, Llewellyn Street, Pentre, afore- said, now unoccupied but leased to me by William Harris, of Merthyr. in the said County of Glamorgan, the Owner thereof (and which said premises have not been previously used or kept as a house for the playing of Billiards), and which I intend to keep as a house for Public Billiard Playing. Dated this 26th day of January, 1910. 073 (Signed) GEO. SHEPHERD. Rhondda Urban District. PRIVATE STREET WORKS ACT, 1892. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at ..1.. a Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District Cbuncil, held in the Council Chamber at Pentre, on the 11th day of February, 1910, the Surveyor submitted to the Council, (a) Specifications of Private Street Works, with Plans and Sections; (b) Estimates of the probable expenses of the Works; and (c) Provisional Apportionments of the estimated expenses among the Premises liable to be charged therewith com- prising the particulars prescribed in Part I of the Schedule to the Private Street Works Act, 1892, as respepts Volunteer Street and Robert Street, situate at Pentre, within the District of the said Council. And it was resolved That the said Specification, Plans, Sections, Estimates, and Provisional Apportionments be and the same are hereby approved." NOTICE is hereby further given that the approved Specifications, Plans, Sec- tions, Estimates, and Provisional Appor- tionments (or copies thereof certified by the Surveyor) will be kept deposited at the Offices of the said Council, situate in Llewellyn Street, Pentre, and be open during "the office hours thereat to inspec- tion bv the owners of the premises shewn as liable to be charged in the. Provisional Apportionments for a period of One llonth from the 19th day of February, 1910, being the date of the first publi- cation of this Notice, during which period any person or persons affected thereby may, in pursuance of Section Seven of the said Act, by written notice served on the Council, object to the proposals on any of the grounds in such Section speci- fied. Dated this 19th day of February, 1910. W. P. NICHOLAS, 074 Clerk to the Council. SHOP HOURS ACT, 1904 YNYSHIR, TREHAFOD, PORTH AND CYMMER DISTRICTS. BUTCHERS, BOOT & SHOE DEALERS, CLOTHIERS, GENTS' MERCERS, FUR- NITURE DEALERS, IRONMONGERS, GROCERS, DRAPERS. AND MUSICAL DEALERS. WHEREAS the Rhondda Urban Dis. Tt trict Council are satisfied on repre- sentations made to them that a prima facie case has been made out for making a Closing Order, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is the intention of the Council to make an Order fixing the hours set out below as the hours at which throughout the portions of the Urban Area known as inyshir, Trehafod, Porth and Cymmer, all shops in which the trades of Butchers, Boot and Shoe Dealers, Clothiers, Gents' Mercers, Furniture Dealers, Ironmongers, Grocers, Drapers, and Musical Dealers are carried on shall be closed, viz.: — Butchers' Shops:—Mondays, from 8 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 7 p.m.; Thursdays, from 4 p.m. Fridays, from 9 p.m.; and Saturdays, from 11 p.m. Boot and Shoe Dealers', Clothiers', Gents' Mercers', Furniture Dealers', Ironmongers', Grocers', Drapers', and Musical Dealers' Shops —Mondays, and Fridays, from 8 p.m.; Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 7 p.m.; Thurs- days, from 1 p.m.; and Saturdays, from 11 p.m. Any person may make objections to the making of the Order or Suggestions as to its provisions in a written Statement addressed to the Clerk of the Council before the expiration of 4 weeks from the date hereof, i.e., before the 18th day of March, 1910. On the expiration of the said period the Council will take into consideration the objections or suggestions received and decide as to proceeding further with the Order. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that, during the said period, the occupier of any shop to be affected by the Order may, on presenting himself at the Offices of the Council at Pentre between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on any day except Saturday, and on Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., verify that his name, address and trade are duly registered in the Register of Shops. Dated this 18th day of February, 1910. W. P. NICHOLAS, 092 Clerk of the Council. WINNING NUMBERS of Llwynypia Prize Flute B and Drawing — 1698, 1648, 1432, 1770, 7693, 686, 2428, 2442 1699. 1406, 1822, 2283, 8500, 728, 1652, 1766, 2423, 717, 2014, 2072, 7909, 8823, 607., 715, 733, 1761, 1740, 1839, 6126, 5416, 9385, 6124, 1730, 7769, 8506, 684, 1765, 2432, 6937, 1840, 2310, 926, 1812, 9390, 8490, 1797. WINNING NUMBERS of Art Union Prize Drawing for the benefit of Mr.. Edwin Bees, Oarne Street, Pentre: 1064, 685, 126, 1006, 285, 245, 1586, 973, 809, 853 287, 1583, 1510, 698, 611, 1056, 114, 124, 709, 612, 776, 728, 982, 118, 1766, 559, 1619, 811, 591, 263. 98, 39. WINNING NUMBERS of Prize Draw- ing for the benefit of John Lloyd, 2, Victoria Street, Trealaw:-2100, 1026, 540, 1677, 1796, 546, 555. 1922, 560, 1426, 1822, 255, 438, 1205, 115, 2854, 1633, 1214, 1955, 244, 551, 1477, 396, 1414, 1891, 1127, 1344, 534, 165, 1612, 1784, 397, 76, 1108, 1488. — TENDERS. Rhondda Urban District Council. GAS AND WATER DEPARTMENT. THIS Council is prepared to receive Tenders for the Supply of Lime, Acid, Oxide of Iron, Retorts and Fire Bricks, Silica Bricks, Oils and Paints, Ironmongery, &c., Wrought Iron Tubes, Gas, Water, Gun Metal Fittings, Gas Meters, Hauling, Books, and Stationery as may be required for the Year ending 31st March, 1911. Lead j and Compo Pipes for the Half- Le3' "a year ending 30th September, 1910. Also, Inspectors' and Watermen s Uniforms, and Labourers' Oilskins re- quired. Forms of Tender may be obtained (ex- cept those for Gas, Water, and Gun Metal Fittings, Lead and Compo Pipes, Books, Stationery, and Ironmongery, which will only be supplied to those inspecting the Samples) on application to Mr. Octavius Thomas, Engineer and Manager, Gas and Water Offices, Pentre, Rhondda. No Form of Tender other than issued by the Council will be considered. The Contractor will be required to pay the standard rate of wages recognised in the district in each branch of trade. Tenders, endorsed Contract No. 1," &c.. as the case may be, to be addressed to the Chairman of the Gas and Water Committee, and sent to the undersigned on or before Ten a.m. on Wednesday, the 2nd day of March, 1910. The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Tender. WALTER P. NICHOLAS, Public Offices, Clerk to the Council. Pentre, Rhondda, February 15th, 1910. 075 Pontypridd Union. TO MEWS PROPRIETORS & OTHERS. THE Guardians of the above Union invite Tenders for the ensuing 12 months for providing Conveyances for the removal of persons to Bridgend Asylum. A Schedule of the Districts to be tendered for may be seen at my Office on or before, the 16th March next. Tenderers may quote an alternative price for conveyance either bv Closed Carriage or by Motor Car. Tenders to be received by me on or before the 23rd March, marked Convey- ance to Asylums. WM. SPICKETT, 'Union Offices, Clerk. Pontypridd, 16th February, 1910. 093 ■ir nle r c ZIRE THOUSANDS OF T £ s™°"ms U —t to we r*sre ITOOTHVACRE AND ■ S Sp/w/Mo EU ALGI J xm sro/ies. iPOWDERSjil PROMPTLY ARREST QOTNSEY AND GOLDS. Election Address. Rhondda Urban District Council Bye Election, 1910q TO THE ELECTORS OF NO. 3 WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, In response to an unanimous invi- tation from the Maindy Colliery work- men, which was afterwards unanimously ratified by the Pentre and District Trades and Labour Council, representing organ- ised labour, I beg to place myself in your hands, soliciting your support and suffrage at the coming Bye-Election. I have always taken a keen. interest in municipal matters, and have previously served you upon the Glamorgan County Council, and upon the old Ystradyfodwg School Board. I shall always consider it my first duty to listen to the cry of the children in their claim for better opportunities to become strong, healthy, intelligent, and useful citizens. I strongly advocate the institution throughout the Rhondda Dis- trict of open spaces as playgrounds for our children. I lay great emphasis on the importance of the adoption of the Housing Act of 1894, the need of which will not be dis- puted by anyone who has given the matter the least consideration. I believe that the Housing Problem has a direct bearing upon the health and morals of all the inhabitants; and further believe that the lamentable infantile mortality in our district is largely due to improper and inadequate housing accommodation; and further, I welcome the recent Town Planning Act, 1909, as giving further powers to Local Authorities. I am in favour of the present system of Religious Education contained in the School Syllabus. It has stood the test of time, and it has caused no dissension. I believe that the Public Authorities should be model employers of labour, paying Trade Union ivapes for Trade Union hours. I strongly advocate the institution of a Works Department, which would enable the Council to carry out all necessary improvements independently of Con- tractors, thus ensuring the best work with the greatest economy. With regard to the Incorporation of the Rhondda, subject to any and all expert enquiries being satisfactory, I would be in favour thereof. If returned as your Member, I shall be as approachable in the future as in the past to anyone desiring to consult me on local matters; and shall endeavour to do all in my power to further your interests. My motto will be Economy with Efficiency." Soliciting your support and interest, I am, etc., DAVID THOMAS. February, 1910. 089 SALES BY AUCTION. MR. WILLIAM MORGANlS SALES. Trealaw, Rhondda Valley. ATTRACTIVE SALE OF WELL- SITUATED LEASEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES AND PREMISES. MR. WILLIAM MORGAN Has received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the MISKIN HOTEL, Tre- alaw, on WEDNESDAY, March 2nd, 1910, at 7.30 p.m. precisely, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall then and there be read, the undermentioned Leasehold Properties Viz. LOT 1.—All that Messuage or Dwelling- house, known as No. 17, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, in the County of Gla morgan, now let to Mr. T. J. Evans, at a rental of 20s. per lunar month. LOT 2.—All that Messuage or Dwelling- house, known as No. 18, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, aforesaid, now let to Mr. John Sugar, at a rental of 22s. per lunar month. The above Lots 1 and 2 are held under a Lease for a term of 99 years from 2nd August, 1876, at a Yearly Ground Rent of £1 16s. 2d., which will be apportioned equally between the Lots. LOT 3.—All that Messuage or Dwelling- house, known as No. 31, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, aforesaid, now let to Mr. George Besant, at a rental of 22s. per lunar month. LOT 4.—All that Messuage or Dwelling- house, known as No. 32, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, aforesaid, now let to Mr. Octavius Roberts, at a rental of 22s. per lunar month. The above Lots 3 and 4 are held under a Lease for a term of 99 years from the 2nd February, 1876, at a Yearly Ground Rent of L2 14s. 4d., which will be apportioned equally between the Lots. LOT 5.—All that Messuage or Dwelling- house, known as No. 240, Greenfield Ter- race, Cemetery Road, Trealaw, in the County of Glamorgan, now let to Mr. Draisy, at a rental of £1 4s. per lunar month, and held by virtue of a Lease for a term of 99 years from 2nd August, 1894, at a Ground Rental of 91 60. per annum. The Auctioneer respectfully invites attention to this Sale, the Property being situate on the side of the main road, and in one of the best positions., and will always command good Tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer at his Offices, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Tonypandy; and as to Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, to Messrs. W. R. DAVIES & CO., Solicitors, and as to Lot 5 to Messrs. MORGAN, BRUCE, NICHOLAS, & JAMES, all of Pontypridd. 076 "Trech Gwlad nag Aralwydd." EXCELSIOR BUILDINGS. DE WINTON STREET, TONYPANDY Telephone No. 77 P.O. Tonypandy.